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Congress Joins U.S. War on First Amendment Freedoms

Suppression of Sexuality Is JesuNazis' Ultimate Purpose

And Far Too Many of Us Underestimate Their Fanaticism and Power

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A CLASH OF SIGNS AND SLOGANS: Tacoma Clinic Defense versus screaming JesuNazis. The JesuNazis admit their real purpose is to re-criminalize sexuality, and they often damn TCD members as "abominations in the eyes of the lord." (Photograph by Loren Bliss © 2017)


THE WORST PARENTAL BEATINGS I ever received as a child – a succession of three savage assaults that left me so bruised I was not allowed to attend school until the blemishes had faded to near-invisibility – were punishment for having dared study comparative anatomy with other neighborhood children. I was seven years old. My father administered the beatings as my stepmother cheered him on. The fact he was a presumably enlightened Marxist made no difference at all in the depth to which he had absorbed the sadistic anti-sexual hatefulness that is undoubtedly the darkest, most malevolent aspect of the patriarchal psychosis that defines USian consciousness – the festering Abrahamic malevolence now again gleefully resurrected and writ into law and decree by the Trump/Pence Regime, maliciously applauded by every JesuNazi voter and undoubtedly endorsed, often secretly, by an overwhelmingly vast majority of other USians as well.

Ironically I was never more than a peripheral participant in the comparative-anatomy studies for which I was so brutally punished. Pants-down research was vaguely uncomfortable for me because we – a group of kids ages six to eight, three boys, three girls  – conducted our classes in the black-widow, scorpion and poisonous-centipede infested spaces under houses raised two feet off the sandy ground in accordance with wartime 1940s Floridian construction standards. After our activities were discovered – perhaps another story for another time – I was repeatedly beaten until I falsely confessed I had been the chief instigator of such sexual studiousness as had obtained in the Lake Forest neighborhood of Jacksonville c. 1945-1947. My father beat me first with a one-inch hickory dowel, which he broke over my legs. Then he whipped me with a garrison belt. Finally, after he beat me with a steel ruler, I stopped telling the truth and gave him and my stepmother, an allegedly lapsed Southern Baptist, the I'm-an-evil-pervert confession they demanded, thereby confirming my parents' implicitly hateful Loren-is-a-monster fantasy. Thus were the punitively miserable conditions of my life determined until, as an 18-year-old University of Tennessee student, I was hired through the UT employment office as a motel night clerk. That job and my entry into newspaper journalism two years earlier were the greatest blessings of my teenage life. Journalism gave me a permanent sense of purpose, while the motel rescued me from the prison of my father's household and got me a dwelling that was truly my own.

I remember I was not surprised by the beatings. While at age seven I was certainly not sophisticated enough to recognize the wounds inflicted by the fanatical anti-sex hatefulness that defines Abrahamic religion cannot ever be healed – that wisdom was granted me by a (very) brief affair with the rebellious daughter of a Church of God preacher late in my 23rd year – I was nevertheless bright enough to recognize the total rejection expressed by my father's judicially overruled attempt to abandon me in a Virginia state orphanage after my violently schizophrenic mother attempted to murder us both. This was in 1945, eerily enough on the Summer Solstice Eve. My father's reasoning was of course that given my genetically defective mother, I too was genetically defective, and from that moment onward – despite our father-son closeness in prior years – I was literally a despised child, or as I came to think of myself after a beloved English Setter was euthanized for protecting me from a stepmotherly assault,“a dog nobody wanted.”

Such trauma – as a result of which much of my teenage sexuality was edged with reflexive fear – cannot ever be overcome, though the exquisite joy of sex had purged it from my conscious mind and presumably neutralized (most of) its crippling influence well before my 21st birthday. But the anti-sex torment the Trump/Pence Regime is sadistically inflicting on an imprisoned 17-year-old in Texas, the young woman known to the courts and the mostly porno-minded public as “J.D.,” somehow brought all that 1947 horror back into infuriatingly vivid recollection, including the fact that for at least a decade after 1947 my internal dialogues always labeled those horrific events as having taken place “last spring,” thereby acknowledging, if only to myself (and never to even one of the half-dozen shrinks in whose offices I sought redemption c. 1962-1989), that some part of me had died in the spring of 1947, some part of me for which that spring was literally my “last spring” ever.

All of which is preface to my 21 October post on a Reader Supported News comment thread – a post that, not surprisingly given its unapologetic anti-Capitalist, anti-patriarchy, anti-Christian, implicitly anti-Judaic and anti-Muslim anger, was withheld for nearly three days. Obviously this was in service to some site-censor's Abrahamic conviction that by posting it so absurdly late no one would read it – a lack of readership which at 0237 hrs 25 October 2017 is proven by the absence of response (Note too how the censor – or censors – offer the belated posting, including a falsified date/time signature, in an effort to hide RSN's censorship: a maliciously sneaky Big Lie the calculated deviousness of which is tellingly reminiscent of the pro-Hillary disinformation the site knowingly propagated during the 2016 presidential election campaign – the potency of such deception effectively patented by the post-Kennedy Democratic [sic] Party and brought to perfection by Barack the Betrayer in the ultimate Big Lie of “change we can believe in.”)

Here then is the text the RSN censor – or censors – found objectionable enough to delay:

The Trump/Pence Regime's methodical victimization of J.D. is far more than just another of the innumerable for-profit atrocities that define USian policy at home and abroad.

Its viciousness tells us how white Christian theocratic governance bodes unending horror for any of us who dare reject the Abrahamic doctrine of the Heavenly Führer, the deity said to celebrate our species' deadliest genocides as obedience “under god,” the divine sadist of whom Hitler was merely (another) earthly personification.

But here we also find the ultimate significance of the physical and psychological torture the Trump/Pence Regime is so gleefully inflicting on a hapless teenage girl. The regime has literally weaponized the content of J.D.'s womb, turning it into a cancer that threatens to destroy this young woman's entire life.

Thus we are again confronted by the bottomless malevolence of the JesuNazi agenda and its apostolic regime. Indeed – recognizing the indescribable magnitude of racial, sexual and theological hatefulness implicit in this atrocity – I find it increasingly difficult to doubt the fanatical Trump/Pence Christians are already plotting the mass arrest of anyone denounced as a heretic, atheist or agnostic.

Meanwhile may we all empathize with J.D., and may our empathy then mature into action.  

Writing to RSN's 1500-character limit, I cut two paragraphs from my original draft: 

Too bad Moron Nation continues to view the Trump/Pence triumph as just another GOPorker victory – when it is the (probably irremediable) triumph of white Christian theocracy as the official ideology of the United States – in no small measure because of the Democratic (sic) Party's countenance and collaboration.

More to the point, the government-under-god's persecution of J.D. is exactly the sort of atrocity that prompts me, a 77-year-old cripple – my afflictions including advanced congestive heart failure and painfully debilitating osteoarthritis – to regularly participate in Tacoma's relatively small but disciplined, determined and therefore reasonably effective abortion-clinic defense. Physical wreck that I am, the presence of my camera and my obviously disabled geriatric self nevertheless seemingly helps deter the woman-haters' notorious penchant for violence.

Which also explains why I regard the continuing reports on J.D.'s plight as ultimate revelations of the truly indescribable viciousness that has now – with the white majority's enthusiastic endorsement of the Trump/Pence Regime and its theocratic Christian tyranny – become the sole (and soul) defining characteristic of the Imperial United States. I therefore give you Rewire's unflinchingly truthful portraits of the anti-sex hatefulness at the core of “our democracy” and “one nation under god,” here, here  and here. I urge you to read each of these reports, carefully, contemplatively and particularly with regard to their broader implications. There is also this from TruthDig, a far more thoughtful analysis of the viciously misogynistic Trump/Pence Regime atrocity  I reported here a week ago.

No widely recognized writer dares say it, but I cannot doubt such frenzied antagonism toward human sexuality is at the core of the homicidal psychosis that fuels the Empire's accelerating rush toward apocalypse – the final death-dealing assertion of Abrahamic patriarchy's infinitely murderous hatred of women, femaleness, Mother Earth and ultimately life itself. Wilhelm Reich was methodically ruined by the USian authorities in retaliation for expressing a similar notion. Since then, albeit cunningly camouflaged by the grievously limited but pornographically magnified realm of the so-called “sexual revolution,” the defining USian hatred of sexuality has grown so relentlessly suicidal it is no longer just “better dead than Red”; it is now “better slayed than laid” or some maximally misogynistic, homophobic and transphobic equivalent thereof.

But most of us are too much in craven denial to acknowledge that those who claim to speak with the voice of their god when they damn sexually active women, LGBTQ people and abortion-clinic defenders as “abominations” are the apostles of a credo so deadly dark it will soon destroy the entire world with exactly the same brutally casual sadism that in 1956 condemned Reich to die in prison and burned his books and now 61 years later is just as methodically using the 17-year-old J.D.'s pregnancy to destroy her. While the entire situation is rationally terrifying, its most terrifying aspect is its implicit prognosis: that the indescribable toxicity of Abrahamic religion – the limitless hatefulness which psychologically murders a young girl – is but a microcosm of the selfsame inconceivable venomousness that – I am now absolutely certain – will exterminate our species, reduce our world to a bug planet and do it with exactly the same glee expressed by its torture of J.D., its de facto murder of Reich and the annihilation of nearly all his work.

Lest we forget, femaleness is the source of life; therefore – to slightly rephrase what I said above – to despise femaleness is to despise life itself. Thus the Abrahamic god is most assuredly not a god of love; he is instead revealed as the god of pure unadulterated hatred – the one and only genuine Biblical truth whether in the Old Testament, the New Testament or the Qur'an. Moreover this god's hatred is so vastly bottomless no human can possibly measure it or even adequately approach it by analogy save perhaps by pointing out that if the weapons of war as waged by patriarchy are in fact substitutes for the invasive penis – note the patriarchal psycholinguistics of shouting “fuck you” or “up your ass” as the symbolic rape of one's enemy – then surely a maximum-megaton thermonuclear blast is the ultimate patriarchal orgasm.

Sexual assault is thus obviously the interpersonal equivalent of the Empire's genocidal efforts at home (as in the murderous abandonment of Puerto Rico) and abroad (as in 201,013 dead Iraqi civilians or the anticipated “total destruction” of 25 million women, children and men if the Empire carries out its thermonuclear threat against North Korea). Sexual assault is the USian microcosm; wars of conquest are the macrocosm. The psychodynamics of conquest – the hostile invasion of one human's body or the hostile invasion of the homeland of 25 million humans – are identical in either case. Again, such is patriarchy, whether as invasive, sneeringly boastful “we came, we saw, he died”  imperialism or the equally sneering, equally boastful “grab-em-by-the-pussy”  misogyny so obviously relished by President Trump or the more clandestine misogyny routinely inflicted by Harvey Weinstein, James Toback  and countless other obscenely wealthy, maliciously powerful and violently patriarchal authority figures. All of which proves not just David Rosen's point – that male sexual violence is “as American as cherry pie” – but that misogynistic violence is the defining characteristic of the vast majority of USian interpersonal relations and therefore defines the Empire itself. The intensity of this violence has become so normalized there is even a purely psychological version of it in the shaping of popular culture.

Such is the hegemony the women's movement correctly labeled “rape culture.” In other words this particular strain of misogyny is the interpersonal version of the imperialist impulse expressed by the Mai Lai massacre. Nor is it any coincidence we are the source of about 75 percent of the planet's serial killers. For supportive evidence see the story I originally planned as a separate post headlined “Patriarchy is the Plutocracy of the Penis,” here,  plus related stories here and here.

Which somehow underscores the significance of the fact an international poll of women adjudges Moscow to be the planet's safest city.




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