Neoliberalism Kills the Planet to Kill the 99 Percent: SitRep #3
SitRep #5: Life and Death Under Neo-Confederate Barbarism

SitRep #4: Revelations of Our Masters' Relentless Malevolence

(With socioeconomic and environmental Apocalypse undeniably upon us, there is only one possible reason the One Percenters and their minions sabotage our every effort to cope with the crisis: they are exploiting it to maximize their wealth and power. Already they've reshaped human society to perpetuate their omnipotence, with serfdom and slavery for the few who survive their Final Solutions.  Such is shock-doctrine Neoliberalism – the ideology designed to serve  them even better in a post-apocalyptic future. To view their plans for the 99 Percent, visit a camp of homeless people -- and honor the dwellers therein as involuntary prophets of our probable  fate -- if indeed there is any human future at all. ) 


Sampling the Indications, 25-31 March 2019

Our weekly dystopian digest of indisputable proof the One Percent is weaponizing both the economic crisis and the climate crisis to restructure all human society into Neoliberal utopia -- absolute power for the One Percenters, extermination of all "surplus" 99 Percenters, hereditary (inescapable) serfdom and slavery for the survivors --  a conclusion hitherto so taboo only one other English-language writer has dared suggest it. (Note: capitalization in the following is as in the original texts.)


Lead Stories: My Top Three Picks for the Most Revealing Works of the Week

Russiagate Implodes, Pleasing Trump But Leaving the Left in the Cold 

Freedom Rider: Julian Assange and Robert Mueller

Drown Sanders and Strangle Self-determination: What the Rich Will Do to Stay in Power


Environment as the Final Macrocosm of Selfhood
In an ultimate, literally suicidal spasm of misogyny, the Capitalists abuse our Mother Earth as if she were just another of their battered women or perhaps merely a stray female dog they like to kick and pelt with stones. But abused dogs eventually bite, and Mother Earth always bites last.  

Trump's Pick to Head Interior Blocked Report Warning of Pesticide Risk to 1,000+ Endangered Species

EarthRx: The Irish Potato Famine Was Caused By Capitalism, Not A Fungus

Bengal Famine Caused by Winston Churchill's Policies, Not Drought, Study Confirms

The Coldest Spot on Earth, Melting

Climate Change Could Push Tropical Diseases to Alaska, According to a New Study

The Worst Disease Ever Recorded
What terrifies me about this one is its CBR potential (which for the uninitiated is the military acronym for Chemical, Biological and Radiological Warfare). To see what's so scary, focus for a moment on a broader socioeconomic picture: reflect on the genocidal threat implicit in damning chronically unemployed people as  "surplus workers"; note the fact all U.S. academia is now a vassalage of the One Percent; then refocus  on the fact a One Percenter academic is urging a 90 percent reduction in our species' global population, which tells us the the One Percenters' scientists are already contemplating how to achieve that Final Solution in a way that leaves their benefactors not only blameless but possessed of truly unprecedented power over the mass of survivors. Now return to  what might be done with hybridizing this fungus and the unspeakable depth of horror lurking therein. Immunization? Absolutely -- with the shot so deliberately expensive only the One Percenters and their minions could afford it. Why else are we being stripped of our healthcare just as we are entering an era in which we will undoubtedly need it more than ever?  


As the Owners of Their God Command

Brunei Brings in Death by Stoning as Punishment for Gay Sex

Brunei to Punish Gay Sex with Death by Stoning, Even for Kids | David Gee | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Comprehensive Sex Ed Bill Still up in the Air - Slog - The Stranger
Again what Jeff Sharlet  describes as "the secret fundamentalism at the heart of American power"  -- this fight was raging in Washington state when I covered the legislature (1977-1980) and is another issue that thanks to Christian fanaticism will not be settled save by revolution. Why are Christians taught to reject sexual pleasure as sinful? Because the realm of such pleasure is a realm in which female biology is undeniably supreme -- a revolutionary truth the patriarchy will do literally anything to suppress.  .

Women's Rights: Trial Casts Light on Hardline Approach in Saudi Arabia

New TN Schools Leasing Space from Catholic Church Agreed to a Morality Clause 

Damascus High School officials waited to tell police about hazing and sexual assault allegations
At first I could not decide whether to post this report under "As Their God" or "As They Do," but finally chose the former because the sexist guilt, homophobic hatefulness and the particularly vindictive self-protective instinct so demonstrated originates with Abrahamic religion and is therefore demonstrably the same in every Ruling Class institution whether corporate, governmental, educational or religious.


And As They Therefore Do unto Us All
Miscellaneous examples of purposeful oppression and methodically inflicted wretchedness.

The Strange Tale of the FBI’s Fictional “Black Identity Extremism” Movement

The Rise of Tent Encampments Is Changing the Face of American Homelessness

Trans Migrant Women in ICE Detention Allegedly Asked to Perform Sexual Favors in Exchange for Food

Chicago Police Are Notorious Liars, So Why Trust Them on Smollett?

Montana Senate Betrays Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

In Seattle, school segregation is actually getting worse

US detaining immigrants under highway overpass in Texas amid renewed crackdown

The US Is Holding Hundreds of Shivering Immigrants in a Pen Underneath a Texas Bridge

Alleged New Zealand Mosque Gunman Linked to Far-Right Group Backed by Steve King

7-Year-Old Jakelin Caal Maquin Died from Sepsis, Medical Examiners Say

19-Year-Old Omarian Banks Shot After Knocking on Wrong Door

The Real College Admissions Scandal

Trump-Appointed Board Proposes Major Blow to Air and Rail Unions

There's Plenty Of Wealth To Go Around — It Just Doesn't

Even for the West Bank, This Is a Shocking Story


Betting on the Bomb whilst Diddling with Its Thermonuclear Trigger

Xi Jinping tours Europe amid growing divisions between America and EU

Russia Throws Down The Gauntlet To US On Venezuela
Once again, our Capitalist overlords' plans for global conquests -- once again their "we-have-to-destroy-it-to-save-it" mentality -- threaten human survival.

On NATO’s 70th Anniversary Important to Remember Its Anti-democratic Roots

Israel's Influence In Washington – 2019 Edition

Trump's Support Of Israel's Annexation Of The Golan

Venezuela Deploys Advanced S-300VM Missile Systems To Protect Capital Amid Growing U.S. Threats

Trump Admin Gives OK to Sell Nuclear Tech to Saudis


On Media and Its Messages  
As I myself can surely attest, all reporters accidentally make factual errors, which most of us correct as soon as possible.   But the factual errors of the wealthiest few -- those reporters most faithful to our socioeconomic masters -- are seldom corrected because they are seldom accidents. 

Here’s What Was Happening While Everyone Was Talking About Mueller
Scandal is always the most seductive distraction.

Outrage grows over leaked government database targeting journalists, activists at US-Mexico border

Consortium News’ Record on Russia-gate—How CN Covered the ‘Scandal’: No. 3—‘The Tangled Threads of Russia-gate’

Russiagate and the 1980s Crack Epidemic

The Growing Threat of Online-Bred Right-Wing Extremist

Pathological Deceit: The NYT Inverts Reality On Venezuela's Cuban Doctors

The Real Working Class Is Invisible to the Media

Republican Party Says It Will Personally Target Reporters Critical of Trump

Man used as proof that ‘Seattle Is Dying’ tells his story


Forcible Civilian Disarmament Is the Shock Doctrine in Action How the One Percent is achieving its long-intended disarmament of the 99 Percent by convincing us the only response to the skyrocketing threat of ChristoNazi violence is to throw down our firearms and run -- that is, to embrace a tyrant's dose of mandatory pacifism and compulsory victimhood.   

After fascist afttack, New Zealand government enacts gun control measures

A Closer Look at New Zealand’s Recent Gun Ban


Firefly Glimmers at the Edge of Night
Reassuring evidence genuine resistance is not (yet) entirely futile.

The Day the Dinosaurs Died
An encounter with the twin truths -- scientific and emotional -- of mass extinction.

Ocasio-Cortez Tells Small Donors to Give Directly to Candidates Instead of DCCC

Building Movements Through a Black, Queer, Feminist Lens

After Catholic Mom’s (Anti-) Leggings Rant, Notre Dame Students Wear Them in Protest
Parenthetical added to emphasize the "Mom's" Christian misogyny and anti-sex hatefulness.


Parting Thought
To destroy a movement, just order the Mainstream Media Propaganda Machine to popularize it -- exactly as was done to kill the Countercultural Rebellion of the 1960s and  early 1970s. 

LB/31 March 2019






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