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  • DISPATCHES FROM DYSTOPIA,, which evolved during the past eight years from the less sharply focused "Outside Agitator's Notebook," has become precisely what this blog's new title and domain name describes. It is an ongoing anthology of reports, analyses, commentaries, photographs and other anti-Capitalist testimony from the Dystopia that Capitalism has made of our world. It's epicenter is the post-humanitarian United States of America: our species' self-inflicted Moron Nation and its empire of global-conquest malevolence, the de facto Fourth Reich, the true birthdate of which will eventually be recognized – if indeed our species somehow miraculously survives the present era – as 22 November 1963. ¶Dispatches thus chronicles our relentless subjugation by Capitalism as it (inevitably) reverts to its traditional might-makes-right savagery and – just as Capitalism previously transformed itself into Italian Fascism and German Nazism – as it now matures into a Nazism of uniquely USian form and content. By examining the details of what is occurring, DfD shows how ours is a Dystopia characterized as much by the mindlessness of Moron Nation's Zieg-Heil-equivalent chanting of “USA! USA! USA!” as by the brutality such chanting invariably celebrates – the genocidal, ultimately ecocidal atrocities the Capitalist Ruling Class perpetrates in the name of “profit,” “growth” and USian “Exceptionalism.” ¶Why “USian” rather than American? Because to call this exceptionally fascist empire “America” is to slander as fascists or Nazis all humanitarian-minded peoples of North and South America who valiantly and often fatally resist USiaNazi enslavement. And, yes, “humanitarian” versus “anti-humanitarian” are the only terms that adequately differentiate the two now eternally hostile subspecies into which Capitalism has finally divided Homo sapiens sapiens. On one side are those of us who cling to the so-called Golden Rule and its variants, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” the ultimate form of which is Marxism's “from each according to ability, too each according to need.” On the other side are the moral imbeciles – Nazis, fascists, Ayn Rand disciples and all the other psychological zombies that are Capitalism's unique and uniquely apocalyptic spawn. ¶But what then is Capitalism? Though traditionally defined as economics, it is in fact the quintessential patriarchal ethos, the diabolical methodology of building a global empire by conquest and genocide both obvious and clandestine, with post-conquest world governance originally patterned after the despotic management of antebellum slave plantations. Capitalism is thus the forefather of fascism and Nazism, its only possible offspring. Behind its seductive cloak of euphemisms and Big Lies (“manifest destiny,” “easy credit,” “economic freedom,” “self-made man,” “entrepreneur,” “no down payment,” “rugged individualist,” “you too can be rich,” “free will,” etc. ad nauseam), Capitalism is the stench of burning flesh and rotting corpses; the shrieks of napalmed children; the despair of families evicted into the permanent degradation, filth, deadly danger of untreated disease and constant fear of enslavement by arrest or kidnapping that defines USian homelessness; the final agonies of maliciously abandoned patients condemned to death by the deliberately genocidal costs of health care. ¶Ultimately Capitalism is the boundless Evil of global dictatorship by the Christian white male One Percent, a tiny, ruthless cabal of Capitalist aristocrats for whom infinite greed is ultimate virtue and for whom the snuff-film sadism of class warfare provides the ultimate entertainment. Under Capitalism's Fukushima-deadly, Ayn Rand credo of serial-killer moral imbecility – absolute power and unlimited profit for the One Percent and its Ruling Class vassals, zero-tolerance oppression and bottomless poverty for all the rest of us – these obscenely wealthy despots now impose on us their increasingly overt paradigm of Nazi governance. Not that We the (formerly exempt) People should be surprised; the merciless regimen that is now ours is how the Capitalists have always tyrannized our sisters and brothers in America's First Nations, in the USian ghettos and in all the Capitalist victim realms abroad. ¶Moreover our plight is of our own making. We the People long ago surrendered to our Capitalist overlords. We submit to denial of health care that is everywhere else on this planet deemed a human right; we submit to enslavement by debt; to the outsourcing of our jobs; to bankruptcy; to foreclosure; to eviction and homelessness; to imprisonment in numbers hitherto unequaled in human history; and most of all to the biggest Big Lie of all – the suicidal delusion we somehow remain free despite the Capitalists' no-longer-deniable theft of our liberty and their snickering revocation of the few prefaces to economic democracy our now-powerless unions had once managed to win. Our confinement is ensured, not just by our cowardice but by the invisible but inescapable cage of total surveillance: the electronic barbed wire that has reduced our entire planet to a monstrous concentration camp. ¶Cast off as “surplus human capital” when we are deemed no longer exploitable for profit, we are then methodically exterminated. We are slaughtered as cannon-fodder in the empire's endless wars of profit and conquest; we are murdered by the bullets and truncheons of the federalized and militarized local police; we are fatally poisoned by Capitalism's malignant toxification of our environment; we are slain by denials of health care and social services that are in fact deliberate, euphemism-cloaked policies of slow-motion genocide.  ¶Meanwhile our overlords pornographically multiply their own wealth by knowingly destroying the planetary conditions upon which all sentient life depends. More recently – as if to demonstrate the infinite magnitude of their Evil by provoking unsurvivable thermonuclear apocalypse (and not coincidentally in fulfillment of a malevolent scheme by Adolf Hitler himself) – they have imposed on the Ukraine the anti-Russian war-mongering and anti-Jewish violence of an avowedly Nazi puppet government. And now, in the person of Donald Trump and his appointees, the USian tyrannosaur has come home to gorge on its final and terminally ironic meal, the denizens of Moron Nation itself, the people who by their prideful ignorance and hatefulness loosed this demonically insatiable monster on the entire world. But in these times our ability to effectively resist is obstructed not only by the USian regime of inescapable surveillance, but by the dreadful undertow of Moron Nation's intellectual and psychological paralysis: the deliberate deceptions and outright ignorance fostered by the Capitalist “education” system; by Capitalism's “mainstream media” propaganda machine (which is owned by the same smirking plutocrats whose vassal politicians so gleefully oppress us); and by the physical and psychic terrorism of Capitalism's manufactured crises. ¶Yet resist we must. As always, art – sometimes even unwittingly – depicts our present circumstances and so foretells our future. And as it says in a breathtakingly apt, wrenchingly poignant anthem grown increasingly popular far beyond its video-game origin, “shadows fall and hope is gone; steel your heart; the dawn will come.”

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Fire Survivors

  • After the Demonstration Failed
    These are some of the very few photographs that survived the 1983 fire that destroyed my life's work, not just most of my pictures but nearly all my writing including three books in progress and all the associated research. Some of these photos shown here escaped the flames because they were with me in my portfolio case; others were produced digitally from negatives dug out of the rubble a year later. The images of obvious print-quality were made on DuPont Varilure paper, which had the highest silver content of all commercial papers and thus produced such intense tonalities, they often seemed illuminated by their own internal light sources. But that sort of photographic quality is now forever beyond our common reach, either gone like Varilure or so prohibitively expensive it is available only to the obscenely pampered dilettantes who produce the aesthetic pabulum favored by the One Percent. Photography as I knew it is dead -- as dead as my career was after the fire and its ensuing clinical depression -- but this body of work provides a glimpse of what was lost and what might have been. All photos copyright Loren Bliss.

Sandwiches for Mind and Spirit

  • Goddess emergent (1), 1968 (blue variant c. 2009)
    In photography, a sandwich is a collage made by printing two or more negatives simultaneously. Collage is a medium that has fascinated me for as long as I can remember -- probably since I was a child experimenting with finger paints, glue and newspapers -- but I never took it seriously until, sometime in my early 20s and still thinking myself a painter-to-be, I discovered the works of Jasper Johns. Now it seems to me making sandwiches is to conventional photography what poetry is to prose: not just an intellectual exercise, but the opening of a doorway to the Mysterious Otherness I know as the Muse, from whom (sometimes in fulfilment of that McLuhanesque notion of art as prophecy) the currents of real creation invariably flow, whether swift and startling as a lightening strike or slow and soft as cottonwood seeds adrift on subtle summer air. (Collage and photographic sandwiches copyright Loren Bliss 2009-2012.)

Graffiti: a Sampler

  • Gun Graffiti
    When I returned to New York City in 1965 I was immediately impressed by the contrast between the graffiti I had encountered "out in America" -- the South and Middle West -- and what I saw in Manhattan. While the form and content of graffiti is sociologically important – possibly a semiotic indicator without peer -- I found the graffiti of Manhattan singularly appealing, the intellectual and aesthetic equivalents of a long-overdue breath of fresh air, and within a few days I had begun documenting it with 35mm and 120 film. (The opening photograph of this series was obviously made far from Manhattan, but I included it to establish an essential contrast.) Many more details about this particular body of work, which I briefly resumed when I went back to the City again in 1983, then abandoned after that year's career-terminating fire, are in my post of January 7, 2010. Yes I regard the best urban graffiti as genuine art, but too much of it, alas, is nothing more than a human variant on the mammalian practice of marking territory with spurts of urine: "I wuz here." All photos by Loren Bliss, copyright dates as noted.

Faces of the Fight

  • Health Care For All!
    Supporters of health care reform and a much smaller number of health care reform's opponents -- each faction identified by its picket-signs -- gathered for the "town hall" meeting called by U.S. Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA) in Lakewood on August 25, 2009. Originally set for Lakewood City Hall, the event was rescheduled and moved to Lang Stadium to accommodate an unprecedented mobilization of pro-reform people. Cops estimated the crowd at about 2500. Photos by Loren Bliss copyright 2009.


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  • Best, Most Thorough Documentation on the CIA's Destruction of the 1960s Counterculture
    Ms. Brussel outdid herself in her nobody-dares-publish-it investigative report exposing how the CIA's Operation Chaos destroyed the 1960s Counterculture. (My assumption is the Agency, with its Ivy-League analysts and their knowledge of pagan mythology, recognized the Counterculture's anti-patriarchal, resurrection-of-the-Goddess direction, understood it as a far greater threat to Capitalism than Marxism and responded with the murderous efficiency inherited from Gestapo predecessors.)
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    A genuinely independent news site -- neither definitively Left nor Right -- that often covers stories suppressed by U.S. Mainstream Media, which (let us never forget), is owned by the same One Percenters who own the Democratic (sic) and Republican parties and thereby control all U.S. governance at every level.
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20 December 2017


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Sioux Rose

To Loren:
Wow! You really outdid yourself with this masterful prose and incisive analysis. However, to my knowledge, the "fat lady" has not yet sung.

What's helped me to make sense of the M.A.D.ness of this universe is the astro-logos. The solar system's planets, following reliable and therefore predictable orbits, have proven a long and enduring source of study. I'm speaking to the inviolate, "As above, so below" celestial equation.

Since para-normal, spiritual, esoteric studies have marked my life for the past four+ decades, I've come across many sources. There have been frauds and lost souls, to be sure; but also some radiant teachers. One of them told me--via a genuine trance medium--that "Many want oblivion, an end to it all."

This idea of "End Times" is not featured in the Bible. It's an aberration drawn up to grant pseudo-spiritual cover to those who hate life and anyone unlike themselves (or their tribe of identification).

This belief system works well with militarism since both are playing a deadly game of chicken with the lives of 7 billion people, not to mention the miraculous webs of animal, plant, and marine life forms.

If the same dominant group gets to determine the fate of the masses, can it be argued that free will is a true depiction of the Human Estate?

Just today Tom Engelhardt penned a piece that began with the story of linear time--and purported evolution--as portrayed through the male homo erectus who learned to stand up. Engelhardt followed the analogy to Trump. His thesis being that this narrow bandwidth somehow speaks to the whole panoply of human expressions.

It does speak to one thing: dominance by this (white) male baboon.

The people making decisions about our collective economic futures, and about our collective ecological futures are indeed clones of Mr. Engelhardt's portrait. But does this small sector of humanity represent what's true for the rest of us?

Clearly, there's a dangerous drunk at the wheel (represented by this entire subset), and the keys must be taken away.

I do object to the castigation of the masses for many reasons. I've had people ask me why it is that some white women still support Trump. Living inside the Bible Belt, my experience is direct and lived. I understand the power of indoctrination: what it means for these little girls to grow up in Christian families that place them inside churches where chants of "hell and damnation" ring out.

When I had the privilege of visiting India not long after the 911 event, the resort was empty. That gave me a chance to play ad hoc interviewer/sociologist to a number of idle waiters. I asked what would happen if they married for love rather than adhere to the arranged marriage intended for them. They all explained that they'd become outcasts and lose the love and links to their families.

This need to belong is a strong component of the human make-up. When cultures push patriarchal ideas about male power that stem from the idea of a punitive father god, anyone who rebels against the traditional teaching risks being ostracized... ejected from the tribe.

The combination of tribalism added to a mass media that has perfected the art of relaying lies told often gives Truth a slim chance of operating as the force "that would set them free."

When power equivalences are vastly unequal, it's disingenuous to blame those on the weaker end of the stick. Do I blame the rape victim for lacking the strength to overpower her attacker? Do I blame the Black community for the crimes of out of control, sadistic white cops? Do I blame the Jews rounded up at the point of guns for not resisting?

Call it a sanity bias. The sane, decent, peace-loving person is at a decided disadvantage when the paradigm of Male Dominance arms those that WOULD use violence against those who would and could not.

Equality, when it exists, is a rarity. The emphasis on exacerbating unequal trends is now blatantly out of control.

One of the most obvious signs for how far off-balance things have become is comparing the declining state of nature (seas full of toxins, an isle of plastics in the Pacific, the entire rape of vast mountain range tops in West Virginia, numerous dead zone surrounding continents, numerous regions littered with still live munitions of the latest wars, etc.) with the height of the stock market.

When things are THIS out of balance, indeed, the center cannot hold.

While so much of California burns, the Florida Keys stand leveled from Hurricane Irma, Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria, and numerous volcanoes long dormant simultaneously explode, the WAR on nature rebounds in the form of deadly earth changes. These were predicted by many sources starting with the seer, "America's Sleeping Prophet," Edgar Cayce back in the 1940s.

Yogananda also relayed the same essential inviolate spiritual truth: that when wars expand they disturb the earth's etheric balance and that sends the systems--like the orderly change of seasons--out of balance. The result is floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires, etc.

Since the advent of television, human beings (most) have become passive viewers. The images that come across the TV screen and now the Internet are almost hypnotic. To an extent, television has also engendered sophisticated forms of mind control and part of the process renders the person a spectator inside a giant "reality show."

Before the 2016 election when I hoped beyond hope that a more honest politician like Jill Stein or Bernie Sanders might have a true shot at the American throne, I also could see that very sinister planets were about to gather in Capricorn, the most conservative Zodiac sign. Think "As above, so below."

There are exceptions to every rule, and all of us are more than our sun signs... but the sun sign path is real and is the metaphysical expression of Jesus' 12 disciples and/or Abraham's 12 tribes.

All of these individuals are Capricorn: Jeff Sessions (prepared to turn "justice" back centuries), Ted Cruz (Scrooge, 2017), Jared Kushner, Kelly Ann Con-Way, Barry Goldwater, J. Edgar Hoover, Richard Nixon, Rush Limbaugh, and others.

The archetype for Capricorn is that of the stern father. The sign equates with a top-down authoritarian power structure which is by definition, the antithesis of Democracy.

I wondered how this astrological configuration would operate if Hillary won the election. Would the Democrats be so bold as to declare martial law?

Due to the various and sundry machinations that placed a world-class fraud into the highest office during a time (The End of The Age of Pisces where Neptune, the "god" of deception holds dominion) of massive fraud, the alignment of planets not only make sense: through the new Tax "code" (reform... Ho, Ho, Ho the sadistic Santa hollered), the intended rape of what's left of preserved Alaskan wilderness, along with the control of the Internet... the dark promise of the Capricorn conjunction is bearing fruit.

Expect some kind of tribulation for 3 years until the law and order duo, Jupiter and Saturn meet in the most advanced (from a Human Rights Perspective) sign, Aquarius on December 21, 2020.

I view that year--2020--as demarcating a long overdue BALANCED vision, and by this I mean, a balance between the intended Divine partners: Yin and Yang.

That translates to far less legal, fiscal, and political muscle answerable to Yang and the related Mars-ruled military assets and operations, and more to Yin: basis for peace, art, beauty, pleasure, fellowship, and the greatest of these: Love.

Out of the 3 year trials about to be set upon us will come the reciprocal force that thrusts the chains off of a long suffering humanity.

Do not blame those conditioned by the church elders to obey false prophets. Do not blame those who've seldom known any personal liberty for not recognizing the true meaning of freedom. Do not blame those without weapons for not overcoming those only too ready, willing, and able to use Lethal Force to thwart their efforts.

The cosmic clockworks turn. The high side of Capricorn is that it's the sign of karma, and to all of these egomaniacs who think they are above Universal Law: a reckoning IS coming.

Watch for falling debris,

And thank you for your brilliant journalism!

Loren Bliss

Actually, Sioux, the proverbial "Fat Lady" sang 54 years ago, on 22 November 1963 to be precise. Everything of lasting significance that has happened in this Goddess-cursed nation of death and disempowerment since then -- the murders of Malcolm X, Sen. Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Fred Hampton and Mark Clark; the murders of the students at Kent State University and Jackson State College, the murder of Karen Silkwood; the murderous triumph of Neoliberalism as the Empire's ethos of global economic supremacy; the murderous triumph of JesuNazism as Neoliberalism's domestic enabler; the murderous wars for conquest and the murderous perpetuation of subjugation by induced chaos; all the other atrocities known and unknown ad infinitum and ad nauseam -- every one of those horrors can be traced back to 22 November 1963, which was the pivotal triumph of forces set in motion in the earliest 1930s by Mussolini and Hitler and their fawning disciples in the USian One Percent. All else -- especially the methodical reduction of the United States to the global shithole of pollution and war and serfdom and slavery it is now and forever will be until our species is no more -- all this "follows as the night the day."

Were there still a Soviet Union, which despite its flaws financed and managed the (now mostly reversed) liberation of proletarians and peasants throughout the world and thereby managed -- often seemingly miraculously -- to retard the innately murderous malevolence of Capitalism, I would say we had at least a tiny chance of not only regaining the liberty formerly enjoyed by most USian white males but expanding that liberty to all the peoples of the 50 states regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, age and ability.

But with the death of the Soviet Union -- which let us never forget was murdered by the same conjunction of forces that slew the far more deluded American Dream -- all such hope was slain forever. When the Red Banner with its defiantly Pagan hammer and sickle and star was lowered for the last time, it was, in fact, the Fat Lady's terminal performance.

Verily we are doomed. How our species dies -- whether quickly by thermonuclear apocalypse or slowly by the ultimate sacrilege of patriarchy's misogynistic hatred of Mother Nature -- is rendered immaterial by the fact Capitalist governance now mandates that those of us who are the USian Empire's proletarians and peasants are as irremediably damned as the environment Herself. Indeed this is the ultimate significance of "as above, so below": just as our overlords despise Earth and Sky and Cosmos, so do they despise us, We the (now inescapably subjugated) People.

The liberations of Paris and Petrograd and Prague were breathtakingly beautiful, exquisitely inspiring events, but there will be no such USian liberation ever; thanks to technology, USia's murderous imperial despots truly are omnipotent, indistinguishable from the murderous divine sadist they worship as their god, and there is absolutely nothing we can do to dethrone them or even ameliorate their murderousness. They are -- exactly as proven by their repeated defiance of the popular will -- truly all-powerful, while we -- what powers we formerly possessed now and forever nullified by our rulers' total suppression of democratic process -- are as powerless as a human infant in the jaws of some ravenous cougar. The hope of peaceful revolution once offered us by democratic process has been abolished by our masters and will never be granted again. The prospect of violent revolution offers us nothing more than suicide. The irreversible technological dominance of our overlords means this tyranny truly is everlasting -- that is, until our species itself is no more.

As for your belief that improvements will begin in 2020, I truly mean you no insult, but this is of no significance whatsoever to those of us who will be murdered next year and in 2019 by the sneeringly genocidal elimination of Medicaid and Medicare and the savaging of Social Security that has already begun with the taxation measure's sneaky imposition of the so-called "chained Consumer Price Index" ("chained CPI"), which among other things means those of us dependent on Social Security will never again see an increase in our already murderously meager stipends. And every source I have found reports the Medicaid/Medicare cuts are to begin immediately, which means by mid-2018 (and by the end of 2018 at the very latest), I and millions like me will be denied the care and medication that keeps us alive, and soon afterward we will be just as dead (and just as murdered by Nazis) as anyone who was gassed at Auschwitz. It is the same for the millions already condemned to death by the termination of the Children's Health Insurance Program, CHIP, mass murder for which both Democrats and Republicans are equally to blame.

Which of course illustrates perfectly the Evil genius of our masters: not only do they exterminate us; their Christian Capitalism allows them to murder us in such a way they are already condemning our poverty as wilful crime and ourselves -- and yes our inescapably impoverished children and grandchildren too -- as criminals deserving of nothing but death.

Not that it matters all that much. Not anymore. Given Trump's apocalyptic combination of arrogance, stupidity and dementia and the bring-on-the-apocalypse fanaticism of his Christian puppet-masters, Earth will in all probability be reduced to a bug planet long before the sun rises on what would have been 1 January 2020.

And given the unspeakable magnitude of the Evil arrayed against us -- given, I say again, the divine omnipotence awarded that Evil by its absolute mastery of technology -- there is not one motherfucking thing we can do to successfully resist what obtains, much less reverse it.

Even so, we can certainly work locally in collective survival efforts -- as I surely intend to continue doing for as long as I am able.

But from tonight forward, beginning on this the darkest and most ominous Winter Solstice midnight ever -- a darkness so bottomlessly black no waxing sun can never again banish it -- we should always remain mindful of three facts: that the whole of patriarchy, which was propagated by talking snakes and fiery wheels and burning bushes about 5,000 years ago, is naught but our species' terminal epoch of murder, rape, enslavement and other forms of subjugation; that in times such as these, when (as has been the case throughout most of the patriarchal centuries), We the People are reduced, as we are now, to the status of a despised and conquered enemy, survival itself is a revolutionary act; and that given the technology-enabled omnipotence of our morally imbecilic masters, we are as powerless as the slaves on the antebellum plantations that financed the rise of USian Capitalism.

All of which means any notion of real revolution (such as occurred in Russia on 8 November 1917) is -- I say once more (for it cannot be repeated too often) -- nothing more than suicidal grandiosity. We can each help one other as best we can, but this high-tech Ayn Rand prison in which our species is now eternally confined is escapable only by death.

That said, I thank you, Sioux, for the complements on my reportage and writing. There was a time, when I was much younger and stupidly ignorant of Evil's omnipotence, I believed such skills might help others achieve better lives. Now of course I know better. At best I preach only to the choir. In the greater scheme of things, my words and pictures are therefore of no more significance than a squashed bug on the windshield of one of our overlords' limousines. But such work nevertheless keeps me in good conscience and distracts me from the sense of utter futility that comes from knowing Evil has eternally triumphed.

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