Barack The Betrayer: Behind Republican Noise, A Colossus Of Deception
The Stolen Prerequisites Of Liberation: Why Change Is Impossible

Lesson: When Wall Street's Pet President Helps Wal-Mart's Pet Senator

Anyone who doubted my characterization of President Obama as Barack the Betrayer need only look at how he actively campaigned for Sen. Blanche Lincoln, the Arkansas DemocRat who was pivotal in the theatrical slaying of the Betrayer's two most compelling campaign promises: single-payer/public-option health care and Employee Free Choice.

Lincoln's leadership in these efforts do not just prove her to be a closet Republican: nearly all of today's DemocRats are GOPorkers in disguise. But Lincoln is much worse. She has emerged as the archetypal  senator from Wal-Mart – the most viciously anti-worker corporation in the United States.

And now the day after her Arkansas primary victory she stands revealed as an avowed supporter of Big Business despotism in all its forms – the bayonet-point of the Ruling Class war against all the rest of us – which makes her an ultimate example of the total and permanent failure of the American experiment in constitutional democracy.

Meet the real Blanche Lincoln: personification of the infinitely bitter fact we live in a one-party nation governed by an ever-more-openly tyrannical aristocracy that remains in power only by the electoral and legislative charades that support the Big Lie of a two-party system.

And meet the real Barack Obama – the DemocRat so beloved by Wall Street's banksters, they gave him more megabucks than any candidate in U.S. history. 

While these introductions are depressing enough, what we also see in Lincoln's victory – specifically in the fact Obama campaigned for her with more enthusiasm than he has displayed for any candidate since his inauguration – is final, irrefutable proof his “change we can believe in” is (exactly as I have been saying) the most malicious political scam in U.S. history.

For Obama to have presented himself as a supporter of single payer/public option and Employee Free Choice and then to campaign for the re-election of their most effective enemy – especially when that enemy is sure to be defeated by a real (and far more openly neofascist) GOPig in November – is domestic-policy betrayal tantamount to Martin Luther King Jr. suddenly endorsing segregation and implicitly telling us the entire Civil Rights Movement was never more than a con game.

So much for the “audacity of hope” – now and forever revealed as the imbecility of hope.

No doubt Lincoln's death-blows to health care reform and Employee Free Choice were scripted long before the 2008 election. No doubt too that if real investigative reporting were still permitted in this jailhouse nation – which it is not – some reporter would have long ago found the damning evidence: such political malfeasance would invariably surface if we still had an independent press, something we no longer have and – given the unlimited power of the Ruling Class to defend itself (whether by manipulation or violence) – something we will obviously never be allowed to regain.

We are fragmented beyond any possibility of the electoral unity we need if we are to regain even a semblance of the power once implicit in “We the people.”

While Left and Right share a deep and entirely rational distrust of bureaucrats and politicians, the Right moronically worships the robber-baron executives of Big Business as gods incarnate – and bows submissively to their every whim.

And until the Right recognizes the ultimate evil of capitalism – until the Rightists recognize that capitalism is service to the very devil they so fear and despise – there is not one scintilla of hope for the sort of Left/Right solidarity of citizenship that offers the only remaining possibility of protection against the tyrannosauric savagery mandated by the obscenely perverted capitalist gospel: infinite greed as maximum virtue; absolute selfishness as ultimate good.

Though Obama briefly rekindled my faith in America by falsely disguising himself as an opponent of such atrocities – though he reignited a political passion that had lain dormant since the murder of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy – now as Barack the Betrayer he has not only battered my enthusiasm back to dormancy but killed it stone dead.

Voting is already pointless. So is this discussion or anything like it – which is why my posts here become ever less frequent.

Now my only remaining political impulse is morbid curiosity: how long before the Ruling Class begins openly herding us into its slave pens?

LB/9 June 2010



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