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Did the Secret Police Just Attack Me on the Internet?

WHILE LIBRE OFFICE Writer has always been obnoxiously crash-prone, in every one of its other innumerable crashes it always restored my work.

But this time -- despite a restoration already underway -- it destroyed nearly three dozen pages of critically important work-in-progress, the Dispatches-related research notes and original writing that would have been the completion of the essays posted 28 July and 21 August:  taboo-breaking material I was shaping into a final form to be posted later tonight or early tomorrow. 

Of course I know all open-source software is essentially defenseless – that’s why it’s free – but I am forced to use such garbage because I am too impoverished to pay the increasingly prohibitive prices charged for the for-profit (and therefore properly defended) WP systems.

The destruction of this material is a nasty microcosm of the 1 September 1983 destruction of all my life's work by arson; because it somehow shut down Libre's hitherto-100-percent-reliable recovery apparatus,  I am certain this emotionally devastating setback was vindictive censorship, most likely inflicted by one of the 17 USian secret police agencies that move ever closer to absolute zero tolerance as they strengthen the invisible fences that imprison us in the open-air Auschwitz our Masters are methodically constructing from the ruined “United” (sic) States.

Thus I can only apologize for the fact it will now take me as much as another month to fulfill the promise with which I concluded the second installment of this intended three-part series.

The worst consequence of this assault – as I know all too well from other such incidents – is that rewrites under such conditions are invariably bad writing; unlike revisions that improve an extant manuscript, rewrites from memory can never even begin to approach the quality of the destroyed work.

Nevertheless I am determined to reconstruct it as best I can, with my apology for the obviously deteriorated quality of the result.

Therefore I defiantly submit this atrocity -- an example of the flick-of-the-switch destruction of legitimate criticism that increasingly defines the USian Empire's tyranny   -- as yet another proof of our Masters' embrace of worse-than-Hitler Evil that fuels and sustains their  permanent achievement of global technological omnipotence. 

Too bad Moron Nation is so incurably brain-warped, it is no longer able to recognize this ever-more-irrefutable truth. Which the rest of us  already know is  but another of the many ways our Masters -- whomever or whatever they might be -- ensure the USian 99 Percent will never again be able to muster effective resistance to subjugation by extermination and enslavement.

LB/23 September 2022



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Doro Reeves

Wow Loren, that sucks. I know what a bitch it is to re-write, without that initial inspiration. Isn't there a way for you to back up your work? There's gotta be a way to avoid this happening to you again. - Doro

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