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Bloomberg: Hoplophobic Juggernaut as Presidential Tsunami

(For those unfamiliar with the Classical Greek-based term, a hoplophobe is what the late Jeff Cooper, a world-renown firearms and self-defense expert, came up with as an apt, more easily headlined synonym for "forcible-disarmament fanatic" -- a creature so hateful s/he is leaving us utterly defenseless in face of the accelerating apocalypse.) 


I SUBMITTED THE following analysis to the comment threads of two Reader Supported News reports,  never mind its conclusions should be slap-ourselves-on-the-forehead obvious to any USian in whom random chance has retained the abilities to unplug brain from cellphone  and see beyond the serial mind-warping perpetrated by the Mainstream Media Propaganda Machine (MMPM). 

Alas, in this instance it seems we've also got to transcend the conflicting-obligations silence of so-called "progressive" media as well -- a silence as understandable as it is intolerable once we focus on the seemingly unbridgeable gap that (again seemingly) separates the forcible-disarmament fanatics from the white-supremacist goons, never mind each are willing servants of the most diabolically cunning Ruling Class in all human experience. 

Even so, merging the two groups is impossible,  no?

But wait! What if Bloomberg loudly promises the FDFs he'll disarm the WSGs with prohibitively expensive fees and taxes -- exactly the mechanism Bloomberg-seduced voters imposed on Tacoma and Seattle -- even as he whispers and dog-whistles to the WSGs the licenses will be issued by Homeland Security, thereby not only guaranteeing the WSGs will remain armed but -- dog whistle again -- guaranteeing only the "right people" get licensed.  Thus -- an absolute certainty given the never-equaled skill of his private Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda -- he gets the votes of both groups,  just as Trump (like Hitler before him), did with other seemingly opposed factions of voters. 

Likewise with women: the overwhelming female support for forcible civilian disarmament bridges the hitherto impassable gap between advocates of legal abortion and their (soon-to-be-100-percent-victorious) anti-abortion adversaries. Plus there's the fact that once abortion is federally outlawed --  as the Robber Court apparently intends to rule well before the election -- that issue will be moot, thus allowing even the hardest-core anti-abortionists to happily vote for a forcible-disarmament Neoliberal (fascist) Democrat.

Thus I urge those who doubt this sort of thing could happen to familiarize themselves with the landslide votes Bloomberg's ban-the-gun propaganda machine  agitates into action everywhere he turns it loose. 

And it would certainly be interesting to know what percentage of Virginia's vengefully anti-gunowner Democrats are also members of one or both branches of the Bloomberg machine, Everytown (for forcible disarmament) and Moms Demand (a nationwide ban on civilian firearms ownership).    

In any case these are the considerations that prompted me to forward the first section of this analysis to selected Dispatches readers; they are also why I am re-publishing it and its subsequent elaborations here. 

I do so  because I who have correctly called every U.S. presidential election  since 1952 --  including Trump's victory  as probable -- am terribly afraid  Bloomberg cannot be beaten: that the literally unstoppable forcible-disarmament machine he's built with his obscenely bottomless wealth is also a proving ground for his presidential campaign, each a scoop-the-world example of the malevolence and cunning by which our Masters are hell-bent on  reducing us to inescapable serfdom and slavery,

Indeed it seems to me only an ignoramus would not recognize the terrifying revelation implicit in the endless triumphs of Bloomberg's already relentlessly successful campaign to eventually outlaw firearms ownership by any civilian not not wealthy enough to be licensed by the federal government.

What Bloomberg proves beyond question -- most importantly to his Ruling Class peers (including those who will never relinquish ownership of the so-called "Democratic" [sic] Party) -- is that he can do the hitherto impossible: seducing a people legendary for our skill-at arms into giving up the very tools we will need most desperately if we are to have even the most microscopic  chance of surviving our Overlords' ecogenocidal agenda.

That hitherto-inconceivable victory also proves Bloomberg has already assembled a psychological-warfare-minded propaganda team that literally has no equal in our national experience and therefore cannot ever be beaten --  an asset so formidably toxic in its venomous hybrid of Neoliberal moral imbecility and Machiavellian despotism, I cannot doubt it's the real reason Bloomberg has been so anointed by the Democrats' leadership, the perfect Obama/Clinton/Schumer/(McConnell)/Pelosi tyrant-to-be.

My apology for the seeming repetitiveness in parts of the following, unavoidable because each of these four entries were published as separate successive posts, the first three in response to "Bloomberg's Right-Wing Views on Foreign Policy Make Him a Perfect Candidate for the Republican Nomination" (exactly as Hillary's identical views made her the only possible candidate for the Democratic [sic] nomination in 2016): 

The Democrats despise firearms owners with the same venomous contempt the Republicans reserve for women who favor birth control and legal abortion.

Hence from our Overlords' perspective, Bloomberg's candidacy is perfect. It not only stops Sanders and Warren but robs us forever of our ability to defend ourselves against criminals. It also avoids the ignominy of assassination and electoral theft. And it enthrones a Machiavellian tyrant who – employing a variant of the “flying-club” deception Hitler used to build his Luftwaffe – has built an unstoppable presidential campaign from his endlessly victorious war against legal firearms owners.

Bloomberg’s victory is thus assured. He's got the unconditional support of Moron Nation’s forcible-disarmament fanatics, a huge majority that -- thanks to the same submissive ignorance and aggressive malice that fuels their anti-abortion counterparts – regard him as their savior. He’ll likewise take the youth vote.

In fact his psy-war experts have already done the allegedly impossible: they’ve seduced us into self-disarmament even as we face both a ChristoNazi uprising and the deadliest apocalypse ever. Very soon we’ll be denied all weapons; in Bloomberg’s NYC, even archery is prohibited.

Thus he is our Masters’ choice to finish the Neoliberal project of reducing us all to mandatory pacifism and compulsory victimhood, the last step to serfdom and slavery.


And Moron Nation's moronic majority will embrace every one of Bloomberg's malicious deceptions, thereby propelling him into the White House by a landslide.

Moreover he can (and no doubt will) – with flip-of-a-switch ease – turn his unstoppable anti-gunowner machines "Everytown" and "Moms Demand" into an equally unstoppable presidential steamroller.

His irresistible wealth has already made each group politically omnipotent; they always win and – as every legal firearms owner now knows with dreadful certainty – cannot ever be defeated.

The two groups together are thus the most vindictively powerful political organization in the United States, certainly in the present era, probably since its beginning.

Merely Bloomberg’s ability to have transformed formerly firearms-owner-friendly Washington state into the most vengefully anti-gunowner state in the nation -- this in a span of less than three years -- proves his wealth and its mastery of propaganda is unbeatable.


Nor do I believe the Mainstream Media Propaganda Machine's claim Bloomberg’s is a new or recent decision.

Look at it analytically -- something We the People have obviously been robbed of the ability to do -- and it becomes clear Bloomberg's entire forcible disarmament campaign thus far was at least partially intended to perfect his presidential campaign.

Which -- given the unprecedented mastery of propaganda that grants him 100-percent success at the former -- means he'll be equally successful at the latter.

Indeed his forcible disarmament campaign has already mobilized (and stolen) the youth vote on which the Sanders and Warren campaigns were depending.

History proves that in a nation methodically stripped of learning and logic, there is no defense against the closed-mindedness of induced ignorance, whether amongst youth, seniors or anyone in between. Hence Moron Nation's infinite malleability.

Hence too -- given Bloomberg's effectively limitless wealth -- his ability to exploit that malleability however he chooses.

Wake up, people. An electorate so easily hypnotized into self-imposed forcible disarmament -- which in the face of ongoing ChristoNazi attacks and the looming ecogenocidal apocalypse is a stunningly suicidal act of surrender -- has already proven itself fanatically submissive to whatever Bloomberg serves us in his test-perfected propaganda.

Note also  Bloomberg's demonstrably  worse-than-Trump's racism -- the quality that (despite his hatefully aggressive hoplophobia) -- insures he'll get the white male majority vote (just as his endlessly victorious war on legal firearms owners insures he'll get the vast majority of the female vote, people of color included).


I posted this last entry to "Michael Bloomberg, Presidential Candidate, Just Killed the Bloomberg News Agency." I hardly need note this is precisely the behavior one would expect from the Goebbels-class propagandist Bloomberg has proven himself to be:

Now that Bloomberg has joined his news-mongers to the Democratic (sic) Party propaganda team, what is to keep him from doing as I predict: transforming the unstoppable steamroller of his forcible-disarm ament machine into an unbeatable presidential campaign?

Strategically and tactically it is his next logical move; his unbroken string of “impossible” victories already proves there is nothing capable of thwarting the combined might of Everytown and Moms Demand.

There is literally no defense against them; together they are the most powerful Ruling-Class political machine in U.S. history.

Hence we-the-people suicidally embrace mandatory pacifism and compulsory victimhood just as we face the greatest-threat -ever to our species’ survival.

Obviously Bloomberg with his bottomless wealth has Powell-Memo’d us to unsurvivable stupidity.

Moreover, as dozens of polls confirm, forcible civilian disarmament is now the “progressive” Holy-of-Hollies -- infinitely more compelling than universal healthcare – and thus utterly sacrosanct as well.

That’s why no "progressive" or MSM news outlet will ever acknowledge Bloomberg’s psy-war hegemony – much less the Machiavellian cunning by which he has co-opted the “progressives” and positioned the moronic-majority vote for easy capture,

“Vote Bloomberg Ban ALL Guns”: undoubtedly his focus-groups are already refining it to Everytown/Moms omnipotence.


AND AS I WOULD have explained had I not already used up RSN's 1500-character-per-post limit (a restriction I endorse because it compels me to write a post with the same verbal economy I necessarily employed as an editor and reporter), my variegated career in writing and photography included enough Madison Avenue madness I recognize (1) -- that Bloomberg has truly done the hitherto un-do-able; (2) -- the breathtakingly rare and almost inconceivably expensive mustering and managing of talent such a victory requires; and (3) -- the infinitely bitter fact there is no possible way we on the Left, even real and pseudo combined, could raise sufficient funds to beat him. 

Then there is the far more personally and acutely bitter fact a Bloomberg presidency and the prohibitively expensive confiscatory federal gun-license fees and taxes he and his supporters intend to impose would not only disarm me -- a former competitive shooter, schooled in firearms since infancy, a gun owner myself since my ninth Christmas (and now as I approach my 80th birthday still practiced and reasonably skillful with firearms long and short) -- but it would condemn me to a far greater probability of being murdered by some robber, burglar or ChristoNazi thug than of being killed by the congestive heart failure that is easing me ever-so-slowly toward some as-yet-unspecified graveyard run by environmentally mindful cemetarians, those who'd extend my mortal usefulness by reducing my remains to fertilizer, presumably as encouraging to the growth of plants as once I encouraged the expansion of human consciousness. 

(The above is not, by the way, the new direction I had intended to take Dispatches. But when a big story breaks, and I think I've got a scoop-the-world angle on it, I guess I'm as much a journalist now as I was 63 years ago, a high-school stringer writing sports for a daily newspaper and nailing down my first Exclusive.)    

LB/29 November 2019



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