Trump/Pence Tyranny Reduces Us All to Conquered People
Suppression of Sexuality Is JesuNazis' Ultimate Purpose

Austerity Kills. Is Genocide the Neoliberal "Final Solution"?

Despite the Evidence, No Mainstream Writer Dares Connect the Dots

HERE ARE FOUR QUESTIONS we must answer if we are to fulfill Sun Tzu's mandate to know our enemy:

Might the real purpose of neoliberal austerity – perpetrator of an estimated 26,000 USian deaths this year by denial of healthcare alone (and millions more deaths inflicted by the Empire worldwide) – be Capitalism's Final Solution to global overpopulation?

Could the core motive of neoliberalism be Capitalism's Nazi-minded effort to retain white supremacist rule of the planet in the face of the forthcoming apocalypse, whether environmental, thermonuclear or both?

Might the curious mainstream-media silence surrounding the global population issue be conspiratorial rather than coincidental?

Could the seductive notion of “Capitalism's crisis”  be a deliberately-promulgated Big Lie, perhaps to stave off public outrage at neoliberalism's obscene profitability and genocidal success? Never forget how the JesuNazis (and fascists in general) routinely hide their often-triumphant murderous agendas behind false claims of victimhood.

Apropos this last question, it seems to me neoliberal Capitalism is doing exactly as intended – making the Capitalists unimaginably wealthy while providing them limitless opportunities to experiment with various euphemism-shrouded methods for exterminating those of us they deem no longer exploitable for profit and, after we are dead or dying, herd the survivors into the corporate slave pens. With Capitalism's capability for murderous subjugation extending literally to infinity – that is, until our species becomes extinct – how could it possibly be “in crisis”? The primary affect of the “in-crisis” claim is to suggest Capitalism is somehow on the brink of collapse, that its neoliberal moral imbecility is but a passing storm, which soft-focuses or obscures completely the bottomless horror of what Capitalism is doing to us all and thereby minimizes our instinctual resolve to rise up against it. Clearly, the notion of Capitalism in crisis serves only the Capitalists themselves. Thus it should be recognized as a vehicle of deliberate misdirection and discarded forthwith, one of the many psychological warfare tactics by which Capitalism has expanded and maintained its global hegemony for the past two centuries.

That said, here are the results of a 25-hour odyssey of Internet research, circumstantial but powerfully compelling evidence the answer to each of these other questions is also “yes” – that we are indeed in far greater jeopardy than most of us dare acknowledge.

The timing of neoliberalism's imposition itself engenders suspicion: Anne and Paul Erlich's Population Bomb  was published in 1968. The Powell Memo, which radically escalated Capitalism's perpetual war against the Working Class was written in 1971, but it was kept secret until the late Jack Anderson exposed its contents a year later.

“If our system is to survive,” says the memo, “top management must be equally concerned with protecting and preserving the system itself.” 

Nowhere does the Powell document itself nor any of the several dozen of pages of related material I read while researching it suggest that neoliberalism is Capitalism's genocidal response to the population bomb theory of apocalypse. But such an absence of obvious evidence is ultimately meaningless. One of the lessons the war-crimes trials that followed the defeat of Nazi Germany taught Wall Street was to avoid, as much as possible, putting anything incriminating in writing.

While genocide was probably not among neoliberalism's original purposes,  its long-term consequences – the boiled-frog reduction of the industrial-world populations (particularly by the now-probably permanent cutbacks of healthcare in the United States) and the more obvious genocide by war, (deliberately) unabated famine and disease elsewhere – unequivocally assert that forcible population reduction is one of its primary present-day functions. Indeed it could be credibly charged that neoliberalism's ultimate purpose has evolved into creating the deadly post-apocalyptic world we are already glimpsing in Puerto Rico, Somalia,  Indonesia  and Flint, Michigan – all realms in which the neoliberal One Percenters are effectively omnipotent and everyone else is reduced to the short and brutish lives characteristic of serfdom or slavery.

Despite his odious bourgeois hatred for Antifa militants, Chris Hedges clearly sees neoliberalism's genocidal purpose:

“The corporate state has responded to the phenomenon of “surplus” labor with state terror and mass incarceration. It has built a physical and legal mechanism that lurks like a plague bacillus within the body politic to be imposed, should wider segments of society resist, on all of us...Violence and terror, as corporate capitalism punishes greater and greater segments of the population, are, and will remain, the essential tools for control...No one, with the exception of the elites, champions neoliberal policies.”

Quoth Henry Giroux a few months ago: “The current regime of neo-fascism... (is) one of the most dangerous governments ever to emerge in the United States...while Muslims might be under attack today, the authoritarian fanatics will come tomorrow for other religious and ethnic groups as well as for the dissenting journalists, environmentalists, feminists, intellectuals, students, and anyone else who falls under the ever-expanding category and rubric of the dangerous 'other.'” Earlier essays by Giroux on neoliberalism are here and here the latter eerily prophetic of the Trump/Pence victory.

Even the bourgeois magazine Salon has recognized neoliberalism's genocidal threat:
“Everyone must...not pose a burden to the state or anyone else, otherwise they will be refused recognition as human beings.”

In other words, what neoliberalism has imposed on the planet is a global realm scarcely different from the slave plantations of the antebellum era.




AS I WRITE THIS, I recognize I have gathered enough material here for a report many times longer than allowed by available space or time – especially the latter as I am also in the midst of producing the senior-housing facility's October newsletter and preparing for yet another quarters inspection. But the material itself is no doubt valuable to anyone who chooses to pursue the what-is-neoliberalism topic in detail. Hence the following, in which I list in boldface the search query I posted and then supply the link or links to the most relevant URLs so disclosed. (The queries below are by no means the only ones I employed. But I did not think to preserve my queries until very late in the research process.)

Neoliberalism as Fascism: Neoliberalism is a species of fascism.”

Neoliberalism as Malthusianism: “the worst thing we could do in Ethiopia is to give aid – the best thing would be to just let nature seek its own balance, to let the people there just starve.” (quote from David Foreman of Earth First!).

“Except for the privileged few, it's the worst...of all possible worlds.”

Neoliberalism as Nazism: “From Obama Care to school vouchers the social Darwinism of neoliberalism declares those with money will have access to the best health care and schools and the rest will just die off.”

“As it is announced that US troops are being 'trained' by these Nazis, and the US military begins rehearsing counterinsurgency tactics on US soil, we should be deeply concerned about what is in store for the working families of the United States...the Randist-Friedmanist ideologues are aiming to eliminate Social Security, Medicare, food benefits, and every economic program benefiting the poor...(Our overlords) are willing to starve as many as kill anyone who gets in the way.”

Neoliberalism and The Population Bomb: “when people protest the system’s massive failures to live up to its promises, the overpopulation argument has been capitalism’s fallback position... allowing the powers that be to shift blame for human problems away from society onto individual behavior.” (A vitally informative report that details how the overpopulation hypothesis was used to silence Marxist and socialist environmentalists.)

See also the Population Connection.

Neoliberalism + human survival: neoliberalism is in breach of human rights”– unless you are part of the elite.

“Neoliberalism presents itself as a doctrine based on the inexorable truths of modern economics... despite the fact that its fundamental assumptions are patently absurd.”  (A notably informative Marxist response: “far from generalising prosperity, capitalism generalises want; far from relieving the burden of labour, capitalism constantly intensifies labour, to the extent that a growing proportion of the population – the young, the old, the infirm, those with inadequate skills – are unable to meet the demands of capital and are condemned to destitution...This is the moral law that is expressed in the platitudes of neoliberalism.”)

Neoliberalism + Social Darwinism yielded the most telling example of neoliberalism's mandate for genocide: “Combined with an older notion of an American mission preordained by a Christian god and pseudo-scientific racist 'explanations' of non-white inferiority... social Darwinism has had a horrific resurgence, exemplified by both the promise of a Bill Clinton 'to end welfare as we know it' and the constant conservative refrain to 'get the government off our backs'...That incessant 'privatization' of all that was once deemed part of the common good and necessary for the general welfare, starting with Carter/Reagan and reaching new heights with Clinton/Bush, set the stage for the catastrophe at New Orleans. A resurgent notion of Social Darwinist 'survival of the fittest' so fundamental to right-wing ideology predetermined that...the long-disparaged 'underclass' of New Orleans, the cast-off flotsam and jetsam of unrestrained capital, was left alone to literally sink or swim.” Social Darwinism is defined here.




TOO MANY OF US remain in clinical denial not just of the awful magnitude of the JesuNazi victory achieved by the Trump/Pence Regime but of how it is no doubt the One Percent's most devastating success since USian wealth financed the ascent of Adolf Hitler.

The Left's total rout by the JesuNazis of Wisconsin merely underscores my point. Note how the obnoxiously irrational optimists were predicting neoliberalism's defeat there in 2011, but the outcome once again proved the imbecility of all such hope.

Face it:Trump/Pence is the ultimate Ruling Class triumph. It is the One Percent's biggest most potentially apocalyptic coup ever. It completes the process begun by the fascist coup the Bankers' Plot conspirators attempted in 1933; it fulfills the purpose of the slow-motion fascist coup that was the 1963-1974 Decade of Murders; it completes the post-assassination mopping-up operation implicit in the 1971 Powell Memo's radical escalation of Capitalism's war against the Working Class. Neoliberalism – fully weaponized by the Empire's police and military might – thus reveals itself to be the most pernicious form of fascism yet.

But until we truly know our enemy – which includes recognition of his unprecedented skill at deception and misdirection – we will remain unable to effectively fight back.




Other Relevant News

Trump/Pence Theocrats Redefine Life as Beginning at Conception

Sneaky change in definition by Health and Human Services severely imperils abortion rights.


Political Sleight-of-Hand Hides Newest Genocide Scheme

And this time the killers will almost certainly get everything they want, including a death-dealing $500 billion cut to Medicare.  An earlier but nevertheless relevant analysis is here.


White Supremacy Wins Again

DeAndre Harris, the African-American man who was nearly beaten to death by JesuNazis in Charlottesvlle, Virginia, has been charged with a felony for attempting to defend himself against his half-dozen white assailants.  The charge is absurd, and Harris will undoubtedly be acquitted. Meanwhile, given USian law, he is forcibly disarmed and thus denied any means of self-defense, making him easy prey for the JesuNazi death squads, especially in a town where the police are notorious for not protecting minorities.


USian Secret Police Now Targeting Blacks for Their Politics

Welcome to the Trump/Pence Reich. The headline tells the story, with the terrifying details spelled out here.


Values Voter JesuNazis Cheer Trump as Theocracy's Chief Crusader

Meanwhile more of us awaken to fact his regime is literally empowered to kill forever the last vestiges of USian liberty.


Michigan Seeks to Reinforce Local Police with Minimally Trained Mercenaries

Neoliberal privatization, already apparent in the federal use of mercenaries abroad, would use private security guards as local cops, thereby exempting policework from public oversight.


Google Joins Mainstream Media Censorship Apparatus

We already know Mainstream Media is owned by the same One Percenters who own and control federal, state and local government everywhere in the U.S. We already recognize Mainstream Media as the world's first privately owned, for-profit version of Josef Goebbels' Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. Now we need merely add Google to the organizational mix.


Korea Crisis Continues to Smolder Like a Slow-Burning Fuse

An analysis of the situation discloses the apocalyptic malevolence of Trump's warmongering (as if he truly wants to bring on World War III), while a Global Research report shows us the effort at North/South rapprochement Trump has already maliciously destroyed.  


ESPN, NFL Honcho, Team Owners Join Trump/Pence to Suppress Athletes' Rebellion

Journalist Jemele Hill, an African-American supporter of the anti-police-brutality rebellion, has been silenced by ESPN as pro-Trump backlash gains momentum. and Pence throws metaphorical racist oil on the proverbial lynching fireMeanwhile a World Socialist Web Site report provides useful perspective.


California Officials Failed to Warn Victims of Approaching Fires

Did neoliberal cutbacks paralyze local governments? Officials offer various excuses for their fatal refusal to act. An earlier report, that the fires were started by faulty electrical infrastructure that had been neglected in the name of profit, is here.


Another Worthwhile Petition from Ultraviolet

Disbar the Michigan judge who gave a rapist custody of his victim's 8-year-old child.


A Breathtakingly Lovely Pre-Christian Russian Folk Song

It's called “Pечка” (“Rechka” meaning “River”). The singer explains that three sisters were crossing a river on a foot-log. One fell in, drowned and so became part of the physical environment. Knowing something of prehistoric European myth, I cannot but wonder if the three sisters were once the holy trinity of the triple goddess, maiden, mother and crone, and if the song is perhaps the remnant of a very ancient creation story dating from when that goddess was the supreme deity. Whatever, it is an exquisite, exquisitely performed piece. Enjoy!

(With thanks to Tigerlille for her many contributions to the news report.)

LB/10-17 October 2017



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