Coronavirus Dispatches: 15 April 2020

Coronavirus Dispatches: 16 April 2020


Reliable anthologies of pandemic reports (scroll each site for whatever "un-curated" news you deem relevant):

Virus Outbreak
Updated constantly by the Associated Press.

Black Agenda Report
Updated regularly. In my opinion, the best, most informative, most relevant political website on the U.S. Internet. 

RT - Breaking news, shows, podcasts
Democratic (sic) Party Big Lies and Republican censorship not withstanding, this site provides what is often the most truthful reporting available to us in the United States. Updated often.

TASS Russian News Agency
Just as Propagandamaster Bezos' WaPo gives us the Predatory Plutocrats' perspective, so does this site -- formerly Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union (Телегра́фное аге́нтство Сове́тского Сою́за, Telegrafnoye agentstvo Sovetskogo Soyuza) -- give us, in English,  the often-radically different Russian government's perspective. (It's history, dating from 1904, makes interesting reading for mediaphyles.) Updated often.

Ditto for the news agency of the People's Republic of China. Xinhua's reports are regularly updated and its history is here.

Coronavirus Updates from The Washington Post
Probably  useful material that's listed last because -- as applies to anything originating from  Propagandamaster Bezos's domain -- we should never forget how he protects himself and his fellow predatory plutocrats with vindictive self-censorship1 and warmongering lies.

Additional indications of the pandemic's true magnitude and consequences:

Total System Failure Will Give Rise To New Economy
Wishful thinking that's nonetheless relevant.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos cashes in on coronavirus pandemic, adding $24 billion to his fortune
This as Social Security recipients are seemingly not getting any of the bail-out money that our lying Masters -- sorry for the redundancy --  promised us by yesterday and will apparently not arrive today either. (DISCLOSURE: there's no direct-deposit bailout for me, nor is there for any direct-deposit Social Security recipient I know. Is the bailout yet another Big Lie? Given the federal government's 57-year penchant for lying to everybody but its Wall-Street/bankster owners, who can say? As for me, I'm assuming the censored truth is there will be no "bailout" money for me or anyone else on a Social Security pension -- though it would surely have helped with the runaway inflation history suggests will soon finish the destruction of Capitalist society begun by COVID-19.) Stay posted; if the money ever shows up I'll surely let you know. Meanwhile welcome to the murderously sadistic Empire our cousins-of-color and impoverished white kinfolk have known all their wretched lifetimes.

Trump Treasury tells banks they can seize your $1,200 check
The Neoliberals giveth then promptly steal it away.

Amid Coronavirus Pandemic, ICE Has Life-or-Death Power to Release Detainees

Trump threatens to adjourn Congress to get his nominees but likely would be impeded by Senate rules

Murals transform boarded-up storefronts amid stay-home order
Held over because of its indication the Neoliberal economy's austerity-inflicted COVID-19 collapse will last a helluva lot longer than our Masters are telling us.

Other pandemic-related indications and/or questions:

The Normal Economy Is Never Coming Back
COVID-19 is now acknowledged as having flung human society into "the steepest freefall ever." (Held over for relevance.)

The impact of the pandemic on childcare in the US: A social catastrophe affecting generations
Held over for relevance.

Censorship and disinformation (includes countermeasures):

Is The Coronavirus ‘Peak’ A Mirage? - PopularResistance.Org

Forcible disarmament (includes countermeasures):

ATF OK’s Drive Thru Gun Sales

Especially for Washingtonians:

Combating COVID-19 in WA will be phased out, but no timetable 

Live Update: Coronavirus developments in Washington state 

Thousands join virtual education camp run by Gig Harbor moms during pandemic
Held over for obvious reasons.

Decline to sign R-90!
Held over for obvious reasons.

An expression of solidarity I hope we all endorse:

Sign on: Thank a nurse for their service | National Nurses United
Held over for obvious reasons.

Also worth reading:

Tinker, Tailor, Mobster, Trump
Is the President a Deep-State confidential informant? If so, are his ecogenocidal policies then an accurate reflection of our real Masters' true intent? Held over for its weekend-reading potential. With thanks to Sioux Rose for the link -- and my apology for neglecting to credit her when I first posted this yesterday.

The Normal Economy Is Never Coming Back
COVID-19 is now acknowledged as having flung human society into "the steepest freefall ever." Held over.

Decades of Science Denial Related to Climate Change Has Led to Denial of the Coronavirus Pandemic 

A Family’s Fetid Week With Coronavirus
Held over because it  is the most outspoken, most emotionally honest, most implicitly life-supportive and by far the best reporting I have read in many years. Indeed, Reyhan Harmanci is a writer whose talent I'd have recognized with a full-time general-assignment staff-job (way, way) back when "editor" was the key part of my job-title. (For more of her work, click on her "Family's Fetid Week" byline.)

Important stuff to bear in mind:
(All of which helps us understand more about what the PluPreds are doing to us now and what they might intend to do to us in the future.)

Flashback: US Army Has Admitted to Conducting 100s of Germ Warfare Tests On Americans
Sometime soon I'll wrestle my self-contempt down to the point of being able to confess how I twice had the story of one of these deadly atrocities but was "too incompetent at sales" -- (undoubtedly the most career-destroying insult with which one USian professional might belittle another) -- to convince my editors to run it. Held over because these germ-warfare tests tell us precisely what our Masters think of us and what sort of a rat-lab nation we are thus cursed to inhabit.

‘Collateral Murder’ and the My Lai Massacre
Vital to understanding why the U.S. government's response to the deadly Covid-19 pandemic is genocidal rather than protective

Goldman Sachs warns that curing patients may not be 'sustainable'
Outright acknowledgment from the deadliest Neoliberal predators that curing disease is bad for profits.

Average U.S. Citizens Have “Little Or No” Influence On Government Policy
Another "old" report given new relevance by what's being done to us today.

The Truth About the United States' "Continuity of Government" Plans & The Coronavirus Perfect Storm
Scroll down to the 12th graf to learn how at least eight million U.S. citizens are on the PPs' enemies lists and will be disappeared.

Military, Trump administration ready plans for domestic crackdown as virus spreads across US
From the report: "'a senior military planner working on coronavirus but not authorized to speak on sensitive planning matters [...] says that deployment of federal troops in support roles is being prepared,' including to conduct traffic stops, home searches and seizures and arrests." Scroll to Footnote2 to learn what atrocities could thus be inflicted on us.

Avenger Planet: Is the Covid-19 Pandemic Mother Nature's Response to Human Transgression?
Excellent question -- though as a (solitary-practice) Gaian Pagan, I would cite the scientific hypothesis that bears the Earth Goddess' name and answer "almost certainly yes."  (One of the innumerable reasons the ChristoNazis so despise us is the majority of our beliefs are based on science -- the ultimate terminator of all patriarchal religion.) 

Useful references:
(No snake-oil sales or medicine-show huckstering allowed.)

How to Make a DIY Mask From a T-Shirt or Bandanna
New; hopefully useful; have not tried it myself.

What you should know about DIY masks and ventilators
From National Geographic.

CARES Act Pandemic Unemployment Assistance for Freelancers
Useful, potentially lifesaving economic information. (Disclosure: I am a longtime National Writers Union member and co-chaired one of their local writers' workshops c. 2009-2011.)  

COVID-19 Relief by industry

Parents On Childcare And Challenges In Coronavirus Isolation

How to wash your hands to prevent coronavirus — because you're probably doing it wrong

Loss of smell, taste, might signal pandemic virus infection

Tests show new virus lives on some surfaces for up to 3 days

How to clean the bundle of germs that is your phone

Food Safety and Coronavirus: A Comprehensive Guide 

How to Properly Make Sanitizers from Household Ingredients

Handling mail amid coronavirus: Low risk but wash your hands
My practice is to assume everything from outside is potentially contaminated, hence I wash my hands thoroughly after handling any incoming packages and sanitize any surface upon which they might have rested or been unwrapped.


1As to what prompts my sudden skepticism of virus coverage by The Washington Post, note how quickly Bezos or one of his zero-tolerance subordinates imposed paywall censorship on this pivotally important 20 March story (scroll down to "U.S. intelligence reports"), which for only a very few short minutes appeared as part of WaPo's  non-paywalled daily virus report.  Pretending to be real journalists rather than  the Regime's scribes -- a mental downgrading inflicted as much by the clerical drudgery necessitated by computers as by the chief Josef-Goebbels-wannabee Bezos himself -- is a form of moral imbecility I cannot abide.

2Be aware that "home searches and seizures"  could include not only confiscation of all real or potential weapons but -- given the ChristoNazi Regime's anti-marijuana fanaticism  -- confiscation of, and arrest for possession of, all the (still federally illegal) medical marijuana upon which such a huge number of opiate-denied chronic-pain victims are now forced to depend. Too -- given the Regime's even more fanatical hatred of women and female sexuality -- such raids might also be used to confiscate all birth-control devices and criminalize all unwed women who possess them, thereby fulfilling still more of the PPs' ChristoNazis objectives. Thus -- by such mass arrests -- could the Regime give its plutocratic owners the ultimate "gift" of permanently enslaving millions of U.S. citizens for brutally hard, typically deadly labor, thereby granting our Masters' wish of exterminating "surplus workers" while following the German Nazis' model of amassing unlimited profits from mass murder. 


(As always, headlines are reproduced in their original up-style and down-style formats.)



STAY HEALTHY. REMEMBER in such times as these, with our Masters targeting the entire 99 Percent for genocidal reduction, survival is not only   revolutionary defiance but the first step toward the socialist revolution that is now our species' sole path to survival.  

LB/16 April 2020 04:39 PDT



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