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  • For about 25 of my 64 years as a writer and photographer, newspaper journalism seemed a promising career. But as my colleagues moved stealthily Rightward, I moved ever-more-openly Leftward, until eventually I was Left...outside. Permanently. Hence "Outside Agitator's Notebook," which evolved into the more closely focused "Dispatches from Dystopia." Under either name it was originally a regularly updated anthology of reports, analyses, commentaries, photographs and other anti-Capitalist testimony from the ecogenocidal dystopia that Neoliberal Capitalism -- our species' newest euphemism for resurrected Nazism -- has made of our world. But the life-threatening shock of a censorship incident (see "Probable Final Dispatches, End of Dispatches," 17 April 2020) has reduced it to far less frequent publication. Meanwhile our species' dystopian epicenter remains the post-humanitarian United States of America with its self-inflicted Moron Nation and its empire of global-conquest malevolence, the de facto Fourth Reich, the true birthdate of which will eventually be recognized – if indeed our species somehow miraculously survives the present era – as 22 November 1963. (¶)-Dispatches will nevertheless continue -- albeit on a far more relaxed schedule -- to chronicle our relentless subjugation by Capitalism as it (inevitably) reverts to its traditional might-makes-right savagery. Just as Capitalism previously transformed itself into Italian Fascism and German Nazism, Capitalism now matures into a Nazism of uniquely USian form and content. By examining the details of what is occurring, DfD shows how ours is a Dystopia characterized as much by the mindlessness of Moron Nation's Zieg-Heil-equivalent chanting of “USA! USA! USA!” as by the brutality such chanting invariably celebrates – the ecogenocidal atrocities the Capitalist Ruling Class perpetrates in the name of “profit,” “growth” and USian “Exceptionalism.” (¶)-Why “USian” rather than "American"? Because to call this exceptionally fascist empire “America” is to slander as fascists or Nazis all humanitarian-minded peoples of North and South America who valiantly and often fatally resist USiaNazi enslavement. And, yes, “humanitarian” versus “anti-humanitarian” are the only terms that adequately differentiate the two now eternally hostile subspecies into which Capitalism has finally divided Homo sapiens sapiens. On one side are those of us who cling to the so-called Golden Rule and its variants, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” the ultimate form of which is Marxism's “from each according to ability, too each according to need.” On the other side are the moral imbeciles – Nazis, fascists, Ayn Rand disciples and all the other psychological zombies that are Capitalism's unique and uniquely apocalyptic spawn. (¶)-But what then is Capitalism? Though traditionally defined as economics alone, it is in fact the quintessential patriarchal ethos, the diabolical methodology of building a global empire by conquest and genocide both obvious and clandestine, with post-conquest world governance originally patterned after the despotic management of antebellum slave plantations. Capitalism is thus the forefather of fascism and Nazism, its only possible offspring. Behind its seductive cloak of euphemisms and Big Lies (“manifest destiny,” “easy credit,” “economic freedom,” “self-made man,” “entrepreneur,” “no down payment,” “rugged individualist,” “you too can be rich,” “free will,” etc. ad nauseam), Capitalism is the stench of burning flesh and rotting corpses; the shrieks of napalmed children; the despair of families evicted into the permanent degradation, filth, deadly danger of untreated disease and constant fear of enslavement by arrest or kidnapping that defines USian homelessness; the final agonies of maliciously abandoned patients condemned to death by the deliberately genocidal costs of health care. (¶)-Ultimately Capitalism is the boundless Evil of global dictatorship by the Christian white male One Percent, a tiny, ruthless cabal of Capitalist aristocrats for whom infinite greed is ultimate virtue and for whom the snuff-film sadism of class warfare provides the ultimate entertainment. Under Capitalism's Fukushima-deadly, Ayn Rand credo of serial-killer moral imbecility – absolute power and unlimited profit for the One Percent and its Ruling Class vassals, zero-tolerance oppression and bottomless poverty for all the rest of us – these obscenely wealthy despots now impose on us their increasingly overt paradigm of Nazi governance. Not that We the (formerly exempt) People should be surprised; the merciless regimen that is now ours is how the Capitalists have always tyrannized our sisters and brothers in America's First Nations, in the USian ghettos and in all the Capitalist victim realms abroad. (¶)-Moreover much of our plight is of our own making. We the People long ago surrendered to our Capitalist overlords. We submit to denial of health care that is everywhere else on this planet deemed a human right; we submit to enslavement by debt; to the outsourcing of our jobs; to bankruptcy; to foreclosure; to eviction and homelessness; to imprisonment in numbers hitherto unequaled in human history; and most of all to the biggest Big Lie of all – the suicidal delusion we somehow remain free despite the Capitalists' no-longer-deniable theft of our liberty and their snickering revocation of the few prefaces to economic democracy our now-powerless unions had once managed to win. Our confinement is ensured, not just by our cowardice but by the invisible but inescapable cage of total surveillance: the electronic barbed wire that has reduced our entire planet to a monstrous concentration camp. (¶)-Cast off as “surplus human capital” when we are deemed no longer exploitable for profit, we are then methodically exterminated. We are slaughtered as cannon-fodder in the empire's endless wars of profit and conquest; we are murdered by the bullets and truncheons of the federalized and militarized local police; we are fatally poisoned by Capitalism's malignant toxification of our environment; we are slain by denials of health care and social services that are in fact deliberate, euphemism-cloaked policies of slow-motion genocide.   (¶)-Meanwhile our overlords pornographically multiply their own wealth by knowingly destroying the planetary conditions upon which all sentient life depends. More recently – as if to demonstrate the infinite magnitude of their Evil by provoking unsurvivable thermonuclear apocalypse (and not coincidentally in fulfillment of a malevolent scheme by Adolf Hitler himself) – they have imposed on the Ukraine the anti-Russian war-mongering and anti-Jewish violence of an avowedly Nazi puppet government. And now, in the person of Donald Trump and his appointees, the USian tyrannosaur has come home to gorge on its final and terminally ironic meal, the denizens of Moron Nation itself, the people who by their prideful ignorance and hatefulness loosed this demonically insatiable monster on the entire world. (¶)-But in these times our ability to effectively resist is obstructed not only by the USian regime of inescapable surveillance, but by the dreadful undertow of Moron Nation's intellectual and psychological paralysis: the deliberate deceptions and outright ignorance fostered by the Capitalist “education” system; by Capitalism's “mainstream media” propaganda machine (which is owned by the same smirking plutocrats whose vassal politicians so gleefully oppress us); and by the physical and psychic terrorism of Capitalism's manufactured crises. (¶)-Yet resist we must. As always, art – sometimes even unwittingly – depicts our present circumstances and so foretells our future. And as it says in a breathtakingly apt, wrenchingly poignant anthem grown increasingly popular far beyond its video-game origin, “shadows fall and hope is gone; steel your heart; the dawn will come.”

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Fire Survivors

  • After the Demonstration Failed
    These are some of the very few photographs that survived the 1983 fire that destroyed my life's work, not just most of my pictures but nearly all my writing including three books in progress and all the associated research. Some of these photos shown here escaped the flames because they were with me in my portfolio case; others were produced digitally from negatives dug out of the rubble a year later. The images of obvious print-quality were made on DuPont Varilure paper, which had the highest silver content of all commercial papers and thus produced such intense tonalities, they often seemed illuminated by their own internal light sources. But that sort of photographic quality is now forever beyond our common reach, either gone like Varilure or so prohibitively expensive it is available only to the obscenely pampered dilettantes who produce the aesthetic pabulum favored by the One Percent. Photography as I knew it is dead -- as dead as my career was after the fire and its ensuing clinical depression -- but this body of work provides a glimpse of what was lost and what might have been. All photos copyright Loren Bliss.

Sandwiches for Mind and Spirit

  • Goddess emergent (1), 1968 (blue variant c. 2009)
    In photography, a sandwich is a collage made by printing two or more negatives simultaneously. Collage is a medium that has fascinated me for as long as I can remember -- probably since I was a child experimenting with finger paints, glue and newspapers -- but I never took it seriously until, sometime in my early 20s and still thinking myself a painter-to-be, I discovered the works of Jasper Johns. Now it seems to me making sandwiches is to conventional photography what poetry is to prose: not just an intellectual exercise, but the opening of a doorway to the Mysterious Otherness I know as the Muse, from whom (sometimes in fulfilment of that McLuhanesque notion of art as prophecy) the currents of real creation invariably flow, whether swift and startling as a lightening strike or slow and soft as cottonwood seeds adrift on subtle summer air. (Collage and photographic sandwiches copyright Loren Bliss 2009-2012.)

Graffiti: a Sampler

  • Gun Graffiti
    When I returned to New York City in 1965 I was immediately impressed by the contrast between the graffiti I had encountered "out in America" -- the South and Middle West -- and what I saw in Manhattan. While the form and content of graffiti is sociologically important – possibly a semiotic indicator without peer -- I found the graffiti of Manhattan singularly appealing, the intellectual and aesthetic equivalents of a long-overdue breath of fresh air, and within a few days I had begun documenting it with 35mm and 120 film. (The opening photograph of this series was obviously made far from Manhattan, but I included it to establish an essential contrast.) Many more details about this particular body of work, which I briefly resumed when I went back to the City again in 1983, then abandoned after that year's career-terminating fire, are in my post of January 7, 2010. Yes I regard the best urban graffiti as genuine art, but too much of it, alas, is nothing more than a human variant on the mammalian practice of marking territory with spurts of urine: "I wuz here." All photos by Loren Bliss, copyright dates as noted.

Faces of the Fight

  • Health Care For All!
    Supporters of health care reform and a much smaller number of health care reform's opponents -- each faction identified by its picket-signs -- gathered for the "town hall" meeting called by U.S. Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA) in Lakewood on August 25, 2009. Originally set for Lakewood City Hall, the event was rescheduled and moved to Lang Stadium to accommodate an unprecedented mobilization of pro-reform people. Cops estimated the crowd at about 2500. Photos by Loren Bliss copyright 2009.


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    A vital website that is often our only source of accurate information about the terrifying effort to impose zero-tolerance Christian theocracy on the United States.
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    The late Mae Brussell was our most relentless researcher into the murder of President John Kennedy and many other such outrages. Her legacy is a damning list of the USian Empire's darkest secrets.
  • Best, Most Thorough Documentation on the CIA's Destruction of the 1960s Counterculture
    Ms. Brussel outdid herself in her nobody-dares-publish-it investigative report exposing how the CIA's Operation Chaos destroyed the 1960s Counterculture. (My assumption is the Agency, with its Ivy-League analysts and their knowledge of pagan mythology, recognized the Counterculture's anti-patriarchal, resurrection-of-the-Goddess direction, understood it as a far greater threat to Capitalism than Marxism and responded with the murderous efficiency inherited from Gestapo predecessors.)
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28 December 2017


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Sioux Rose

Our manifold intellect always hits a lot of subjects and points worth responding to.

Speaking as a "cosmic reporter," which is to say, one whose astrology columns were regular features in over 15 magazines and newspapers, I also experienced much that you did.

Hosting one of the most popular live cable TV shows aired throughout the Florida Keys from Autumn 1986 until early 1994, it was the Southern Baptist Church that pressured the local TV station to remove my show--due to its chief content: Astrology.

Around that time I'd read an article that psychics were thrown out of a fund-raising event held in Fort Lauderdale to raise money for the Heart (health (Institute.

The forced end to my TV show coincided with the demise of Lear's Magazine, a women's magazine dedicated to women writing their own story outside of patriarchal norms, approval or endorsements.

These events forced me to move to North Florida and inadvertently embed myself into the heart of Christendom where Astrology was decidedly not welcome.

What struck me as both amusing and sinister were both the number of churches in Gainesville, Florida (a University town) and its adulation of the local football team. Around this time I lectured for the Whole Life Expo in Fort Lauderdale where Deepak Chopra was the main Event.

In one talk, Deepak mentioned that sociologists had gone around the world studying social behavior. They ranked Puerto Rico (where I had formerly resided) as the happiest place--the determination in part related to how much tactile contact occurred during basic social interactions; and they rated Gainesville, Florida the worst! When Mr. Chopra announced the findings, I had to laugh out loud.

Living in Gainesville, I'd experienced the aggression in drivers as a constant and I referred to them as "Gator Christians." During their football "Gator Growl," fans of football had erected 10 foot high alligators to which they lent a good deal of homage.

It was almost textbook worship of the reptilian god... for all the talk of churches and Christianity.

When my daughters were both in college, I moved to St. Petersburg to at last escape the dark ambiance of the Bible belt with its insistence on hell, fear, sin, and damnation.

Sharing lunch on the sunny streets of St. Pete, my friend and I discovered a New Age shop with crystals, books, incense, tarot cards, and other accoutrements of the spiritual life. I naturally inquired about doing readings there. Certainly, my resume was full of published articles, TV and radio shows, and a number of book titles.

The proprietor literally pulled out a thick packet of papers and proceeded to tell me that several weeks prior, the FBI had been in that very shop stipulating that if any readings were done, the place would be closed down!

Initially, when the Southern Baptist church pushed for the cessation of my TV show I thought the matter was personal; that it was time for me to move on. But when I came face to face with this information that the FBI was cracking down on psychics (a few had bilked elderly people of sums of money), and thrown out of the event in Fort Lauderdale, I could feel ominous clouds once again merging church with state... and these events occurred between 1994-2000... well before Pence, Gorsuch, Perry, Sessions, De Vos and the rest of the pretend Christians were granted positions of power.

Some of the books that have deepened my understanding, to add to your list, include:

Barry Lynn--"God and Government." His organization works to thwart the church-state merger that is the goal of all of those Christian Theocrats who have no problem with poverty, war, or greed.

"Dark Money" by Jane Mayer explains how Conservatives were able to make such headway over politics, media, and economics. It goes back to the Powell Doctrine and the long strategy of undoing The New Deal and eviscerating the Middle Class.

"The Devil's Chessboard" by David Talbot is, in my view, one of the most significant items I've come across. It explains the Dulles Brothers acts, philosophy, and imprint over still existing U.S. foreign policy.

I'm waiting for 2 books to arrive. One represents the findings of 27 psychiatrists on Trump's mental health. (The topic was introduced on Amy Goodman's show, "Democracy Now.") The other is David Cay Johnson's new book on Trump: "It's Worse Than You Think."

When one looks at photos of the firefighters working to stop the Thomas Fire in Ventura County, California, they seem quite paltry in comparison with the vast flames.

For me, the above constitutes the quintessential analogy in that U.S. armed forces = the firefighters, and the forces of nature = the flames.

As I watch the Stock Market reach ridiculous levels, all I can think of is its inverse relationship to the actual wealth: that of natural assets.

The oceans are dying.
Rivers are drying up.
Mountain tops have been blasted away.
Species are being rendered extinct at a mind-bending rate
All over the planet, children are consigned to misery and hunger and poverty

In spite of these signs and signatures, Trump and his Right Wing Xtian followers hit the gas pedal to incite more of same.

Four things enable me to retain sanity in these INSANE times:

1. Great music
2. Comedy--including my own material
3. The Law of Karma (and the knowledge that these very, very dangerous and deluded fools will MEET the impact of what they have set into motion)
4. The knowledge that the wheel of time turns and this horrific era shall (too) pass



Loren Bliss

Sioux...Your account of the New Age shop proprietor who told you s/he had been threatened with closure were s/he to include astrological readings in the shop's offerings is troubling in its own right – more about that in a moment – but the claim the threat was voiced by an alleged Federal Bureau of Investigation agent is downright frightening, so much so it turned what I had intended as a day of recreation into a day of research and writing instead.

Firstly – familiar as I am with law enforcement from my years as a newspaper reporter, I know it would be not just illegal but flagrantly so – unconstitutional as well – for an FBI agent to act as described. However the legal prohibitions would most assuredly not prevent a rogue agent – particularly an agent with clandestine JesuNazi beliefs and connections – from such abuse of authority. Indeed such an agent would probably imagine s/he was “an instrument of Divine Vengeance” and behave accordingly at every opportunity. Hence I wish you had collected more details, including whether an in-store security camera might have gotten a picture of the perpetrator.

Secondly, the FBI has investigated the Christian Identity movement and noted it is a primary breeding ground for domestic terrorism. Quoth the relevant FBI report: “ the acts of terrorism committed by Identity followers attest, these people are fanatical about that which they believe.” Hence I would deem it highly unlikely such a zealot could pass the security screening required for FBI employment.

However, both the FBI and the Central Intelligence Agency have long been infamous for recruiting members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, ostensibly for the foreign-language skills Mormon males acquire when their missionary service takes them outside the United States. And there are certainly extremist sects as well as individuals within the less extremist Mormon community who may well be sympathetic to the Christian Identity cause or at least hold comparable views, as indeed some Catholics do. Meanwhile JesuNazi infiltration of the imperial war machine already reaches to the highest levels of the chain of command, is thoroughly documented and is thus a somewhat better-known aspect of the Christian theocratic agenda – that is, the scheme to reduce the United States to an ISL-like Christian dictatorship, complete with public stonings-to-death of homosexuals and women accused of sexual activity outside of marriage.

Having (involuntarily) lived in the South for a large part of my boyhood and young adulthood, I know all too well Christian theocracy's infinitely venomous blend of Bible-thumping theology, white supremacy, misogyny, homophobia and generalized hatefulness. I have witnessed it in action not only in everyday life, but in violent opposition to the Civil Rights Movement and even at the public high school where I and all the other students were forced to attend revival services in the school auditorium. I have no doubt Christian theocracy is by far the greatest danger to constitutional liberty ever to confront the United States, whether from within or without. I know its imposition is the ultimate objective of the Trump/Pence Regime – a purpose that behind the supportive screen of Mainstream Media's theocracy-protecting censorship is closer to fulfillment than most of us dare recognize – and I am frankly terrified by its onslaught. That's why I coined the term “JesuNazism,” which attempts to convey the stark horror of its apocalyptic potential.

In other words, the act of oppression described by the proprietor of the New Age shop probably happened precisely as described.


Well, Sioux, as you can surely see, you have inspired me to write an essay I will probably elevate from the comment thread into the main body of next week's Dispatches. Though I have written on this topic many times before – indeed some would say I regularly harp on it, even to the extent of genuinely ranting – the quest on which your comment sent me brought to the surface additional material documenting the terrible malignancy of the theocratic Christian threat, and as always I feel obligated to share it with readers. Which is really just a long way of saying “thank you.”


Now to continue as promised:

Threats of economic reprisals and even physical violence against people espousing non-Christian religion or spirituality are as 'Murican as the proverbial apple pie. The same hazards confront racial, ethnic and sexual minorities. As the Southern Poverty Law Center reported in 2016, there were 917 hate groups active in the United States – a misleading number because it does not count the millions more bigots, clearly the overwhelming majority of the white population, who are not aligned with such organizations or who conceal or downplay their hatred by memberships in so-called mainstream groups.

Herein lies the pivotal accomplishment of the Trump/Pence Regime – that it has obliterated or nullified all the former social and legal restraints and is now giving this Malignant Majority a de facto license to publicly express its long-pent-up malevolence – an official endorsement of aggressive, already deadly bigotry on a scale that has no precedent in modern history since the advent of the Nazi regime in Germany. The targeting of Muslims, so maliciously intensified by the Trump/Pence Regime's JesuNazi encouragement, is merely the rightfully chilling tip of an entire iceberg of fanatical Christian hatefulness.

Verily, whether as child or adult, I have personally encountered its variants in all but one of the nine U.S. states in which I have dwelt: Florida, Virginia, Michigan, Tennessee, Maryland, Georgia, New Jersey, Washington. The one exception was New York – specifically New York City, where I was born in 1940, spent the first nearly four years of my childhood, and lived for nine more adult years as a working journalist and/or social documentary photographer. Precisely as the late James Baldwin described it, the City I knew truly was "Another Country" – the only USian realm where never once did I fear persecution for my ideological, spiritual or physical nonconformities.

In fact my first encounter with what I now consider USia's characteristic hatefulness – no less definitive here than in Nazi Germany – occurred within weeks of my family's move to Jacksonville, Florida in late 1943. Our new address was a decidedly upscale apartment complex called Catherine's Court. It fronted on the south bank of the St. Johns River and included a gated playground locked to ensure the safety of its tenants' children and exclude non-residents, and it was there that three older boys, one a six-year-old first grader, the others five-year-olds, attempted to suffocate me because as a New Yorker I “talked funny.” Bigger and stronger, the trio quickly overpowered me, then despite my kicking and screaming held me upside-down and buried my head in the playground's sandbox. I survived only because a five-year-old friend, the daughter of a naval officer, fiercely attacked my assailants with a child-sized hoe, sending them home bleeding and crying for their mothers. To this day, 74 years later, I occasionally taste the sand that clogged my mouth and nostrils.

In the 1980s and early 1990s in Washington state, at the diagonally opposite corner of the Lower 48, my very dear friend Helen Farias, the founding editor and publisher of the Goddess-centered spirituality quarterly Beltane Papers and its monthly supplement Octava, was repeatedly threatened with violence including rape and death whenever she participated in the so-called psychic fairs that were often convened in the presumably “progressive” Bellingham area. Helen, herself a pacifist, asked me on several occasions if I would be willing to protect the fairs as a legally armed security guard should the threats escalate beyond unsigned notes, anonymous telephone calls and the defensive capabilities implicit in random patrols by local police or sheriff's deputies. Of course I said yes, though – thank the Goddess and all her gods – Helen and her colleagues never felt the need to summon me to active duty.

Even so I cannot end this retrospective on USia's white Christian hatefulness without mentioning the fire that destroyed my life's work and – by the subsequent post-traumatic depression – ended forever my ability to obtain fulltime newspaper or magazine employment. The house that burned was Helen's. It was a two-storey, ten-room structure built of cedar logs in the 1880s by her pioneer grandparents – I have forgotten whether maternal or paternal – and she had inherited it sometime in the late 1970s. When I returned to the City in March of 1983, she graciously lent me an unused upstairs room for storage of my carefully packaged photographs, manuscripts, files, books and phonograph records, promising to keep them safe until I found a presumably permanent address in Manhattan. She would then ship all this to me as soon as I was settled, and I would of course reimburse her for the costs.

One of the manuscripts stored in Helen's house was the product of what I had come to regard as my life's work, by then the 24-year research project, profusely illustrated with my own photographs, that had evolved from notes I made in 1959 for what I originally thought was nothing more than potential sociology paper. Its initial focus was the nationwide folk-music renaissance that had begun quite suddenly a few years earlier. Given the overwhelming weight of predictions that described the decade of the '50s as the dawn of an unprecedented era of scientific brilliance, technological achievement and hitherto-unknown human health and happiness, I thought it decidedly odd the nation's youth would be spontaneously resurrecting not only the oldest surviving Occidental art form, but one folklorists and mythographers deemed pregnant with seeds of pre-Christian belief and ritual. It seemed to me the most compelling anomaly I had ever encountered, and my journalistic curiosity demanded I seek its explanation. As time allowed, I doggedly researched and investigated it, amassing a substantial collection of relevant books and 33.3 rpm records plus a entire four-drawer filing cabinet of notes, photographs and draft manuscripts that sought to organize the ever-growing body of material into a coherent whole.

By 1983 all this had coalesced into a book of at least 50,000 words illustrated with approximately 100 photographs. It was entitled "Glimpses of a Pale Dancer" in acknowledgment of the willow-the-wisp character of its spiritual visions, my own included. While these generation-wide experiences provided its broader context, its hypothesis was solidly based on analysis of musical lyrics and evolving metaphysical, environmental and socioeconomic norms; it argued that the 1960s Counterculture – the communalist, feminist, environmentalist and implicitly socialist movement East Village Other Editor Walter Bowart had in 1967 defined as “revolution in consciousness” – was in fact the first wave of a spontaneous, potentially species-wide rebellion intended to overthrow patriarchy. And as its rock-and-roll liturgies increasingly proclaimed, it was already resurrecting the breathtakingly ancient Great Goddess as one of its primary symbols.

Eighteen years earlier, shortly after I returned to New York City from Tennessee in 1965, I had described this work – by then several file-folders full of notes but still no more than an extended inquiry into the folk renaissance – to a new acquaintance who soon became a very dear friend, the writer and book editor Cicely Nichols. At the time, Cicely said she thought my research might be the basis of a book; afterward she periodically inquired as to its progress and always encouraged me to continue the quest. Back in the City again in 1983, I showed Cicely an excerpt of the manuscript's current draft and two dozen of its supportive photos. She offered not only to edit it to completion, but to mother it to mainstream publication; she said she believed it would be one of the most influential books of the 20th Century. Of course I accepted; Cicely had worked with Robin Morgan to assemble and edit the epic feminist anthology Sisterhood Is Powerful (Random House: 1970), and had later been editor-in-chief at Grove Press. Her skills and influence were thus undeniable, and I remember thinking that for the first and only time in my life I had finally gained access to the proverbial brass ring of genuine success in my chosen vocation as a combination photographer and writer.

Cicely and I then met in the now-legendary Lion's Head at 7:30 p.m. on 1 September 1983 to formalize our partnership and celebrate it with dinner and drinks. Among the many topics we discussed that night were my two other works in progress. One, already an extensive collection of photographs, hand-drawn site maps and explanatory notes, was intended to become a profusely illustrated book on archaeological anomalies in the Pacific Northwest, a project to which Helen had contributed not just significant research but knowledgeably helpful comradeship during many of the necessary back-country explorations. The other, at that point scarcely more than a series of journal entries, was to have been a project of social documentary photography focused on the men and women of the Pacific Northwest fishing fleet, a realm to which I had easy entree as the result of a year as engineer on a 96-foot salmon seiner. Cicely agreed both of these were readily publishable. Returning home that night, I had the strong sense – again for the first and only time in my life – of an entirely new world of editorial independence opening before me.

But of course it was never to be. While Cicely and I were planning and celebrating, Helen's house and all its outbuildings were burning to a heap of ash and embers in and around the remnants its foundation. The fire marshal, who first decreed the blaze to be arson but then later inexplicably changed his verdict to “fire of unknown origin,” said a melted electric clock at its apparent point of origin had stopped at exactly 4:30 p.m. But for that exactness of time – 4:30 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time is the same instant as 7:30 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time – I would have assumed the fire to be the work of the cravenly anonymous Christian enemies of the Goddess (and all other forms of femaleness) who had repeatedly harassed Helen and her spiritual sisters. But all Helen's work was stored elsewhere, mainly in her office as the off-campus housing facilitator at Western Washington University. And the eerie preciseness of the clock's message – most of all its obvious psychological warfare component – left no doubt I and my work were the fire's real targets.

For the next three years, I continued working at editorial jobs in Manhattan. But with a lifetime of work and all my aspirations reduced to nothingness, I eventually was forced to admit I no longer belonged in Manhattan. The City – at least the City as I knew it – was only for those who have something of value to offer, whether to our culture or to our economy, but after the fire I had nothing to offer anyone, and given my age – I was in my middle 40s – I knew I could never again produce any offerings of comparable significance or worth.

Creatively speaking, my life ended in the fire – as I'm certain was intended by whomever ordered it. As to who and why that might have been, I refer you to the oft-suppressed works of Mae Brussel. Brussel died of cancer in 1988, as did Helen in 1994 and Cicely in 2008, their similar deaths rather eerily underscoring the significance of the strong suspicion Venezuelan Liberator Hugh Chavez was murdered, probably with a weaponized form of cancer most likely fabricated by the CIA.

Which brings us, Sioux, to the 2016 election and its irrefutable proof the bottomless hatefulness the Trump/Pence Regime has already normalized is the one and only true significator of the USian white majority. That's why – though I will continue to fight its JesuNazism for as long as I am able – I know there is no rational hope of humanitarian victory until the Fourth Reich becomes so intolerably murderous, it is finally assailed from without and felled by some new Red Army capable of the same absolute mercilessness the original Red Army demonstrated in crushing the Third Reich. If such an event occurs, it will be many decades in the future – if indeed the JesuNazis have not already reduced Earth to a bug planet – and in any case I will be long dead. But here amongst the ashes of my life, confronted by the regime's genocidal plans to murder so many of us by abolition of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP, WIC, SNAP and all other such programs, the potential of Capitalism's utter and irremediable defeat remains my only truly comforting thought.


(I had attempted to include links to URLs to serve as footnotes at various points in the above text, but there is no way -- at least no way a compu-moron such as I am -- can insert them in comments: another reason I will post this reply as a part of the main body of Dispatches next week.)

Sioux Rose

Good evening,
So much to unpack here and respond to. My Internet has gone off and on inexplicably today, sometimes "dying" when I was in the middle of something. It makes me wonder if the new FCC ruling is already interrupting service to sites that the brighter minds, those outside of patriarchal capitalism's parameters, naturally gravitate to.
One You Tube individual with a platform relentlessly insists it's all about the money; that the primary driver behind the FCC ruling is further income for the big telecoms. I left a message on his site asking if he had any understanding of history and what the formal control of content means to any captive population?
On my own FBI experience, the shop owner relayed this to me and told me she was handed a very large packet of papers. If it was one rogue agent, it's strange that he had all that data at the ready.
There is a HUGE taboo against astrology. I joke that every kind of sex is out of the closet, yet "looking up" (for larger meaning) remains the great taboo. I once pitched a project to Oprah and sent a book along and got back a nasty letter demanding postage for the return of my book OR it would be tossed into the trash.
At the behest of a psychologist friend who lives in Santa Barbara and frequently attends events at Esalen, I sent a proposal to that esteemed location along with one of my books and got a standard rejection.
My daughter suggested I pitch to "Ted Talks" where astrology is made conspicuous by its absence. Again, silence. If you haven't watched Rupert Sheldrake's material on "The Science Delusion" which is a BANNED Ted Talk, you're missing some compelling material. He challenges the whole left brain insistence that purports to have all the answers.
While living in Ojai, I brought an impressive portfolio to the Ojai Valley Inn and was turned away. I was told that my work would "offend their Christian Clientele." So the thwarting of my personal career has been real and ongoing.
For two decades or more I would annually consult The Writer's Guide in search of agents and publishers. Up until relatively recently, the term "spiritual" meant material that was outside of orthodox religious parameters. But then when Christian Publishing became a billion dollar enterprise, these bigots literally co-opted the word. Now when The Writer's Market uses the term, it means Christian. No kidding!
As for the fire that took "Pale Dancer," it reminds me of the ruin of the Library at Alexandria or the Nazis burning books. Truly massive losses, and yet whatever is discovered remains part of the collective consciousness and recycles back through the next resonant channel.
When my area was under threat from the massive Hurricane Irma and I had to face what I could cram into my small Toyota... knowing I might return to NOTHING (the angry winds taking it all), I faced not only financial ruin... but also, my own mortality.
And now, as the Trump Junta eviscerates the bare protections to things like deep sea oil drilling, and raping what's left of the Alaskan pristine wilderness... while the volcanoes awaken as was predicted by Edgar Cayce, Ruth Montgomery, Sun Bear, Jose Arguelles, and other seers... it's clear that the premise of a natural lifespan is itself moving towards the vanishing point. In other words, all of us may well face our life works going up in symbolic flames. That's why I have to take solace in this idea of the collective consciousness: that the Great Truths are never lost but reborn in those of sufficient understanding. Those who may well have been Initiates into the Great Mysteries in former incarnations.
As for "the event" in l943, one of the loves of my life was born in December 1943 and I know that Saturn-Uranus were in Gemini in opposition to his Sagittarius sun. I always felt a giant shift came in--to impact mass consciousness--at the conclusion of world War II. And events and souls born prior, are really not privy to the full implications of this "wave."
I have an article on astrology's impacts on the various generations which is being considered for publication at this time. I've found that the more generic material, "Where Love Will Find you," and such sell better than the deep material. It's very painful that this profound basis for understanding is lost on so many and likely soon to be rendered taboo by those same intolerant Christians who take the teachings of Jesus and gut them.
I take a measure of satisfaction knowing that EACH soul will face all that they did (and that does include thoughts and feelings) once they "cross over." No longer protected by the tribe where the vilest of beliefs are collectively reinforced, and in the presence of beings of Light (which means Love) the shame attendant on the realization of how they behaved, and how they maligned the teachings of their professed Master will prove a very painful spiritual fate.
I wanted to also add that when I contemplate evil, I think of the wisdom of the I ching (specifically Kua/hexagram #43 which explains that evil can never be fought... and it's interesting that Bush, jr. was President number 43 and obsessed with evil, including using very evil means to purportedly fight it); and the second insight is that evil requires the "gift" of salesmanship.
In all of the literary portraits of evil personified, say as Satan or Lucifer, there's always the storyline that he seduces people into selling their souls. Thus evil is a salesman... and Trump is a salesman. The End of the Age of Pisces with fish opposing fish is like a surreal superimposition by which I mean, all that is good has become tainted, while all that is evil is celebrated as good. And this, of course, is The Great Deception.
In astrology, Neptune governs the sign of Pisces and this particular ending Age Phase. In Trump's Gemini chart, his ruling planet Mercury (the messenger and salesman) exists in a perfect square--90 degrees away--from Neptune. What this means in anyone's chart is an absolute incapacity to recognize or tell the truth.
So the liar-in-chief who's a master at deception and also a skillful salesman in many ways is Satan's embodiment. How fitting for all this speculation about an anti-Christ that it's the organized Christian church (at least the fundamentalist/Evangelical branches of it) that celebrates this dangerous charlatan who's turned the foreign policy over to the military where wounded boy-men whose entire mindset is ensconced in the premise of war get to spread more killing.
And given the power of the 1% corporate oligarchs and assorted ruling families, there are those tax breaks that will consign more decent people to Hell... either through jobs that steal their mortal hours and return them the barest of wages, or incapacity to obtain health care; or piss poor education laying minds to waste. And then, too, there is this idea of End Times which these millions are indeed courting. And their attitude towards the Great Mother/Nature is an extension of the misogynistic teachings that are a direct byproduct of worshipping only the strict, punitive father god.
I write a great deal on the intersections between astrology and mythology... and through a lifelong study of The Logos, can see the patterns in time before they unfold. I could see from the upcoming merger between Saturn and Pluto IN Capricorn, the sign of that strict father god... that a phase of privation and austerity was coming. It lasts until December 21, 2020 if the Zodiac's law and order duo deliver from the truth-revering sign of Aquarius: their place of congress during that winter solstice.
From now to then the best advice is... endure. And for you, my friend, who stood up to double shocks from Pluto (to your sun and moon), you passed an extraordinary test.
More soon, star seer Sioux.

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