UPDATE: The Ultimate Question Is the Extent to Which the Ruling Class Intends to Exploit This Rebellion as It Did 9/11
How Our Neoliberal Masters Are Killing (Real) 'Stimulus'...

UPDATE II: News Reports Refute the Mandatory Optimism Cult's Claim the Nazis Lack Effective Leaders and Organization

THE RATHER FORCEFUL assertion by disciples of the cult of mandatory optimism there is no proof of nationally effective ChristoNazi/Trumpite leadership, organization and solidarity – and that we should therefore stop fearing it and its armed rabble -- is refuted by local and national news reports.

Below we have 22 states in which local media reported Nazi demonstrations obviously coordinated with the assault on the U.S. capitol, plus five more states in which local media suppressed stories of coordinated Nazi violence nevertheless reported by Associated Press.

That’s 27 states total or 27/50, which is 54 percent.

Plus based on these findings and my own 60-odd years’ professional knowledge of such matters, I’d guess local media in at least a dozen more states suppressed reports of Nazi violence due to the protective censorship imposed by chambers of commerce and/or other Ruling Class organizations as is typical in most less-urbanized states.

So 39/50 – 78 percent – is almost certainly a more accurate estimate.

Which, curiously enough, equals the percentage of the total U.S. Caucasian population proven to be incurably white-supremacist by their responses to post-Katrina polls.

As to the proof itself, firstly there is this from Associated Press: Protesters swarm Statehouses across US; some evacuated .

Next I checked the websites of local newspapers in eight cities, but found all news of the Nazi assaults – local or national – to be censored by paywalls.

Finally I settled on the following, which I assembled by reviewing the websites of at least one major local (non-FOX) TV outlet in every U.S. state capital, a tedious process that took four hours and 52 minutes  to complete:


Alaska – none locally reported



California -- https://sacramento.cbslocal.com/2021/01/06/sacramento-trump-capitol-sacramento-arrests/


Also relevant: https://ktla.com/news/california/republican-leader-of-california-senate-tweets-then-deletes-false-claim-of-antifa-leading-u-s-capitol-mob/

Colorado – none locally reported.

Connecticutt – none locally reported.

Delaware – none locally reported.


Georgia – locally suppressed; reported by AP.

Hawaii – locally suppressed; reported by AP.


Illinois – none locally reported.

Indiana – none locally reported.



Kentucky – none locally reported. This Kentucky story from a West Virginia tv news channel:

Louisiana – none locally reported.

Maine – none locally reported.

Maryland – none locally reported.

Massachusetts – none locally reported.


Minnesota – none locally reported.

Mississippi – none locally reported.

Missouri – none locally reported.

Montana – none locally reported.

Nebraska – none locally reported.

Nevada – locally suppressed; reported by AP .

New Hampshire – none locally reported.

New Jersey – none locally reportedly

New Mexicohttps://www.kob.com/new-mexico-news/armed-trump-supporters-rally-outside-roundhouse-in-santa-fe/5970329/

New York – none locally reported.

North Carolina – https://www.wral.com/a-couple-dozen-for-and-against-president-trump-exchange-words-at-nc-capitol/19460061/

North Dakota – none locally reported.

Ohio – locally suppressed; reported by AP.

Oklahoma – locally suppressed; reported by AP.


Pennsylvania – none locally reported.

Rhode Island – none locally reported.

South Carolinahttps://www.wistv.com/2021/01/06/protestors-gather-sc-statehouse-support-stop-steal-movement/

South Dakota – none locally reported.

(Complete with Nazi salutes; see photo.)


Utah https://fox17.com/news/local/tennessee-lawmakers-hold-prayer-rally-in-support-of-trump;
Also relevant: https://kutv.com/news/local/protestors-gather-at-utah-state-capitol-building

Vermont https://www.wcax.com/2021/01/06/stop-the-steal-protesters-in-montpelier-call-for-accountability/

Virginia – none locally reported.


West Virginia – none locally reported.

Wisconsin – none locally reported.


I also apologize for the use of full URLs rather than highlighted links; for a non-Nurd such as I to convert them would have added more than an hour to the preparation of this report, and in this instance I felt speed took precedence.

LB/02:32PST 7 Jan 21



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