Demand Progress: Another Example of Deliberate Deception
A People So Fanatically Self-Centered, Solidarity Is for Never

Ten Reports That Exemplify Our Intensifying Wretchedness

(Which I Re-Post Here in Hope They'll Help Shape Our Responses)

AGAIN, THOUGH I had not planned on writing anything  more in this space for probably another month, some breaking stories demand attention well beyond the aggrieved but fleeting glances by which we now routinely (and often suicidally) try to defend ourselves against the horrors they expound.

Why pay these disturbing reports additional heed? 

Because most come from the alternative press, which means they received little or no coverage in the so-called "mainstream press" owned and operated by our overlords, the privately-owned for-profit successor to Josef Goebbels' Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda that now peddles the Big Lies, disinformation and maliciously manufactured confusion central to the USian Empire's Neoliberal agenda of suppression, conquest and enslavement.

And because the reports featured here are what they are,  there is always a chance -- never mind ours is the most rationally hopeless of all human epochs -- of someone finding ideas therein for activism that might ameliorate the horrors our masters are bringing down upon us all.  

Sea 'Boiling' With Methane Discovered in Siberia: 'No One Has Ever Recorded Anything Like This Before'
Researchers on an expedition to the East Siberian Sea said the "methane fountain" was unlike anything they had seen before, with concentrations of the gas in the region to be six to seven times higher than the global average.  Observation: This is the newest report on the bobsled-speed with which terminal climate change is intensifying. Meanwhile our Neoliberal overlords are obviously escalating their efforts to weaponize the Apocalypse and thereby exterminate 90 to 95 percent of the 99 Percent and permanently enslave the survivors.

This report, brought to us by Reader Supported News, also exemplifies the sorts of information we are routinely denied by the Imperial USian censorship and brain-warping apparatus, the most ruinously effective such program in all human experience -- which is precisely why we should be doing everything in our power to preserve RSN, the censorship-nullifying source of so many vital stories. PLEASE therefore contribute to help RSN continue providing the most relevant summary of vital news available on the English-language Internet.  

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Hit New Highs Again in US
More than 1.7 million cases of chlamydia  were reported last year. The infection rate rose 3% from 2017. It’s the most ever reported in a year...About 580,000 gonorrhea cases were reported. That’s the highest number since 1991. The rate rose 5%. Scientists worry antibiotic resistance may be a factor. And the syphilis rate rose 15%. About 35,000 cases of the most contagious forms of the disease were reported — also the most since 1991. Factual Observation: These disasters are entirely the fault of the Fundamentalist Christians and their diabolical, intentionally murderous campaign to abolish sex education as well as all public health and reproductive care. Indeed their Prosperity Gospel Jesus is fast becoming humanity's most deadly enemy.

White College Kids Burn Latina Author’s Book After She Discusses White Privilege
But while some students at the Statesboro, Ga., school expressed disgust and shame, others defended the actions. Note: Do not dismiss this atrocity as "just the South"; uncontested brain-warping by Neoliberalism has made such neo-Confederate bigotry the defining characteristic of nearly all the USian interior states (in addition, of course, to all the original state perpe-traitors of secession).

War on Plastic Waste Faces Setback as Cost of Recycled Material Soars
For years the cost of making plastic products from recycled flakes was cheaper than relying on virgin plastics made using fossil fuels, meaning the sustainable option was an economic option too. plastic is becoming cheaper to make due to a flood of petrochemicals production from the US driven by the shale gas boom. Note how this deliberately ecocidal trend is imposed on the world by -- what else -- the USian Empire (which by any accurate accounting is by far the most deliberately ecogenocidal empire that ever murdered and enslaved our kinfolk and otherwise infested our probably doomed plane).   

Wildfires and Forced Blackouts Lead to Multiple Deaths in California
The past week of events in California underscores the complete bankruptcy of the entire capitalist system, which subordinates every aspect of life—including the most basic needs of the population such as electricity—to the profit interests of the financial aristocracy. With all control over this vital resource left in the hands of the executives of the utility monopolies, Californians are offered the miserable choice: burn to death in wildfires or die prematurely when forced blackouts power down your ventilator or cause you to get into a car crash from the lack of stoplights. In a scene reminiscent of the French aristocracy at Versailles on the eve of the Great French Revolution, on the day of the public announcement that the mass shutoffs would go forward, PG&E staged a party for their top clients at a Sonoma County winery. Observation: The California wildfire crisis is a bitingly accurate summation of our true circumstances under Capitalism -- doomed no matter what we do or don't do, and so damned for as long as we indulge ourselves by remaining subjugated beneath the iron heels of the Neoliberal/ChristoNazi jackboot.   

Just 100 Companies Will Sign Humanity’s Death Warrant
Basically, a tiny number of sociopaths make the decisions that are currently dooming us all, and as much as I’d like to tell you otherwise, those people don’t even notice if we all march outside in colorful hats...Point is, the only protests that create change are those that interrupt the flow of business, because these corporations will not give up easily. Too much profit rests in the balance for them to stop their prolonged execution of the human race. Observation: And yet there are still those ignorant multitudes so willfully deluded they cannot accept the ever-more-obvious truth the One Percenters are methodically weaponizing  terminal climate change to facilitate the imposition of the aristos' own ecogenocidal Neoliberal World Order -- the organizational model of which is the antebellum slave plantation expanded to worldwide magnitude.   

Trump Asserts Unchecked Presidential Powers
In the wake of the eight-page letter sent Tuesday evening by the White House to the House of Representatives declaring the Trump administration’s defiance of the impeachment inquiry, the president and his attorneys are elaborating a theory of unchecked executive authority, a presidential dictatorship in all but name.  Comment: But most USians will cravenly ignore this warning just as -- methodically stupefied cowards they are -- they have ignored an infinity of equally urgent warnings dating all the way back to 22 November 1963.

Trump’s Spiritual Adviser: ‘to Say No to Trump Would Be Saying No to God’
Pastor White (also) says she was ordered by God to serve President Trump. See also: Ralph Reed: Christians Have a “Moral Obligation” to Support Donald Trump in 2020  Relevance: Each of these reports exemplify the theocratic horrors our Neoliberal slavemasters are methodically imposing.

US Supreme Court Term Begins with New Threats to Democratic Rights
Last Monday, the Supreme Court of the United States began its 2019-2020 term. The court is slated to hear cases involving a number of democratic and civil rights issues, including the separation of church and state, the right to abortion, equal employment for homosexual and transgender persons, the rights of immigrants and those defending them from state repression, and the rights of criminal defendants. Comment: Thus the Robbers' Court begins its long-planned effort to murder the final remnants of USia's pseudo-democracy. The only remaining question is how long it will be before the Regime begins its Gestapo-type mass arrest and extermination of all us in the 99 Percent, we the people of color, we the people of anti-patriarchal sexuality and all the rest of us including the few Caucasians whose values are anywhere to the Left of the ChristoNazis' saint, martyr and hero Adolf Hitler. 


But Don't Be Deluded by a Tiny Taste of Seemingly Uplifting Stories:

MORE SPECIFICALLY, please don't forget the fact there can be no victory -- not in this winner-take-all fight to save our Mother Earth and our species -- until those Capitalists and Abrahamic fanatics who are now obviously the sworn enemies of all known forms of Earthly life are permanently removed from power and stripped of all influence.  Nevertheless:

Native Protectors at Wash. State Capitol Square Off with Riot Police and Stay Put
Members of the group Protectors of the Salish Sea, founded and led by Paul Chiyokten Wagner of the Saanich Nation, have kept a 24-hour vigil on the steps of the capitol building since September 24. They say they’ll stay until Gov. Jay Inslee meets their four demands, which include issuing an executive order terminating all fossil fuel expansion projects in the state. Observation: After unsuccessfully presenting himself as the Democratic (sic) Party's "environmental" presidential candidate, Inslee shows his true Neoliberal malevolence.  

Sara Nelson Is the Face of America's Resurgent Labor Movement
“Almost a million workers are locked out or being forced to work without pay. Others are going to work when our workspace is increasingly unsafe,” Nelson said. “What is the Labor Movement waiting for?” Comment: Hear, hear!

Crimeans Tell The Real Story Of The 2014 Referendum And Their Lives Since
In the case of Crimea, joining Russia (or actually rejoining, as most I spoke to in Crimea phrased it) was something people overwhelmingly supported. In the case of the Donbass region, the turmoil of Ukraine’s Maidan coup in 2014 set things in motion for the people in the region to declare independence and form the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics. Description: A factual antidote to ChristoNazi, Nazi and fascist Big Lies.

California City Gave People $500 A Month, No Strings; Here’s What Happened
Since February, the city has given $500 a month, no strings attached, to 125 residents, all of whom live at or below the city’s median income level of about $46,000. It’s a form of universal basic income (UBI): the idea that people receive regular payments, which they are free to spend however they wish. Encouraging: hence please read in full.. 


And Let Us Never Forget the (Swiftly Vanished) Truths of Our History:

HERE IS ANOTHER brief compendium of vital facts maliciously suppressed in the name of the Ayn Rand moral imbecility that is the heart of Neoliberalism and its relentless war against all things human:

“Intersectional Before It Was Cool”: The Women’s Movement Under State Socialism
The erasure of East European women’s activism—together with that of the activism of their socialist allies in the Global South—happened both because the East collapsed and because the West declared victory and could subsequently control and direct the historical narrative.

Repercussions of Child Kidnapping in Argentina’s Dirty War
“If you have doubts about your identity, contact Las Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo.” So read billboards across today’s Argentina, where thousands of people were “disappeared” between 1976 and 1983 during the brutal military dictatorship’s Dirty War.


AS I HAVE done every year since I became aware of changing seasons, I embrace the advent of cooler autumn weather -- of which (if indeed it presents the anticipated seasonal display of Mother Nature's painterly expertise at deciduous color), I will surely share a photographic glimpse or two via this website. 

Meanwhile may all of us stay as healthy as we are able. 

LB/16 October 2019




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