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Virtually Dead, Indeterminably Gone (A Teachable Moment)

I have not posted here since 24 June because I have no operational computer. 

The machine assembled by Kevin Manley and given to me by Manley and his lover Traci Kelly as an act of "charity" during the first week of this year died on the 26th of June -- this after six months of increasing unreliability.

Though problems with this computer were evident immediately, Manley forcefully insisted they were entirely due to my own stupidity -- my admittedly computer-ignorant difficulties in making the transition from a Microsoft-based operating system to an OS based on Linux.

These problems -- a tendency to crash without warning or apparent cause plus a number of other vexing malfunctions -- worsened even as my familiarity and skill with the new system improved. 

Finally, in response to my repeated complaints, Kelly sent me what was essentially a fuck-off letter. Apparently written at Manley's behest, it denounced me quite venomously -- indeed as if I were ungrateful trash -- in other words precisely the response that all recipients of charity can expect  from the denizens of capitalist America.

Thus in February -- Happy Valentine's Day from Jesus -- it was obvious I had been abandoned to cope with these problems on my own.

Predictably the machine failures worsened. Now this computer (if it runs at all) is nothing more than a simple transmitter, limited to e-mail and brief commentaries on e-mail connected sites. Hence today -- with preliminary diagnosis indicating the computer is probably irreparable junk -- I'm turning it over to a repair/rebuilding company that, in deference to my poverty, has agreed to perform a complete diagnosis at no charge.

Based on what I've been told -- and no matter whether the computer can be rebuilt or must be replaced -- I am most likely facing prohibitive prices: costs far beyond my ability to pay, now or ever again.

Which brings us to the teachable moment -- a lesson in the vicious socioeconomic discrimination inherent  in the virtual world: the fact computers and the entire Internet milieu are accessible only to those rich enough to buy their way in -- which obviously I am not.

Thanks to the savage realities of capitalism -- the economic hopelessness of the Working Class in the darkness beneath the ObamaBush -- I will never again have any income beyond my meager Social Security pension.

This means that any computer repair priced in more than two digits -- and any possibility of ever obtaining a new computer -- is forever beyond me.

What is teachable here is a pivotal lesson in the nature of computers and the Internet -- how the Big Lie notion the Internet is somehow "revolutionary" is not just falsehood but utter absurdity, a deception spawned by the Ruling Class and perpetuated by its privileged legions of useful idiots, those who by their mindless identification with the oppressor ensure that Moron Nation is inescapable.

In truth the Internet and the entire virtual world is as exclusive as capitalism itself, of which the Internet is in fact a perfect microcosm.

Like capitalism itself, the Internet guarantees that those of us  who are no longer exploitable for profit -- that is, those of us who are elderly or disabled or sick or merely cast off as surplus personnel -- are ever more relentlessly isolated and abandoned and thus (when the Ruling Class finally so decrees),  all the more easily exterminated.

Such forcible isolation and abandonment is no accident -- it is the quintessence of capitalism in action -- and now it is exactly what is happening to me.

Obviously -- not the least because (no matter the utter futility of protest),  I feel it my journalistic duty to spend my final energies crying out  against the methodical reduction of the United States to the de facto Fourth Reich -- I hope to be able to return to this space. But since I have no way of knowing if or when that might happen, I want to thank those of you who have been my faithful readers.

LB/12 July 2010



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