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  • For about 25 of my 64 years as a writer and photographer, newspaper journalism seemed a promising career. But as my colleagues moved stealthily Rightward, I moved ever-more-openly Leftward, until eventually I was Left...outside. Permanently. Hence "Outside Agitator's Notebook," which evolved into the more closely focused "Dispatches from Dystopia." Under either name it was originally a regularly updated anthology of reports, analyses, commentaries, photographs and other anti-Capitalist testimony from the ecogenocidal dystopia that Neoliberal Capitalism -- our species' newest euphemism for resurrected Nazism -- has made of our world. But the life-threatening shock of a censorship incident (see "Probable Final Dispatches, End of Dispatches," 17 April 2020) has reduced it to far less frequent publication. Meanwhile our species' dystopian epicenter remains the post-humanitarian United States of America with its self-inflicted Moron Nation and its empire of global-conquest malevolence, the de facto Fourth Reich, the true birthdate of which will eventually be recognized – if indeed our species somehow miraculously survives the present era – as 22 November 1963. (¶)-Dispatches will nevertheless continue -- albeit on a far more relaxed schedule -- to chronicle our relentless subjugation by Capitalism as it (inevitably) reverts to its traditional might-makes-right savagery. Just as Capitalism previously transformed itself into Italian Fascism and German Nazism, Capitalism now matures into a Nazism of uniquely USian form and content. By examining the details of what is occurring, DfD shows how ours is a Dystopia characterized as much by the mindlessness of Moron Nation's Zieg-Heil-equivalent chanting of “USA! USA! USA!” as by the brutality such chanting invariably celebrates – the ecogenocidal atrocities the Capitalist Ruling Class perpetrates in the name of “profit,” “growth” and USian “Exceptionalism.” (¶)-Why “USian” rather than "American"? Because to call this exceptionally fascist empire “America” is to slander as fascists or Nazis all humanitarian-minded peoples of North and South America who valiantly and often fatally resist USiaNazi enslavement. And, yes, “humanitarian” versus “anti-humanitarian” are the only terms that adequately differentiate the two now eternally hostile subspecies into which Capitalism has finally divided Homo sapiens sapiens. On one side are those of us who cling to the so-called Golden Rule and its variants, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” the ultimate form of which is Marxism's “from each according to ability, too each according to need.” On the other side are the moral imbeciles – Nazis, fascists, Ayn Rand disciples and all the other psychological zombies that are Capitalism's unique and uniquely apocalyptic spawn. (¶)-But what then is Capitalism? Though traditionally defined as economics alone, it is in fact the quintessential patriarchal ethos, the diabolical methodology of building a global empire by conquest and genocide both obvious and clandestine, with post-conquest world governance originally patterned after the despotic management of antebellum slave plantations. Capitalism is thus the forefather of fascism and Nazism, its only possible offspring. Behind its seductive cloak of euphemisms and Big Lies (“manifest destiny,” “easy credit,” “economic freedom,” “self-made man,” “entrepreneur,” “no down payment,” “rugged individualist,” “you too can be rich,” “free will,” etc. ad nauseam), Capitalism is the stench of burning flesh and rotting corpses; the shrieks of napalmed children; the despair of families evicted into the permanent degradation, filth, deadly danger of untreated disease and constant fear of enslavement by arrest or kidnapping that defines USian homelessness; the final agonies of maliciously abandoned patients condemned to death by the deliberately genocidal costs of health care. (¶)-Ultimately Capitalism is the boundless Evil of global dictatorship by the Christian white male One Percent, a tiny, ruthless cabal of Capitalist aristocrats for whom infinite greed is ultimate virtue and for whom the snuff-film sadism of class warfare provides the ultimate entertainment. Under Capitalism's Fukushima-deadly, Ayn Rand credo of serial-killer moral imbecility – absolute power and unlimited profit for the One Percent and its Ruling Class vassals, zero-tolerance oppression and bottomless poverty for all the rest of us – these obscenely wealthy despots now impose on us their increasingly overt paradigm of Nazi governance. Not that We the (formerly exempt) People should be surprised; the merciless regimen that is now ours is how the Capitalists have always tyrannized our sisters and brothers in America's First Nations, in the USian ghettos and in all the Capitalist victim realms abroad. (¶)-Moreover much of our plight is of our own making. We the People long ago surrendered to our Capitalist overlords. We submit to denial of health care that is everywhere else on this planet deemed a human right; we submit to enslavement by debt; to the outsourcing of our jobs; to bankruptcy; to foreclosure; to eviction and homelessness; to imprisonment in numbers hitherto unequaled in human history; and most of all to the biggest Big Lie of all – the suicidal delusion we somehow remain free despite the Capitalists' no-longer-deniable theft of our liberty and their snickering revocation of the few prefaces to economic democracy our now-powerless unions had once managed to win. Our confinement is ensured, not just by our cowardice but by the invisible but inescapable cage of total surveillance: the electronic barbed wire that has reduced our entire planet to a monstrous concentration camp. (¶)-Cast off as “surplus human capital” when we are deemed no longer exploitable for profit, we are then methodically exterminated. We are slaughtered as cannon-fodder in the empire's endless wars of profit and conquest; we are murdered by the bullets and truncheons of the federalized and militarized local police; we are fatally poisoned by Capitalism's malignant toxification of our environment; we are slain by denials of health care and social services that are in fact deliberate, euphemism-cloaked policies of slow-motion genocide.   (¶)-Meanwhile our overlords pornographically multiply their own wealth by knowingly destroying the planetary conditions upon which all sentient life depends. More recently – as if to demonstrate the infinite magnitude of their Evil by provoking unsurvivable thermonuclear apocalypse (and not coincidentally in fulfillment of a malevolent scheme by Adolf Hitler himself) – they have imposed on the Ukraine the anti-Russian war-mongering and anti-Jewish violence of an avowedly Nazi puppet government. And now, in the person of Donald Trump and his appointees, the USian tyrannosaur has come home to gorge on its final and terminally ironic meal, the denizens of Moron Nation itself, the people who by their prideful ignorance and hatefulness loosed this demonically insatiable monster on the entire world. (¶)-But in these times our ability to effectively resist is obstructed not only by the USian regime of inescapable surveillance, but by the dreadful undertow of Moron Nation's intellectual and psychological paralysis: the deliberate deceptions and outright ignorance fostered by the Capitalist “education” system; by Capitalism's “mainstream media” propaganda machine (which is owned by the same smirking plutocrats whose vassal politicians so gleefully oppress us); and by the physical and psychic terrorism of Capitalism's manufactured crises. (¶)-Yet resist we must. As always, art – sometimes even unwittingly – depicts our present circumstances and so foretells our future. And as it says in a breathtakingly apt, wrenchingly poignant anthem grown increasingly popular far beyond its video-game origin, “shadows fall and hope is gone; steel your heart; the dawn will come.”

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Fire Survivors

  • W. Eugene Smith, Seattle, 1976
    These are some of the very few photographs that survived the 1983 fire that destroyed my life's work, not just most of my pictures but nearly all my writing including three books in progress and all the associated research. Some of these photos shown here escaped the flames because they were with me in my portfolio case; others were produced digitally from negatives dug out of the rubble a year later. The images of obvious print-quality were made on DuPont Varilure paper, which had the highest silver content of all commercial papers and thus produced such intense tonalities, they often seemed illuminated by their own internal light sources. But that sort of photographic quality is now forever beyond our common reach, either gone like Varilure or so prohibitively expensive it is available only to the obscenely pampered dilettantes who produce the aesthetic pabulum favored by the One Percent. Photography as I knew it is dead -- as dead as my career was after the fire and its ensuing clinical depression -- but this body of work provides a glimpse of what was lost and what might have been. All photos copyright Loren Bliss.

Sandwiches for Mind and Spirit

  • Goddess emergent (1), 1968 (blue variant c. 2009)
    In photography, a sandwich is a collage made by printing two or more negatives simultaneously. Collage is a medium that has fascinated me for as long as I can remember -- probably since I was a child experimenting with finger paints, glue and newspapers -- but I never took it seriously until, sometime in my early 20s and still thinking myself a painter-to-be, I discovered the works of Jasper Johns. Now it seems to me making sandwiches is to conventional photography what poetry is to prose: not just an intellectual exercise, but the opening of a doorway to the Mysterious Otherness I know as the Muse, from whom (sometimes in fulfilment of that McLuhanesque notion of art as prophecy) the currents of real creation invariably flow, whether swift and startling as a lightening strike or slow and soft as cottonwood seeds adrift on subtle summer air. (Collage and photographic sandwiches copyright Loren Bliss 2009-2012.)

Graffiti: a Sampler

  • Gun Graffiti
    When I returned to New York City in 1965 I was immediately impressed by the contrast between the graffiti I had encountered "out in America" -- the South and Middle West -- and what I saw in Manhattan. While the form and content of graffiti is sociologically important – possibly a semiotic indicator without peer -- I found the graffiti of Manhattan singularly appealing, the intellectual and aesthetic equivalents of a long-overdue breath of fresh air, and within a few days I had begun documenting it with 35mm and 120 film. (The opening photograph of this series was obviously made far from Manhattan, but I included it to establish an essential contrast.) Many more details about this particular body of work, which I briefly resumed when I went back to the City again in 1983, then abandoned after that year's career-terminating fire, are in my post of January 7, 2010. Yes I regard the best urban graffiti as genuine art, but too much of it, alas, is nothing more than a human variant on the mammalian practice of marking territory with spurts of urine: "I wuz here." All photos by Loren Bliss, copyright dates as noted.

Faces of the Fight

  • Health Care For All!
    Supporters of health care reform and a much smaller number of health care reform's opponents -- each faction identified by its picket-signs -- gathered for the "town hall" meeting called by U.S. Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA) in Lakewood on August 25, 2009. Originally set for Lakewood City Hall, the event was rescheduled and moved to Lang Stadium to accommodate an unprecedented mobilization of pro-reform people. Cops estimated the crowd at about 2500. Photos by Loren Bliss copyright 2009.


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  • Best, Most Thorough Documentation on the CIA's Destruction of the 1960s Counterculture
    Ms. Brussel outdid herself in her nobody-dares-publish-it investigative report exposing how the CIA's Operation Chaos destroyed the 1960s Counterculture. (My assumption is the Agency, with its Ivy-League analysts and their knowledge of pagan mythology, recognized the Counterculture's anti-patriarchal, resurrection-of-the-Goddess direction, understood it as a far greater threat to Capitalism than Marxism and responded with the murderous efficiency inherited from Gestapo predecessors.)
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30 November 2017


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Sioux Rose

Nearly 10 years ago I published a book explaining the link between astrology's 12 basic archetypes and their mythological equivalents. Mars, the god of war, was the chief archetype for the Age of Aries. This 2200 year period followed the Age of Taurus, a Venus-ruled sign where appropriately enough, gardens (i.e. The Garden of Eden) are paramount. At the time of the birth of Christ, the Age of Pisces was in its inception stage. Pisces great gift (there are 2 fish that define the sign and govern its expressions) is compassion, but it's great detriment is deception. And so, the Karl Roves of that era not interested in seeing their temporal powers reduced should something as ingrained as war come to be replaced with the mandate for compassion devised a way to preserve war: Holy War! And my, oh my, was the Church of Rome onboard to promote that diabolical fallacy. Instead of teaching what Christ came to teach, his name was used increasingly as an endorsement FOR war. And it is to this distorted teaching, an inversion of the teachings of The Christ and therefore owning the title of "Anti-Christ" that today's Christian Dominionists lend their homage.

I was privileged to sit in on an authentic medium's deep trance reading. He said "Many want oblivion... an end to it all." And having heard this, I recognized that since life is considered a blessed gift, the only way those intent upon destruction could reconcile their own sociopathic predilection was to invent the premise of End Times and make "god" its author.

There are now hundreds of witnesses offering compelling testimony on a secret space program based on the recovery of UFO ships and at times, live beings. It is known that much of the advanced technology that's come to change our lives in the past 60 years came directly from these beings and/or the reverse-engineering of their crafts.

What has also been exposed is that the UFO fly over nuclear test sites and at times have disabled the missile silos. It's happened both in the U.S. and in Russia.

Finally, I sat in for another trance-medium discussion, this one shared mostly with professionals in the mental health (psychologist and psychiatrists) and general health field. Featured was author-medium Pat Rodegast who is known for her book, "Emmanuel" and the 2nd volume. (That is her guide just as Jane Roberts channeled incredibly powerful and provocative material directly from "Seth.")

At the time, one individual asked if there would be a WW III and the answer that came through was, "Divine Intervention would not allow it."

Although this experience occurred more than a decade ago, I'd like to think it still held... as prophecy.

I wrote to Dr. Steven Greer, head of "The Disclosure Project" to challenge a weakness in his assertion that all alien beings held a benevolent view of earth and its inhabitants. Reminding that the cover-up of Contact remained in the hands of private military contractors and that their interest laid in developing weaponry, there was no true representative of human beings negotiating with these advanced intelligences.

In other words, how can it be that military "types" get to control the lion's share of resources, put all our fates in jeopardy due to the narrowness of their own wounded visions, and, if true, determine the basis for contact with higher intelligences.

One of the reasons I am adamant about the need to teach the fundamental vocabulary of astrology is that it breaks the illusion, a cognitive prison really, that "one size fits all." I recoil whenever the term "WE" is used in seamless solidarity with corporate powers, religious institutions, today's sold-out government, or worst of all... the Military Industrial Complex. Its fuel is blood.

But the military, the modern progeny of the god Mars represents one twelfth of the Human Equation. It does not speak for all! And in spite of the plethora of films that celebrate militarism typically linking the rites of mass murder with some initiation into manhood; and in spite of the popularity of macho contact sports like football which glorify war in their own subliminal ways... still, there are many who have managed (shades of "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" to avoid, or better yet, transcend this indoctrination process.

Today's Christian Presses have managed to co-opt the term "spiritual." Any real spiritual entity would serve as a bulwark against war rather than champion the cause of collective genocide.

The brilliant R.T.V persona, Abby Martin had a 7 minute documentary on the Christianization of the U.S. military (and Truth-out had an article on this same topic) which You Tube apparently took down.

The reason that Astrology remains a great taboo, at one point punishable as heresy and therefore, a death sentence, is that its circular context disables the notion of sides. It also presents an anti-authoritarian worldview in that every authoritarian creed relies upon a singular allowable norm. We are 12... and 12 make for a great democratic circle wherein the flaws in any one expression are counterbalanced by the gifts (and insights) of others.

Humanity must rise above the illusion that Mars Rules to reach its next level of expression.

It's not over yet. It IS the 11th hour and Aquarius is the 11th sign. In the year 2020, the law and order planets (Jupiter and Saturn) meet in Aquarius, a sign they have not converged in for hundreds of years. And in 2024, Pluto will begin a once in 248 year passage of that sign.

Unfortunately, Capricorn, the sign of Saturn-ruled repression, austerity, conservative "values" and karmic tests comes before Aquarius on the great time dial. Two heavyweight planets will converge in this sign starting on December 21, 2017 until the break through at the end of 2020.

Gird your loins... the next few years are going to test the hearts and souls of all good people. However, just as the ocean's waves roll backwards under themselves to acquire forward momentum, the seeming regressive trends could well be what makes for that forward impetus that many of us (not Mars-ruled) have been waiting for!

May the stars be with you... Sioux rose

Loren Bliss

Thank you, Sioux, for the astrological perspective on what is happening. Though I vehemently disagree with part of what you said -- specifically that "divine intervention" will prevent World War III. In my old age I have come to believe there are no gods (or if there are, they have most assuredly abandoned this planet on which the dominant species has committed the ultimate deadly sin of collective matricide by embracing a divine sadist whose entire theology is misogyny and patriarchal malevolence).

Based on all the indications I cannot doubt the world will again be at war by January 2018 if not sooner. I won't survive the initial hydrogen bomb strikes as where I live is the most target rich environment on this planet: Fort Lewis, McChord AFB and four naval bases plus Boeing, also the ports of Tacoma and Seattle which between them account for close to two-thirds the West Coast's shipping. All I can do is hope I'm at ground zero and thus die quickly rather than linger for the days or weeks of agony it takes to die from radiation poisoning.

In bitter truth I'm dead anyway: Trump's $10 billion cut to Medicare will deny me all the treatment and medication that has thus far enabled me to survive congestive heart failure, so even if there's no war -- impossible given the regime's apocalypse-mongering -- the only way I'll survive another year is by some kind of miracle. In other words my survival is dependent on exactly the sort of absurdity in which I can no longer believe.

That said, I hope you are living somewhere that isn't bombed, though even in such places as that you'll no doubt see Chinese or Russian paratroopers, whom I suspect most USians will eventually come to regard as liberators, since after the intentionally murderous ravages of Trump/Pence austerity, even a daily ration of black bread and kasha will seem luxurious. Also the Cubans -- for which see the next graf -- have probably the best healthcare system in all the Americas, which means all the mothers and children who have been denied healthcare by the regime and have managed to survive the war might at last get the care and medication they need.

Meanwhile I watch with utter horror as the Trump/Pence Regime descends into suicidal madness, no doubt driven by frenzies of biblical fanaticism and clearly blind to one of the pivotal lessons of history taught by the fates of the Persians, the Teutonic Knights, the Mongols, the Poles, Bonaparte and Hitler, all of whom learned the hard way Russia cannot ever be defeated. With China (and perhaps India), also Vietnam, Cuba and most of the rest of Latin America as Russia's allies...well, you get the picture. It will be 1945 all over again, only this time -- as surely befits the bottomless miasma of evil the U.S. has become under Capitalism as it metamorphoses into JesuNazism -- we'll be the Germans.

And that's only if humanity is lucky, which is to say only if the thermonuclear exchange is minimal. If not, Earth will be reduced to a bug planet, which means the best anybody who believes in reincarnation can expect is to be reborn as a cockroach.///

Sioux Rose

Thank you for the elaborate response. Remember--I quoted Pat Rodegast who channeled Emmanuel in the comment based on Divine Intervention.

When I do my best to explain that under Mars Rules a sliver of humanity has come to dominate all, determine our collective fate, and pretend that the whole of humanity is made in ITS image and likeness. THAT is the great fallacy.

The argument to Dr. Greer is that the military, whose patrons and employees identify with the warrior mindset, are NOT a true representation of humanity. Neither are the determinations borne of patriarchy's chosen emissaries and ambassadors.

Trump did not win honestly. The great indecency of the Piscean Age, the Age that IS in its final hours... is its massive deployment of deception. Somewhere in Scripture evil's chief tool is defined as deception.

Today, food isn't even food. A friend of mine lived on a boat off the coast of some Central American nation and as a massage therapist, she found some rich clients. One said he was "in industrial food."

And by analogy, "food for thought" is equally tainted and unreal.

This past election produced a fake result in the form of a fake human being who's great accomplishment happens to be the practiced use of deception. It made me realize that if there is a personified form of evil (as so many religions believe in an actual devil or diabolical entity) it would have to be a very skillful salesman. This idea of bargaining temporal riches for the price of the soul is a very ancient and ubiquitous theme.

And isn't that Trump's best gift? I wrote a powerful piece on this subject which can be found (use the search box, if interested) at:

Besides a great many Capricorns (it's the sign of blind ambition) in the Trump administration, there are also many Gemini natives. And Gemini is both Trump's sign signature and THE sign of sales! Pence is a Gemini, as is Sheriff Arpaio, as is the odious Erik Prince. That he can self-identify as a Christian when literally making his life career that of mass murder is a testament to my explanation for the usurpation of Jesus' ideology by those who truly are evil's living extensions.

While I am not dismissing the threat of Nuclear War or the tragic fact that there's a menacing amoral maniac "at the wheel," I think the threat of climate collapse is more pressing.

Trump is the product of the following elements and practices of deception (not including his own character): 1. Electoral College 2. DLC and its allotment of a disproportionate number of unearned "super-delegates" to Hillary, thus negating Bernice Sander's honest chances at the American Throne 3. A corporately captured mainstream media that anointed Trump the powers of celebrity to the tune of well over a billion buckeroos in equivalent purchased advertising/face time 4. The Republicans' use of sophisticated forms of gerrymandering to control many state legislatures when they never had majorities (of the voters backing them) 5. The several million (as documented by journalist Greg Palast) minority voters who were turned away from the polls and voting machines

The use of Wiki-leaks documents and/or Russian interference are peripheral to the systemic flaws in the American voting system.

Thus it's inaccurate to lay the Presidency of Trump on the majority of decent citizens. Granted, there are PLENTY of fools who really believe that this con-man will drain the swamp. And sadly, there is a percentage of angry (mostly white Christian males) people who identify with hatred and believe the same scapegoat ideology that the Nazis managed to use 80 years ago.

I live in a rural area. I chose it for the quiet, proximity to nature, and affordability. I realized that if I worked all the time to pay rent in a sexier, more culturally rich area, I would forfeit my mortal hours. Better to live lower on the food chain and write! In any case, a fellow former Key West teacher moved to this remote region before I did and we bonded for a long time.

However, one of her daughters is a rabid right wing born again Christian and my friend has been tainted. We crossed paths two days ago and I made a comment about Trump and this toxic tax plan. She retorted back, "He's better than Hillary." I asked her why she felt that way and she said she didn't want the nation turning Socialist. She had remarked (the last time we met) that "Obama was a socialist."

I said, "I don't think you understand what the term means." This is a college educated woman!!! She said, "It means the government does everything for the people." Incredulous, I looked her in the eye and asked, "And you think that is a bad thing?"

She looked like a deer caught in the headlights. I reminded that by her definition, the military was a "socialist" institution and I asked what she thought of another $80 billion being dumped on wars of aggression mentioning that I believe 911 to be the false flag that unleashed the plans for these foreign wars of aggression.

To my surprise, she said she also thought 9`1`1 was an Inside Job. So I queried, "Yet you still think the military should get funds for foreign wars?"

She's a Gemini. Any mutable/double sign CAN seemingly entertain two cognitively dissimilar beliefs (simultaneously). But I think I threw a monkey wrench into those sound bytes that she's apparently been digesting from Fox News.

And how about the further deregulation that will allow Sinclair, another Trump apologist org.--to purchase MASSIVE media outlets.

Since you and I cannot realistically get to Iraq, Yemen, Libya, the Amazon, or any remote region... we rely on The Fourth Estate. When it's been as gutted, propagandized, and adulterated as the U.S government... then I cannot blame decent, hard working citizens for what they don't know THAT they don't know. This is all calculated.

Just as the prison inmate typically learns to improve "his trade" from his jailhouse milieu, those professional frauds under thrall to absolute power have learned to take Goebbels, Bernays, Pavlov, and even Mesmer to the next level.

Those who chastise the citizenry for being "sheep/sheeple" identify with those who have used their embarrassments of riches to study the ways and means to mass mind control.

The few of us who manage to Fly Over the Cuckoo's Nest become targets.

However, I am not going to assume that WW III is inevitable. And the planets do conspire for changes that benefit humanity starting at the end of 2020. That's 3 more years of definite tribulation.

A cosmic turning of the tide may deliver the karmic blowback to those who so richly deserve it. Anyone who does not embrace the Judeo-Christian ethic drenched in the idea of sin and consequent deserved suffering may consider such things as Transcendence... the collapse of the existing paradigm, one that Vandana Shiva wisely defines as "Patriarchal Capitalism" may be operate as the pre-requisite to what is next.

Let not all stand condemned for the acts of a dominant relative few.

The wheel of time will turn and with it shift the calculus, "As above, so below" style. (I do appreciate discourse with a fine mind. The world needs more of them!)

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