Duke U's Capitalists Prove It's (Mostly) ChristoNazi Chaos-Seekers Who Flatulate Fake News; Thanks to Our Species' Deadliest-Ever (Failed) State, They Now Pimp Mass Extinction

image from lorenbliss.typepad.comPhotographic illustration by Loren Bliss ©1968, 1974, 2012

(One of those sudden mysterious creative  impulses prompted me during a night of darkroom work  in 1968  to contemplatively sandwich a '67 negative of Hare Krishna dancers with a '67 neg of  anti-Vietnam-War protestors; I impulsively added the moon with my photo-editor's punch in '74 while contemplating whether to print it for a Seattle gallery show, as I then did. It survived the '83 arson only because it was among the mounted prints  with me in my portfolio case. Today, I am astounded by how relevant these images remain.)


(Author's Note: because this is such a long post -- 8606 words -- I respectfully suggest
separate reading and contemplation periods  for each of the eight passages
set off by the five-asterisk dashes [*****] as complete essays.)


IRONICALLY, IT'S THE (Kapitalismus-uber-alles) Business Administration Department at (private) Duke University that has exposed our Masters'  academese-obscured, price-censored, banner-headline-caliber abstract of horrifying (real) news  soon downsized to a crisis-minimizing fourth paragraph predictably buried by the Republican Fifth Column at,which -- despite obvious attempts by the authors of each text to discourage perusal by Working-Class1 readers -- proves beyond question how and why a tiny cult of deliberately chaos-fostering fake-news perpe-traitors are intentionally destroying the already dis-United States.

It also proves our Masters' choice  of ecogenocidal psychopaths -- the potentially suicidal snot-bombers our Masters' vassals most likely sought in focus-groups and then probably recruited and paid to propagate with their Big Lies  the deceitfully named "Neoliberalism" (sic) that euphemistically hides its mutated Nazism as "Neoliberalism" (again sic't)  (each sarcastically quotation-marked sic as an entree to exposing how "Neoliberalism" (sic't once more) is now protected by a cloak of Goebbels-caliber disinformation) to conceal our Masters' thorough Nazification of "Neoliberalism" (sic) --  originally  by the secret  renewal and export of the apocalyptic ideologies of Original German Nazism and by OGN's ChristoNazi, NeoNazi and Neofascist pseudo-mutations, and thus sic't one last time in this essay. 

My point is, "Neoliberalism" is neither new or liberal; it is every bit as much deception -- and therefore yet another proof of Ruling Class malevolence --  as "change we can believe in."

Meanwhile let us never forget Neoliberalism's sources include Ayn Rand's wretchedly written fictional popularizations of the Nazi ethos, all critically damned as literary garbage that would never have been published save for Plutocratic intervention and is now all-too-often-required reading in what are therefore falsely described as "literature" classes. These often-mandatory Ayn Rand studies invariably seduce Moronic-Majority types to embrace a Nazism they are thus often unable to recognize as such.

As I describe in a subsequent essay below,  it is just such ignorance that enabled someone I had presumed to be friend for nearly 40 years to send me a deluge of pro-Nazi links (fake news included), and when I criticized the choices in a return email, the response was first a long silence followed by a denunciation of me in print as an enemy, the only mercy thus shown being the omission of my name, perhaps with the knowledge its publication might combine with the fact I am a known anti-Nazi, a position that today is becoming as dangerous as it was to have been  an advocate of civil rights in the Jim Crow South, which I also was. 

Too bad most of us have forgotten that among the parents and grandparents of today's Nazis were the murderers of 41 Blacks and civil-rights advocates, their courageous but fatal dedication to the quest for freedom now reduced by the moral imbecility of the present to little more than -- what? A struggle for nothing? Given what this nation has become, who can doubt the final triumph of their enemies? Capturing the government so all but maybe  three solidly "Democratic" (sic) far-west states (with enough combined economic power to easily support themselves), and the much smaller (and therefore less economically able) eastern states, our Masters have already made of most of the national interior a potential New Confederacy, the ad hoc militias of which no doubt await our Masters' marching orders with the same insane eagerness that defined the Southron traitors of 1861. 

The diametrical opposite of yesteryear's well-armed abolitionists, too many of us who  oppose these traitors are cravenly disarming themselves -- an apocalyptic expression, I fear, of the cowardice that makes a soldier fling away his rifle and surrender to the enemy in hope of mercy that ends when the victorious soldier then kills the surrenderer, instantaneously by shooting if there's not an ammunition shortage; by much more grotesque and agonizing methods if ammo is in short supply.  In any case it's a battlefield occurrence far more common then a lifelong diet of USian war propaganda will ever allow us to believe. (To my knowledge Hollywood has never made -- nor ever will make -- a genuine anti-war film, especially of the sort produced by the Soviet Union.) But that's an aside, another of our paths for future exploration. The critical point here is extent to which, thanks to the another Fifth Column service provided our Masters by the "Democratic" (sic) Party's anti-gunowner movement, the populations in those states that are mostly likely to be victimized by Nazi aggression are increasingly disarmed. Thus they are literally reduced to the mandatory pacifism and compulsory victimhood that defines slaves. Which is precisely how the Democrats are busily ensuring how once fuse of civil war is lit, any anti-Nazi stronghold is doomed,  making the outcome of any future struggle to preserve the coastal states from Nazi conquest  pathetically obvious.

Thus today the utter futility of the Civil Rights Movement and the ultimate sacrifices made by its 41 martyrs is accepted as proven fact; indeed today's Nazis hail the  murders as examples of  the proper response when any member of the üntermenschen demands recognition of rights the Supreme Court is busily nullifying, obviously intent on terminating every civil protection we the people have ever managed to obtain.   In some instances the Nazis have actually used CRM and its subsequent undoing as proof of the rightness of white supremacy; they claim the Black quest for equality itself proved the Ku Klux Klaim  that while Blacks are biologically human, their brains have never evolved beyond those of the apes by which they were ancestored. That such inferiors would dare rise up, say the Nazis, merely  proves they were fools; the subsequent undoing of their foolishness, now 100 percent successful, is thus manipulated  to further confirm their creed of white supremacy.   

Having been a small but sometimes influential part of CRM -- the latter because I managed to remain a member of the working press during most of my remaining time in Tennessee   -- the Klan made at least four attempts on my life  -- possibly six, if I count two attempted vehicular assaults while traveling the era's two-lane blacktop highways, though these might only have been early explosions of road rage prompted by the obvious superiority of the machines that facilitated my escape, the Porsche whose emergency brake would later save my life, and a friend's Triumph TR-4 I was driving as practice for post-Porsche participation in a mountain-road rally. 

In retrospect, and from an increasingly physically disabled old age, my escapes from martyrdom tend to seem ever-more-miraculous. In reality they were the due to a combination of factors, paramount among them the defensive  prowess of a fine German shepherd, later poisoned in retaliation,  and the killer-discouragement inherent in my own already well-known skill with firearms. While I was and remain a firm believer in political nonviolence, I have also always believed that when you are attacked as a  lone individual, especially at home or while out-and-about as when grocery shopping,  you should defend yourself with whatever force is necessary to remain among the living.

Knowing  CRM  as I do, I am ever-more-convinced it was the last genuinely enlightened mass movement the United States will ever produce. Its internal factionalism -- ideological differences ranging from  gradualism to various intensities of belief in non-violent protest -- was always obvious during strategic and tactical discussions. But, by mutual consent, it was never allowed to overwhelm the intensity of our belief in our collective right -- "Black and White Together" was the era's slogan -- to  fulfill the Constitution's supposed intent by achieving for Blacks and other peoples of color the same degree of freedom allowed us whites. For whatever reason, we have since shed what I now must suppose was merely a veneer of civilization -- the mutual tolerance that actually, for a brief period starting in maybe 1932 and undoubtedly ended forever in Dallas on 22 November 1963, enabled us to function as a unified modern society.

However, given how, thanks to my British/Canadian heritage, I knew from boyhood the so-called "American Revolution" was at its heart a reaction to the British judiciary's 1772 ruling that Blacks are fully human, the fact we as a nation seemed to be moving ever closer to to fulfillment of the goals of the few abolitionists who were among the Founders always felt, to me, like too much of a miracle to prevail. As indeed it proved to be,  overthrown not by invasion, but by the most in-depth, all-encompassing, ultimately omnipotent program of subversion ever undertaken by any known human agency. 

How did it win? It adjudged greed to be the only truly common human denominator,  targeted its subversion accordingly and has been incessantly victorious ever since. Behind this I sense (but surely cannot prove) the same invisible force that reached out to me in 1983 to validate my life's work with arson at the exact moment I was meeting with the well-connected freelance editor who had pledged to bring its most important project to publication That all such hopes have since been slain by our Masters -- that the deaths of the movement's martyrs were now obviously all in vain -- pains me to such an extent it indeed makes my physical survival seem all the more miraculous. Perhaps, as even many avowed secularists are coming to believe, ours' truly is an accursed species. 

Returning to present-day events, let us not allow our daily dosage of horrors real and fake to distract us from how the fake-news onslaught by  ecogenocidal psycopathic liars includes doing whatever our Masters prescribe to further -- generally by concealment --  the terminally devolutionary terraforming of our earthly Motherland. Among the ever-more-obvious long-range purposes  of the ongoing Fake News Onslaught is generating sufficient quantities of what we might term "crisis fog" -- i.e., the sense of bewildered hopelessness produced when self and community are repeatedly trashed by storms and evictions and other disasters  even as the U.S. response to the pandemic makes it clear our Masters have unquestionably weaponized the virus to rid themselves of us "surplus workers."

Add in the ongoing threat of world war; the anxiety produced by looming Nazi victory and radically intensified by the probability the Nazis have already conquered the dis-United States;  growing fears of runaway inflation, and of course Covid, which the permanently Nazified SCOTUS has weaponized into a sure nation-killer, which means the death rate will continue to soar accordingly.  It's no surprise national anxiety is soaring.

As the mainstream media propaganda machine is showing its pro-Nazi bias by not telling us, Biden the Beguiler could quickly end inflation fears by re-creating the Office of Price Administration, the agency that kept Capitalism's top-hatted, silk-suited closet-Nazi predators  from destroying the nation with their greed c. 1941-1947). OPA was created by executive order, which means Biden could do it again, which in turn means his refusal to do so is an excellent indication of the strength of the financial tethers by which our Masters have reduced all oval-office occupants to naught but obedient puppets. A new OPA to ameliorate the ever-more-apocalyptic spasms of our Masters greed?  Not a chance; I think it safe to assume there is not a single professional politician anywhere in the United States  who has not been enslaved by our Masters' bribery  since the Supreme Court knowingly destroyed the nation with its Citizens United decision in 2010 -- about which more in a moment.

For now suffice it to say the court's traitorous redefinition of dollars as words and thus due the same constitutional protection made it legal for the plutocrats to financially enslave every politician in the land. As a result we now live under a de facto dictatorship infinitely more cunning and technologically powerful than any of its human predecessors -- a realm in which SCOTUS is now removing all the remaining obstacles to our Masters' final achievement of their fathers' and grandfathers' traitorous dreams of a Nazi United States, Hitler's ever-more-obviously anointed successor-nation  fulfilling der Führer's of a thoroughly Nazi world. 

One of the many indexes to our Masters' (absolute) power is  the extent to which they're using the court's atrocities to distract us from our species' deadliest most pressing crisis ever. Our Masters have generated a crisis fog -- real and fake news included -- so thick it seems to have  cloaked terminal climate change to invisibility. But in truth we have made it invisible for the same reason the anti-war movement is not even a shadow of its former self: war is another of the threats about which about which we are convinced we can do nothing whatsoever. And it is also surely true no anti-war movement in the post-JFK U.S. has ever done more than spawn a flurry of news reports that subsequent events proved were nothing more than introductions to obituaries, as at Kent State University and Jackson State College; and if we choose to close-focus this matter, let us start with Karen Silkwood, then expand our vision into all the other murders of heroic individuals and celebrities and then of folks who were unfortunate enough to have been somewhere at the wrong time, all these deaths linked by political undertones.

Obviously a long-ago lover spoke an ultimate truth as we watched Jack Ruby murder Lee Harvey Oswald;  we were eating room-service breakfast  and watching CBS News: "My god, we live in a banana republic," she said, her olive-green eyes flooding with tears. To which, 59 years later, I can only add, "You were right; and now Donald Trump intends to be top banana." Which awakens my investigative-reporter's mind just enough to make  me wonder if maybe his seeming unstop-ability is ultimately just the result of knowing where more bodies are buried. Such is life -- and death -- in a plutocracy ruled by an invisible cabal of zillionaire moral imbeciles.  

Meanwhile -- thanks to the combination of crisis-fog and the daily unfolding of additional horrors both real and faked -- our ultra-misogynistic Masters continue unchecked their ecogenocidal aggression against our Mother Earth, seemingly intent on reducing her back to the bug-ruled planet into which she properly began evolving in the Ordovican, a mere 480 million years ago. This is accomplished by any number of policies, court-edicts, toxins and diseases -- among the vectors  the same tiny let's-inflict-globally-irreversible-chaos cult of (mostly) ChristoNazis and NeoNazis,  the most obviously  hateful of the anti-mask/anti-vax agitators.

Now perhaps it will also dawn on us the irremediably Nazified U.S. Supreme Court obviously shares the nation-destroying intent of the fake-news mongers. The court is, now and therefore probably forever, reduced to yet another of our Masters' most reliable puppets. It is   ruled is by a sextet of ecogenocidal theocrats,  a trio of whom began our Masters' Citizen United's SCOTUS-approved funding of the federal union's destruction. The fact of  the court's lifetime appointments ensure its one remaining function is to legitimize whatever our Masters want done to complete the ChristoNazification of the entire nation.

The presence of solid pockets of continued anti-Nazi, anti-theocratic resistance in some of the coastal states -- see maps here and here --  is a threat our Masters obviously intend to suppress by more typical Nazi methods, for  vivid previews of which go here and here. Warning: both these films have scenes of the mass murders by which the German Nazis proudly defined their rights as world-ruling  übermenschen.  Nevertheless I urge you to view them precisely because they show us what is sure to happen here in the dis-United States once our Masters' SCOTUS vassals have given them enough mechanism of control, the extermination of opponents becomes no more difficult than  ordering a servant to take up a swatter and kill the houseflies that, thanks to terminal climate change, are descending on us in ever increasing numbers. (Note that in the polio era, the housefly was considered the deadliest  disease-vector on the planet.) That servant is in all probability someone who recognizes such servitude as a modern form of enslavement but also recognizes our Masters' omnipotence and thus knows or at least senses our species has been reduced to such an oppressed state,  there is no longer any nation in the world committed to slavery's overthrow; resistance truly is futile. 

Meanwhile  our Masters have  knowingly dosed our obviously disintegrating nation's NeoConfederate rabble with deadly ChristoNazi lies and paranoia, much of  it vectored by the fake-news snot-bombers. The Moronic Majority's impassioned belief in these falsifications has grown so imperative, SCOTUS  is now making law of them. Hence their  relentless edicts of anti-humanitarian subversion include an allegedly "Constitutional" foundation for an utterly terrifying expansion of the anti-vax/anti-mask suicidal snot-bombers' cult's alleged "right" to exterminate the entire global population by what is now undeniably our Masters' biological warfare weapon

In other words, SCOTUS has unleashed de facto lynch mobs of murderously unmasked and suicidally un-vaccinated snot-bombers to infect us with  the virus that has already proven itself the doomsday bug for at least 18 million dead women, men and children -- our Nazi-controlled government's most radical escalation yet of the deadly snot-bomber onslaught by which Covid's homicidal vectors have repeatedly attacked us since the pandemic got here in late 2019.


BUT IS THE U.S. truly the world's deadliest failed state? Here are more links to help you decide for yourself:

The proto-Nazi exterminators of the North American First Nations  literally built the United States on a foundation of rotting corpses -- the murdered bodies of at least 95 million native women, children and men -- as far as anybody knows, the deadliest holocaust in the 200,000-plus years of our species' existence. Nor has anything since ever quelled our national blood-lust: by 2007, the Empire's post-World-War-II body-count was already approaching 30 million.

In 2010, SCOTUS issued the Citizens United edict, about which -- inspired in large measure by the MSNBC-broadcast original of the above-linked Keith Olbermann video -- I wrote of the court's decree with properly prophetic harshness, the accuracy of my suppositions since fully confirmed,  in small part by how maybe five years later the newly corporatized Typepad maliciously deleted this post from its 2010 archives.  The same fate also disappeared another of my more controversial 2010 Typepad posts that again would have been forever lost but for its preservation by the Internet. Each piece was censored from my 2010 archive by the same plutocratic takeover that destroyed a mostly Left-leaning blogger-nest that made national news with its journalist-protecting Typepad "Bailout" in 2008 and '09.  For whatever unknown reasons -- most assuredly not design considerations -- its new, avowedly Capitalist owners also reformatted the outlet’s type schedule, thus turning these two measured and visually proofed one-line headlines into a layout-besmirching two lines, with (as you will see via the links) the second line an obtrusively dangling single word – a visually distracting “widow,” as they were pejoratively (and correctly) labeled by yesteryear’s molten-alloy typographers.

In 2013, former State Department official William Blum declared our bogus "democracy" America's Deadliest Export.  In 2017, we learned "how US imperialism continues to kill the people and planet."

On  5 September 2019 -- with the start of the pandemic disaster still at least three months in the future --  Newsweek  ranked the U.S. as "Among Worst Countries in the World to Live In." 

Come April 2020, Covid's skyrocketing body-count was  not only proving to the world the deadly magnitude of our national failure, but doing so amidst a rising fog of above-confirmed suspicion our Masters were weaponizing the virus as part of their (final) solution to what they see as the only (real) threat to 21st Century Capitalism: a growing surplus of laborers -- that is,  way too many Working Class children growing into way too many Working Class  women and men making way too many more Working Class babies. Nor is such Ruling Class cruelty unprecedented;  think not just of the obviously permanent termination of the child tax credit and the ongoing destruction of the socioeconomic safety net in general; reflect also on the fate of  slaves deemed surplus or otherwise unwanted during the trans-Atlantic passage from Africa. Thus, at least to the observant, do our modern Neoliberal (Neonazi) overlords reveal their slave-trader lineage, ideological and often genealogical as well.

Now, in 2022, the fact our Masters deliberately sustain the world's highest Covid-death toll as a matter of policy not only underscores the extent to which the U.S. is a failed state but strongly suggests the failures are beyond reversal and thus will only worsen until the nation disintegrates completely.


SCOTUS ALSO CONFIRMED, unintentionally of course,  the scholarly hypothesis about secular art that so infuriates the theocrats.

Which -- if I may veer aside to acknowledge the one possible bright spot hidden in the court's infectious darkness -- surely does add to the already conclusive body of evidence amassed by Carl Jung and Marshall McLuhan2 that proves secular art far more usefully prophetic than its allegedly "sacred" counterparts, witness this Jackson Browne piece from 1974:

Some of them were angry
At the way the earth was abused
By the men who learned how to forge her beauty into power
And they struggled to protect her from them, only to be confused
By the magnitude of her fury in the final hour
And when the sand was gone and the time arrived
In the naked dawn only a few survived...

Yes of course I know the standard proof of secular prophetic art is "The Scream," but I believe the Supreme Court's ChristoNazi majority has now proven Browne's apocalyptic vision to be at least as accurate for the 21st Century as Edvard Munch's insights are known to have been for the 20th Century.  The all-encompassing horror Munch portrayed in his 1893 paintings has long been recognized as our species' most accurate prelude to the 20th century, which -- were human societies still capable of recognizing historical truth -- we would know was shaped entirely by our Masters' body counts. It is thus hardly surprising the now-inescapable, probably bottomless trauma of the apocalypse Browne correctly foresaw is becoming the common though yet mostly unacknowledged denominator of consciousness for every one of us who has thus far managed to escape or at least resist the mental zombification imposed on us by today's ever-more-omnipotent GOP. 

Originally "GOP" was an acronym for "Grand Old Party," the (formerly rational) Republican Party. It gave us a kindred synonym, "Grand Army of the Republic," for the U.S. soldiers who's epic courage and determination seemed for a time to have defeated the Confederate traitors.3 But today's GOP differs from the original to the same degree as humanitarian reason differs from homicidal mania; today's GOP is instead a growing Sturmabteilung of lockstep-obedient perpe-traitors led by a Hitler-worshiping cabal of Greed-Obsessed Plutocrats and their vassalage of Josef Goebbels, Heinrich Himmler and Adolph Eichmann emulators in the global economy, the mainstream media propaganda machine (MMPM) and planetary governance at each of its five levels: international, imperial, federal, state and local. Thus yesterday's (merely) Moronic Majority becomes the Murderously Moronic Majority of today.

The German Nazi hierarchy and their Capitalist collaborators  -- wherever and however the U.S. protected them from rightful Soviet vengeance via Operation Paperclip and many other still-classified rescues during and after World War II -- would surely be proud to see how, 78 years later, their ideological graduates are completing the subjugation of the global population into a de facto Fourth Reich and -- as if they truly believe their rocketry can enable them to escape the consequences -- hastening the reduction of our species' planetary motherland back into the bug planet from which it evolved. The  ecogenocidal magnitude of the geoengineering in question has already convinced a small but expanding minority we are being conquered by predatory extraterrestrials -- that our morally imbecilic human Masters were long ago bribed to submission by guarantees of eternal omnipotence  and are now behaving accordingly, reshaping the global environment to the conquerors' specifications and forcing whatever remains of the Working Class into permanent slavery. Absurd? Let us hope -- but given the never-ending chaos of lies and disinformation by which the Plutocrats and their vassals began poisoning our minds in 1945, who now can distinguish truth with unassailable certainty?   

Which is precisely why I shrug off, often with an uplifted social-finger,  the "conspiracy theorist" slander invariably directed at any of us who dare point out how rapidly accumulating evidence at the very least suggests our world is now ruled by some top-secret but nevertheless all-powerful Nazi International -- perhaps  the final form of the conjectural ODESSA organization

Worse, given our definitively ecogenocidal post-World-War-II history,  if such a Nazi International exists -- as the post-WW-II years (and particularly the decades after the murder of JFK) surely suggest -- it is ever-more-obviously sponsored by the U.S. government both domestically and abroad,  and it is therefore also most likely headquartered in the United States, probably -- typical of all such U.S. intelligence operations --  hidden beneath the fake legitimacy of a benignly named bureaucracy, research foundation or other such organization.4 

I suspect I need not point out how these developments thoroughly legitimize a formerly taboo question: was the  preservation and propagation of Nazism the true purpose of Operation Paperclip? Is that why our Masters then infiltrated thousands more Nazis to protected  havens in the United  States?


TERMINAL CLIMATE CHANGE or TCC -- as it should have been labeled from the beginning, but obviously wasn't, apparently because the Goebbels disciples in governance and on Madison Avenue rightfully feared the TCC-concept's confirmation of the looming apocalypse might terrify the increasingly subjugated Moronic Majority into open rebellion -- was instead disguised as "global warming." Thus our Masters' entire response to the looming ecogenocidal disaster was never more than a Disney-like effort to conceal its all-season magnitude and minimize its horrors by  coating the deadly crisis  with the emotional chocolate of an implicitly cuddly euphemism. 

Which -- now the true body count and cultural cost  of terminal climate change has become so overwhelming it's beginning to escape the censors -- should leave us all wondering to what extent our Masters' privately owned, for-profit versions of the Reich Ministry for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda are censoring the pandemic reports. 

Meanwhile, one of the less obvious issues of this increasingly apocalyptic era is the extent to which the content of our informational media, alternative and mainstream alike, is being reshaped by the evidence we -- our species and our planet -- are doomed. Have some of our Masters eased their censorship? It would surely seem so -- though my best guess is they hope to make the news so traumatically depressing, we can no longer bear reading, hearing or viewing it at all. Already it perpetuates (and often intensifies) the anguish generated by our helplessness. Even I -- for whom sociopolitical journalism was my financial lifeblood -- now regard the news as a prime depressant and avoid it more often than I can comfortably admit.

Truth is -- unless one is a Trumpite, or ranks among the plutocrats and plutocratic vassals who have been disguising Neonazi racial and ethnic ecogenocide as Neoliberal economic austerity at least since my late father helped defeat Sen. Barry Goldwater's 1964 Republican presidential campaign by cross-referencing Goldwater's ideology to its sources in Mein Kampf -- there is literally no longer any such thing as "good"  news. Indeed,  because of the hybridization of undeniably terminal climate change and the ever-more-probably terminal Covid pandemic by the Court's knowingly murderous and now irrevocable imposition of "herd immunity," it is increasingly likely there will never again be "good" news -- news that's reassuring or confidence-building -- for any of us in the Working Class.

As a direct consequence, an ever-growing number of us hide beneath whatever shields, real or metaphorical, we might find to protect ourselves; as best we can, we tune out the skyrocketing frequency of disasters that redefine the outside world exclusively in terms of its new Gaian deadliness,  proving it more divinely capable of self-defense than we ever allowed ourselves to imagine and now -- as if vexed to terminal fury by six millennia of patriachal  ecogenocide -- increasingly hostile to human survival.


THE MORE ASTUTE amongst us -- at least those reasonably familiar with our species' history since the advent of patriarchy -- are at last beginning to realize the extent to which we've all been conned by the Christian notion the universe displays a "moral arc" toward "justice." This is indeed one of the most destructive Big Lies ever. The historical truth is the diametrical opposite; under patriarchy, any "moral arc" is determined solely by our Masters, who constantly refine their  technology to compel ever-more zero-tolerance compliance. Thus "progress" inevitably leads toward ever more inescapable subjugation. The bloody physical trauma inflicted by the overseer's whips and the lynch mob's grisly extermination parties is replaced by the less obvious but demonstrably more crazy-making psychological trauma mandated by Neoliberal "austerity" and the inescapable 24/7 surveillance by which it's  enforced; while the homeless camp may have replaced the death camp as the most obvious symbol of our Masters' intent, the Nazi ideology that sustains their underlying greed remains as impregnable as ever. No matter what we do, in the end it seems we cannot escape the down-pressing burden of our Masters' ever-more-crushing tyranny, the cause of its terrible permanence pointedly revealed by Audre Lorde: "The Masters Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master's House."

Often  -- as a growing plurality is already doing -- we thus reject the entire concept of democratic process; we view its weakness and permanent failure as conclusively proven by the breathtaking speed with which the Neonazis are conquering the planet. Already they're reversing the humanitarian outcomes of World War II, nullifying the U.S. Civil War and even cancelling the positive results of our domestic Masters' violent exit from the British Empire.   Nor -- given how the defeat of the Soviet Union has robbed us of the only historically proven antidote to Nazism --  can I  rationally blame the dropouts; I nearly became one myself.  Thus -- though no one has yet dared make public an authoritative analysis of the statistical proof -- it is clear there is within the so-called "progressive" community5 an accelerating trend toward what amounts to unconditional surrender:  the abandonment of all political activity.

To me, the potential consequence of that likelihood is by far the most terrifying prospect facing us today. The ranks of us who  resist the Plutocracy's campaigns to reduce us all to prideful ignorance and morally imbecilic self-obsession are rapidly dwindling; the why-bother shrinkage of the electorate combines with  Biden the Beguiler's innumerable "change-we-can-believe-in" betrayals to almost certainly guarantee Christonazi victory in November and in 2024. For those of us who know enough history to foresee the looming horrors, our (entirely rational) anxiety is often so intense it cannot be accurately described in any known human language, though Edvard Munch surely did a proper job of communicating it as a visual artist. 

Hence  I'll say it once more: it is  ever-more-probable there will never again be any "good"  news for Working Class humans.


DRIVEN BY A surprisingly relentless inclination to keep writing and photographing even in the face of what is obviously irreversible humanitarian defeat, I began contemplating nearly a year ago how I might  radically minimize my reliance for Dispatches content on the endless litanies of disaster, lies and disinformation we're now routinely force-fed 24/7 by media whether Left, Right or center.  Eventually I began weighing various approaches to  transforming Dispatches into a  grammatically disciplined and therefore more accessible anthology of present-day selections from the journal I began keeping in 1956,  my 16th year; Dispatches' new content will henceforth be focused way more on aesthetics, social history and examples of something I think of as "indicative weirdness" than on politics per se.

It will also include factual descriptions of the often-curious, sometimes downright eerie events that inspired some of my most telling photographs, sustained my 24-year effort on "Glimpses of a Pale Dancer" and prompted a  quest, inspired by discoveries on the East Coast,  for Pacific Northwest archaeological anomalies; my success unearthed yet more of the sort of evidence catalogued by the New England Antiquities Research Association. If  substantiated, this evidence resoundingly refutes our Masters' misogynistic claims of white patriarchal intellectual supremacy -- no doubt another reason why, as many of you know, my attempted contribution to this material -- my photos, drawings, site maps -- was itself among the potential forever nullified by the 1983 arson.6  But with this new Dispatches format, I may try to reclaim from memory a few of those losses.

My new  content will thus include carefully selected passages of what ethics require I clearly label "speculation" -- never mind these are actually the same sort of insight -- its accuracy confirmed by subsequent events -- that underlay "Dancer." Spontaneous, fleeting and frequently unsought, these days it most often arrives amidst the near-daily meditation by which, thanks to more than two years of ongoing quarantine, I am finally naming, examining and (somewhat) ameliorating the ultimately unhealable  trauma of being suddenly reduced to an emotional orphan, as I was, aged only a bit more than five years, by familial reaction to my birthmother's violent attempt at post-partum abortion, eerily on the Summer Solstice eve of 1945.

I have yet to determine which behavior is more representative of the traditional Midsummer-Eve rites: my birthmother's homicidal madness or the love for his son that compelled my father to rescue me and forcibly confine her violence to our living room floor until the police rescued us both by carting her thoroughly shackled self off to jail. But soon after that, my father fearfully concluded my mother's genetic legacy had reduced me to a "goon boy," his favorite pejorative, usually soon followed by the oft-repeated, always-deeply wounding accusation I was "just like my mother." Meanwhile all but one member my birth-mother's family --  my birthmother's older sister, the aunt whose beneficence literally saved me from the worst consequences of Dyslexia -- decided my existence was more threatening to the expansion of their already substantial life-insurance profits than even my privately institutionalized birthmother had been. Thus in 1957 they permanently ended my summertime visits by evicting me after I brandished a firearm to rescue my 79-year-old maternal grandfather from a club-wielding 18-year-old thug I feared would easily kill him. Apparently he -- and all the rest of my birthmother's kin save the aforementioned hero-aunt -- feared the odium of a never-more-than-hypothetical police response far more than they feared the threatened death of their patriarch, who did die maybe six months later, in '57's mid-November as best I recall. I attended his funeral only because there was no way I could escape it; afterward I was defiantly absent from every one of that emotional-orphan-making family's funerals; I couldn't attend my rescuer-aunt's 2004 funeral because my eternally hateful birthmother delayed sending me her obituary by two months, resulting in some metaphysical suspicions I will probably address in a future essay.   

My subsequent adult life was thus inevitably shaped by so many epics of  disastrous romance, I knew by 1970 -- my 30th year -- that reduction to an  emotional orphan had rendered me permanently unfit for parenthood or marriage. Nevertheless, as age draws me ever closer to death, Covid has quite astonishingly granted me a privilege nominally denied all Working Class people merely by its prohibitive price: that of an extended interlude for the introspection and journal-writing without which I'd have never discovered the meditative self-healing potential   U.S. for-profit health "care" typically tries to hide from Working Class discovery. Meanwhile  anything approaching the requisite degree of therapeutic excellence is affordable only by the tiny minority that can afford it -- that is, the obscenely rich.

To repurpose my Zen-like cogitations for the new Dispatches, I had to relearn to trust my intuition enough I now in meditation keep pen and paper handy to record anything of apparent significance I might recognize; the results repeatedly confirm my  suspicion it is only the theocratic stranglehold of Abrahamic religion that keeps   our more adventuresome scientists from following their Soviet counterparts;  liberated as they were from religious taboos, they were reportedly investigating all sorts of psychic-phenomena questions including whether there truly is some aquifer-like cosmic reservoir of collective consciousness  accessible only via maximum mindfulness. In any case,  I'd decided I would publish many of these internal visions as vignettes.

In my choices of what might be relevant I'll be strongly influenced by what I know of the collapse of the Western Roman Empire. The population of Rome itself, estimated as at least a million (and possibly twice that) at the empire's height, had shrunk to  about 25,000 by the 13th Century.   This is among  our best indications of the depth of Dark-Age reality forced onto the entire Occident; the magnitude of cultural collapse is also measured by the superstitious destruction of libraries and the church-enforced scientific and technological ignorance that led to the  loss of  central heating and the abandonment of aqueducts, running water, indoor plumbing and municipal sewerage  -- so-called "modern conveniences" lost for the next nearly 1500 years. Such is the pattern by which our species waxes and wanes, the individual microcosm of birth and death writ large in the societal macrocosm of rise, failure and collapse, its universal truth repeatedly proven by the failed empires archeology has since unearthed on every continent save Antarctica.

While each of these discoveries tells us we humans could survive apocalyptic conditions in the past, that is clearly no longer true today. The cooperative skill and instinct that facilitated our survival through four ice ages and who knows how many other disasters is precisely the same skill and instinct that gives us socialism -- precisely why our Masters are doing everything the can to condition it out of us. Which is the ultimate  reason both for Neoliberalism and its underlying Nazi content.  At the same time our  Masters' misogynistic hatred and contempt for our planetary Mother -- the  ecogenocidal venom at patriarchy's core -- combines with their chemical, biological, radiological and thermonuclear weaponry to doom us all, even as their now-inescapable surveillance makes effective resistance impossible. Our Masters and their chosen vassals literally possess the  omnipotence previously granted only to divinities. Thus when we finally recognize what Barack the Betrayer7 long ago prompted me to denounce as "the imbecility of hope," we are reduced, logically and correctly, to utter hopelessness.

Seems to me we now have but two choices: one is surrender (which my ethics and sense of personal honor  forced me to reject); the other is the profoundly difficult task of ferreting out the faint, often nearly invisible traces from which we might yet evolve new pathways to Working Class liberation.

Among these traces are, or so I believe,  the three extensively footnoted and now event-confirmed hypotheses upon which I  built "Dancer." Firstly, I confirmed the spontaneous resurrection of the goddess-symbol, both as science (the Gaia Hypothesis) and -- via music, visual art and literature -- as alternative spirituality.  Secondly, with an appreciative nod to McLuhan, I hypothesized from these developments and from the rise of the Counterculture itself the probable existence of some  hitherto-unidentified human instinct to collectively organize ourselves for mutual protection and sustenance even when its prophetic compulsions are not consciously recognized; I was particularly impressed by the spontaneous emergence and explosive growth of the Counterculture's environmentalist, feminist and back-to-the-land factions, likewise by  the popular  rediscovery of primitive technologies. Lastly, I identified an   anti-patriarchal aesthetic solidarity implicit throughout the Counterculture's creative output -- the one quality I felt might have transcended the induced ideological hostility by which our Masters  keep us divided into warring factions.  The late Cicely Nichols obviously agreed; she repeatedly said she believed "Dancer" would  be  "among the most influential works of the 20th Century." Apparently so did our Masters; no doubt  that's what got "Dancer"and all the rest of my significant work burned.8


THOUGH BY THE closing days of 2021 I had pretty much finalized my plans for resurrecting Dispatches,  I remained unsure how to introduce the new format. As I sometimes do when I am genuinely perplexed, I consulted the I Ching, the Wilhelm/Baynes translation (Princeton University Press: 1997).  The text is at least 3,000 years old and is -- as far as I know -- the only oracle ever thoroughly investigated by Carl Jung, after which he wrote approvingly of it in his "Forward" to the Wilhelm/Baynes translation.  Jung's endorsement of this mode of seeking clarity has always been sufficient approval  for me to make it my own; hence via coin-toss, I asked the oracle what might obtain "if I turn these stories and fragments" (that once went into my journals) "into Dispatches posts." It responded with the 46th Hexagram, "Pushing Upward," the judgement of which is "supreme success." The two changing lines elaborate:

"Six at the beginning means:
Pushing upward that meets with confidence
Brings great good fortune."

"Six in the fifth place means:
Perseverance brings good fortune.
One pushes upward by steps."

The changed lines create a new hexagram, in this instance the 5th, "Waiting (Nourishment)," its judgement as follows:

"If you are sincere,
You have light and success.
Perseverance brings good fortune.
It furthers one to cross the great water."

The appended "Image" is especially telling:

Clouds rise up to heaved:
The image of waiting.
Thus the superior man eats and drinks,
Is joyous and of good cheer.

So I opted to wait, sensing the possibility of some pivotal discovery or event. That was on 28 December 2021; then on Thursday, 13 January 2022, the Neonazi-conquered U.S. Supreme Court  officially weaponized Covid-19 into our Masters' 21st Century equivalent of Zyklon B, a brazen, viciously ecogenocidal decree that forever rejects promotion of "the general welfare" as part of our national purpose. It does so by granting the Trumpites and other anti-vax contagion-vectors the right to inflict the so-called "herd immunity" that turns the un-vaccinated and never-masked moral imbeciles  into -- it cannot be said too often -- potentially suicidal, obviously murder-minded snot-bombers.  Far worse, it turns all of them into ambulatory Petri-dishes for the breeding of ever-deadlier Covid-19 mutations. It could spawn the ultimate doomsday bug and so exterminate our entire species. At the very least, the court's permanent Neonazi majority has smirkingly  condemned who-knows-how-many-more of us to death and financial ruin -- which should tell us all we need know about our Masters' long-range intentions. It also reveals something of the treacherous intent behind the "Democratic" (sic) Party's post-John-Fitzgerald-Kennedy function as the ChristoNazi Fifth Column.

But its most damning message is that any pretense of U.S. humanitarianism is gone forever.

Instead we may soon discover we Working-Class humans are inmates of a nation become a de facto death camp,  a place wherein it is now entirely legal for the defiantly un-vaccinated and anti-masked Neonazis and their Nazi and Neoconfederate collaborators  to exterminate as many more of us as possible by deliberately spreading -- knowingly and therefore with murderous premeditation -- a virus that can literally mutate to slay us all. Nor -- thanks to the Neonazi-conquered courts -- will these bacteriological Ted Bundys ever again face even the most minimal forms of justice.    

All of which marks the impact and consequences of Thursday morning's SCOTUS atrocity as tantamount -- both personally and societally -- to "crossing the great water."

About the latter I will for the present utter no more than two statements, firstly how I fear the court has inflicted a wound on our nation that, just as the Dred Scot decision did,  is already solidifying  our divisions to the point civil war is again inevitable -- this time with all the apocalypse-accelerating  chemical, biological, radiological  and thermonuclear horrors of modern warfare;  secondly how it should be obvious to anyone with what in Appalachia is termed "a lick a sense" the post-JFK "Democratic" (sic) Party has quite deliberately and with Oberkommando der Wehrmacht cunning confined themselves (and us) to a political cage from which escape is impossible.

About the former, the personal, suffice it to say that, as if precursory to the SCOTUS decree, someone we'll call Person X -- someone I had for nearly 40 years foolishly presumed a dear and trusted friend -- denounced me as no longer worthy of companionship. I should have seen it coming; instead I dismissed   X's occasional, invariably brief but always perplexing expressions of admiration for Ayn Rand's Goebbels-clever fictionalizations of Mein Kampf as situational rather than existential. My mistake;  X finally tested -- I suspect intentionally -- my acceptance or rejection of the definitively ecogenocidal, anti-humanitarian, incipiently mass-murderous, morally imbecilic arrogance and elitist self-obsession known to be the psychological epicenter of Nazism, but which also lurks,  often clandestinely, yet always with full Nazi potency, in the darker corners of the mental Draino that, in its pre-Esalen/pre-Charley-Manson forms, was already government-asset-brazen enough to pimp itself as "the human potential movement."  Needless to say, from X's perspective I failed the test, even as from my own viewpoint I amassed a perfect score. And thus was, by this Person X, declared an enemy and irrevocably dismissed. And so, resigned to the traumatic fact my composition speed was radically reduced by the loss of neurotransmitter-nicotine's temporary anti-dyslexia medication when I finally permanently beat its addiction on 23 September 1995, I began this writing.

But as it turned out, the interval suggested by the "Waiting" hexagram was substantially lengthened, first by my de-nicotinized dysklexic difficults at writing, next by the nagging intuition I should continue my observant wait -- an intuition confirmed on 19 January by the Duke/Politico disclosures I discovered quite by surprise -- which discovery immediately compelled a total revision of my originally intended post, including rewriting six of the eight essays I had written in the wake of the SCOTUS Covid horror.  


MAKING ART, IT seems, remains the one activity most essential to my life, even as I approach my 82nd year. Having written, re-written and edited this essay, I feel as if I've stepped into a cloud of quiet joy: a sense of being bless-ed from without, a feeling as perplexing to my Newtonian/Marxian/agnostic self as it is encouraging to that atavistic wellspring at the core of my consciousness, the cauldron  from which I sometimes guzzle the diverse but always thirst-quenching nectars of my Picto-Celtic, Norse, Saxon and Iroquoian genes. I guess I took that sense of blessedness for granted in my 60-odd years as a working professional; I realize now I'd have given up journalism long ago but for the encouragement of this hitherto unrecognized but obviously protective cloak. And amidst the hurly-burly of pandemic and quarantine and the political terrors the Nazis inflict upon us all, in my heart-of-hearts I tried to do just that -- but instead discovered I cannot. Which surely feels -- at least at the moment -- as a welcome blessing of its own.  

I'm ending this beginning by introducing another new Dispatches topic: what might be termed "metaphysical" stuff, including material I had self-protectively excluded from "Dancer,"  among the exclusions some very compelling evidence the ancient liturgies of the goddess retain invocatory power even after thousands of years of concealment and fragmentation. But before anyone supposes I'm about to surrender to Moron Nation gullibility, let me reassure you all I'll temper any associated text both by my solid grounding in basic university-level science including physics, astronomy, geology and archaeology plus by my investigative journalist's tendency to distrust anything, my own personal experience included, that cannot be objectively confirmed. Those interested in a factual account of the incident I now recognize as the beginning of "Dancer" may read it here.

Also I do  not yet know how frequently I will publish; I am leaning toward monthly or bi-weekly, though that is an ongoing decision-making admittedly influenced by the realization geriatric reality may make my production of new material somewhat random.

Another quandary through which I am working -- probably already obvious to critical readers -- is whether the (alleged) distinctions between Nazis, Neonazis, Neoliberals and fascists have any real validity in the face of their ever-more-unified and therefore ever-more-murderous assaults. While I'm leaning toward calling them all Nazis on the basis of their shared ethos  and footnoting the reasons why, the question remains open, and I would appreciate any suggestions or observations you readers might choose to offer, for which  my thanks in advance.   

Meanwhile let us never forget that in times such as these, survival itself is a revolutionary act. May we all remain safe, healthy and determined.

1 The definition of "Working Class" used herein is that implicit in Marxism: like the statistically incorrect but nevertheless usefully descriptive "99 percent," it describes those of us who are neither plutocrats nor plutocratic vassals, are thus entirely dependent on wages or commissions and are thus never more than a layoff or firing away from potentially deadly disaster.

2 Until I began the memory-confirming research that generated the above links, I knew neither of Walter Benjamin nor of his valuable contribution to the implicitly anti-patriarchal quest to re-legitimize the prophetic functions or art and literature.

3The New York and Michigan cemeteries of my youth were filled with  Grand Army of the Republic markers, most of them still bedecked with flags and repeatedly honored with fresh flowers.

4Two books and a Netflix film do a thorough job of documenting the Christonazi infiltration of USian governance at all levels. The books are The Family: the Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power  (Jeff Sharlet; Harper: 2008) and American Fascists: the Christian Right and the War on America (Chris Hedges; Free Press: 2006). I heartily recommend each text. The Nexflix film, which I have yet to watch, has the same title as   Sharlet's work and is said to be based on his reporting. Will I watch it? Probably. Will I review it? Maybe. 

5Here I use "progressive" in its broadest sense, from Marxian to social democracy and thence rightward to the vast array of pseudo-Leftists who serve our Masters' by agitating the culture wars that foster identity politics and thus perpetuate the ultimately suicidal divisiveness that defines today's domestic and global Working Class. As to the U.S. "Democratic" (sic) Party, I believe it forever renounced any right to claim the "progressive" label when it unconditionally surrendered to the Warren Commission, thereby granting total victory to the (already Nazified) perpe-traitors of the 22 November 1963 coup.

6"Dancer" was a thoroughly footnoted manuscript of about 150,000 words illustrated by approximately 100 photographs; it and all the rest of  my significant work -- clippings of published work, 31 years of photography, 27 years of journals, a near lifetime of reference files, awards etc. -- was destroyed by arson on 1 September 1983.

7It came to me last night while revising this piece that Obama's treachery may be the best evidence yet of our Masters' unprecedented cunning: how better, with maximum deniability,  to legitimize the nation's infamous white racism than by electing as its first Black president a class-traitor whose subsequent betrayals hurled enough metaphorical gunpowder to explode the existential Nazism of the  Moronic Majority's whites  into today's now-obviously unstoppable Neonazi onslaught.         

8In what  was obviously a "fuck-off-or-die"message from our Masters, the fire was lit at the exact moment I was meeting with Nichols to finalize our working agreement; the ignition time was preserved by a melted electric clock adjacent the fire's point of origin.   

LB/13-22 January 2022, with typographic revisions and minor editing 29 March 2022.



Republicans Join Democrats to Forcibly Disarm U.S. Civilians

Fearing Revolution, the Plutocrats Unite for Class War against
Legal Gun Owners, Retaini
ng the 2nd Amendment as Propaganda but
Imposing Prohibitive Fees and Taxes, Thus Redefining Self-Defense  
as the
Exclusive Privilege of Our Masters and Their Collaborators

Still Doubt the DemoPublicans' Back-Room Unity? Read On

Plus See Below for DfD's Long-Promised New Monthly Format

WHAT I HAVE ASSEMBLED  here is hitherto obscured but nonetheless compelling proof the Trump/Pence Regime -- secure behind its ever more crippling effluent of Nazi-style Big Lies and other Josef-Goebbels-type deceptions -- is so terrified by the intensifying likelihood of socialist revolution, it is now collaborating with the Democratic (sic) Party to forcibly disarm all U.S. Working Families. 

The proof is in the following jig-saw puzzle of reports, which with an uplifted social-finger of journalistic defiance are hereby assembled into a revealing whole. Which I assure you is no -- say again NO -- conspiracy theory; it is instead the geography of an infestation.

Firstly, for context -- the historical framework inside which we'll piece the puzzle together --  we should review the Powell Memo, the Mein Kampf of Imperial Neoliberalism, thus to confirm our understanding of the fascist ideology1 by which we are subjugated and enslaved.

Secondly let us note that gunowner taxation is implicitly approved by Heller's Paragraph 2, a fact concealed by the media hysteria --  a cunning cacophony of equally distracting pros and cons --  engendered by its revocation of the Washington D.C. ordinance that outlawed handgun ownership:

Like most rights, the Second Amendment right is not unlimited...For example, concealed weapons prohibitions have been upheld under the Amendment or state analogues. The Court’s opinion should not be taken to cast doubt on longstanding prohibitions on the possession of firearms by felons and the mentally ill, or laws forbidding the carrying of firearms in sensitive places such as schools and government buildings, or laws imposing conditions and qualifications on the commercial sale of arms... (Emphasis added.)

Note too the date of the Heller decision -- 2008 -- and that it was authored by the late arch-conservative Anton Scalia; for deeper background, see also the Encyclopaedia Britannica's clearly written, exceptionally unbiased and therefore contextually useful history of the Second Amendment, including its Imperial Roman origins. 

Then, as if in (surely coincidental) climactic conclusion, we add the following links, watching, perhaps smirking as the topic-puzzle comes together, dates-of-occurrence punctuating its relentless unfolding:

2009 -- Targeted Taxes on Getting Abortions, Buying Guns, and Exercising Other Constitutional Rights
2013 -- New gun control strategy: Tax 'em
2015 -- Why Exactly Are We Taxing Guns?
2017 -- Hey, NRA! What About Patients' Gun Rights?
2018 -- A Gun Rights Group Says Trump Has Gone From Supporter "To The Gun-Grabber In Chief"
2018 -- Repeal the Second Amendment? Gun-Control Advocates Say No - The Atlantic
2019 -- Elizabeth Warren Introduces Sweeping Gun Control Plan
2019 -- Here’s The Document The White House, Barr Are Using To Push Gun Control On Republicans
2020 -- Florida REPUBLICAN Senators Vote for Massive Gun Control Bill
2020 -- NH: Republican Gun Confiscation is Still Moving

(Capitalization and punctuation as in originals)

I trust I need not thrice repeat this is NOT conspiracy theory. It is instead a choreography of the evolution of an idea mostly as shaped by reactions to Heller -- a decision blessed or cursed as a pivotal victory for the right to keep and bear arms -- hereby revealed as its (presumably) unintentional death-blow instead. 


WHAT WE SHOULD be asking ourselves is how often the Republicans join with the Democrats in expanding and sustaining tyranny. 

The immediate answer is  found in the Democrats' reliably overwhelming support for the Patriot Act, most recently last November.

But a more damning answer is to be found in the historical fact that whatever tyrannies our Capitalist Masters demand, their vassal-politicians immediately set aside their charade of squabbling, then unite to grant it with bipartisan obedience -- a malevolently Capitalist bipartisanship exemplified by its Neoliberal destruction of public education and its robbery of Working Families' ability to think rationally; by the re-enslavement of women through outlawing abortion, radically restricting access to birth control and tacitly encouraging sexual harassment to drive females from the workplace; and by subjugation of the entire 99 Percent through forcible disarmament.

Thus we confront the re-emergence of class struggle's original and ultimate forms: not between Workers and Bosses, but between Masters and Slaves. 

As regular readers know, I closely watch certain Rightist websites. Why? Because -- with malicious censorship on the Left now at least as prevalent as on the Right -- such sites (especially after we've learn to read between their lines of bias),  are surprisingly reliable sources for news the Left wants to keep hidden.

Meanwhile our shock-doctrine2 Masters weaponize their bipartisan terror of socialist revolution and further weaponize climate change as the ultimate form of regime change. 

Apropos firearms, our Masters' bipartisan intent is to disarm us all, to thereby reduce us to the helplessness of mandatory pacifism  (yes, even in the face of murderous attacks by criminals),  thus condemning us to the compulsory victimhood that has always defined serfdom and slavery.

Apropos women's rights, our Masters' bipartisan intent is to (again) reduce "female" to  a synonym for "powerless" -- not the least because every real revolution since 1789 has been started by women. Thus the Machiavellian anti-abortion cunning of the Democratic (sic) Party -- first exemplified by Carter the Christer's endorsement of the Hyde Amendment, next by Barack the Betrayer's cunningly obscured betrayal of abortion rights, more recently by voting records they try to hide behind lies and disinformation -- is ultimately more effective than Republican demagoguery at imposing compulsory Working Class motherhood, complete with all its mandatory impoverishment and ever-expanding criminal liability.

Thus the Democrats' ultimate Big Lie -- "change we can believe in" -- yet prevails.       

But -- precisely as our Masters have already done with the First, Fourth and Fifth amendments and are now doing with the Second Amendment -- they leave the wording of the Bill of Rights intact.

Ask yourself: what more effective propaganda to preserve -- particularly amongst the pridefully ignorant3 -- the truly monstrous, ultimately apocalyptic Big Lie of "American democracy"?

Nor is this on any way a new strategy; it merely expands the deluge of Big Lies intended to sustain the core Moron Nation deception: that we the people of our species' most ecogenocidal Empire are yet allowed the protections provided by our (alleged) constitutional "rights." 

Note how the First, Fourth and Fifth amendments have already been nullified by the Patriot Act. Note too how their nullification is broadened and  pointedly underscored by the Robbers' Court's subsequent repeals of gay, lesbian and transsexual (LGBTQ) rights and of religious freedom for atheists, agnostics and spiritual nonconformists -- now soon to expanded by the Robbers' Court's intent of outlawing abortion nationwide.      

Thus the Second Amendment has also been nullified -- this by judicial sleight-of-hand including the censorship-obscured anti-legal-gunowner carte blanche cunningly buried amongst the pro-Second-Amendment distractions of  Heller.

And since Citizens United has now clearly defined money as speech, what is to prevent our Masters from further defining prohibitive cost -- whether for firearms,  contraception or anything else -- as "constitutional" forms of prohibition, censorship and regulation? 


Indications: Stuff I Already Read, Here in Case You Missed It

(Capitalization and punctuation as in originals)


Our Mother/Our Selves

Verily, as we do unto our Mother Earth, so we do unto ourselves.

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Bumblebees Face Extinction From the Climate Crisis

5,000-year-old tree in Scotland is changing from male to female4


Calamity by Contagion

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Theocracy Triumphant

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Josef Goebbels Prevails

After all that’s gone down, who among us still doubts the predatory Neoliberal cunning that prompted our morbidly Machiavellian Masters to pervert our so-called “mainstream media” into our species first-ever privately owned for-profit Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. Indeed our Masters brought it home with their Nazi fellow-collaborators after Germany lost the war.  

The “Afghanistan papers”: The criminality and disaster of a war based upon lies

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World’s Highest Standard of Living

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Taxpayers Shell Out $1M After Officers Force Mom to Give Birth into a Toilet, Letting Baby Die


Enslavement as Convenience

In keeping with the strategy and intent of Neoliberalism, our Masters long ago conditioned us to value convenience over freedom. Hence the unstoppable popularity of self-enslavement by electronic media: the irrestably seductive opiate cunningly engineered to dumb us down -- and numb us down -- even as it tethers us to 24/7 surveillance. (Hence too the notorious, convenience-centered inability of USian whites to liberate themselves, much less anyone else.)    

The Joys of the Digital Revolution Bring the End of Privacy

Freedom Rider: The Internet Does Washington’s Dirty Work


Lest We Forget

Claiming to focus on human life while ignoring or denying the determinism of its socioeconomic and political contexts is no different from pretending to study mammalian  reproduction while ignoring or denying the sexuality by which it obtains. How so? Because -- once we transcend the ideological blindness imposed on us to sustain Capitalism -- we recognize the extent to which contexts determine how we live and die, just as sexuality determines reproduction. 

Average U.S. Citizens Have “Little Or No” Influence On Government Policy

How American Racism Influenced Hitler

Wall Street's Fascist Plot to Seize the White House

How IBM Helped Nazi Germany Exterminate Those It Deemed 'Unworthy of Life'

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But Is It Really Ecogenocide?

Why else – save to exterminate “surplus” Working Families, permanently enslave the survivors and reorder all human society into the global equivalent of an antebellum slave plantation – would our Neoliberal Masters feign such total paralysis in the face of humanity’s deadliest disaster?

The Toxic Reach of Deepwater Horizon's Oil Spill Was Much Larger - and Deadlier - Than Previous Estimates, a New Study Says

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The Environmental Burden of Generation Z


Sparks Against Despair

Though history proves the “arc of the universe” bends toward tyranny rather than justice, we should also cherish a certain truth powerfully evoked by Peter Gabriel: “You can blow out a candle/ But you can’t blow out a fire/ Once the flames begin to catch/ The wind will blow it higher.”

Global Poll Finds Majority Believe Capitalism More Harmful Than Good

Gallup: 60% of Americans Say They Could Vote for an Atheist President

Making Rebellion Attractive: Why the Establishment Still Hates John Reed

Bernie Sanders Leads Trump, All 2020 Candidates in Donations From Active-Duty Troops

Just Get On And Go! Olympia Transit System Goes Fareless

Atlanta Turns 7-Acre Vacant Lot Into Largest Free Food Forest In The Country

Dog sleuths sniff out crop disease hitting citrus trees

Orangutan in Borneo offers its hand to;rescue a man from snake-infested water5

Takes a village: Bear foster mom raises cub saved by dog

Thunberg: Indigenous Peoples Lead the Fight Against Crisis;

We Need to Ask Many Questions of Our Nation;s Mainstream Media. Here Are Just a Few.

Propagandists Cry About Bernie’s Online Base Because It’s Effective, Not Because It’s Mean


Yes, dear readers, this is at last the long-promised new Dispatches format. I will post monthly, with occasional "extras" as events demand.

(Sorry, Charlie; our Masters only want intimidated tuna -- especially now, with survival itself increasingly criminalized as revolutionary defiance -- the real meaning of the ever-escalating wars against refugees and homeless people.)  


1When we consider the patriarchal origins of the Empire's ecogenocidal capabilities and intentions, it is at least arguable the Powell Memo is the Capitalist aristocracy's 20th Century update of the colonial aristocracy's outraged reaction to the 1772 British Supreme-Court Equivalent's ruling that Blacks are humans and therefore have human rights -- which historical truth I learned in childhood from my second-generation British (English/Scot/Canadian) father. Thus the so-called "American Revolution" was the antithesis of liberation. Indeed it was the original "regime change." Then as now it is intended to preserve what today -- Neoliberal euphemisms not withstanding -- we recognize as the core mindset of Nazism: genocide (against all First Nations peoples);  enslavement (of Africans); and murderous discrimination against all other minorities -- precisely the precedents Adolf Hitler borrowed from the United States. Nevertheless I find it more useful to regard 1934 as the visible starting point of present-day USian Ruling Class malevolence, specifically the One Percenters' aborted-but-never-prosecuted fascist coup, which would have reduced the U.S. to a slave state while making it the resource-dominant and therefore ultimately triumphant fourth member of Hitler's later Rome/Berlin/Tokyo Axis. Even then, our Masters' long-term motive was global conquest, and from their morally imbecilic perspective, alliance with Hitler and enhancement of his horrors was the shortest, cheapest path to victory. Remaining free to subvert our freedom at will, the same cabal of unimaginably rich aristocrats helped perfect the Nazis' genocide machine even as they financed the seditious rise of ChristoNazism and countenanced (if not mandated and commanded) the coup that, on 22 November 1963, not only murdered President John Fitzgerald Kennedy but slew the Republic as well.

2We all owe Naomi Klein (The Shock Doctrine: the Rise of Disaster Capitalism; Metropolitan Books/Henry Holt and Company, New York: 2007) a debt of gratitude for what amounts to a breakthrough volume of strategic intelligence-analysis detailing how our Masters are weaponizing Nature to re-order human society into their Neoliberal global (slave-plantation) model.  Indeed it Ms. Klein exposes the malevolence and manipulative cunning by which the Powell Memo  is ever-more-lethally enforced, not the least as the 20th Century revision of the Declaration of Independence.                  

3As I noted in a recent "what-is-to-be-done" e-mail to friends, we the people are so dumbed down, there is no longer any antidote for the submissiveness of the Moronic Majority -- the vast number of U.S. citizens, minorities included, who by socioeconomic definition are Working Class but reflexively side with our Masters -- even now, when there are no longer any rational doubts about Ruling Class capabilities and intentions: the former the de facto omnipotence granted by the diabolical combination of total surveillance and cell phones, the latter the ever-more-obvious ecogenocidal reordering of human society into a global slave plantation. Note too how how the Moronic Majority will break down shopping-center doors -- even commit murder -- to fit itself with the 21st Century slave collar, i.e., the cellphone. As a friend of mine observes, we have thus become a nation of "I-Phone Zombies."    

4Thanks to Tigerlille for spotting this story and sending me its link. The story prompts at least two significant questions. (1)--Is accelerated gender plurality a multi-species response to patriarchy-inflicted apocalypse? (2)--What relevant lessons does our Mother Earth thus beseech us to learn?

5Thanks to Tigerlille for this story too, which -- vitally, I believe -- shows us a truth of mammalian solidarity too long rejected as "primitive superstition."    

LB/15 February 2020


The ChristoNazis Want Greta Thunberg Burned as a "Witch"

Condemning All Environmentalists as "Pagan Barbarians," a Leading Fascist Journal Damns Greta as a New "Joan of Arc," Thus Implicitly Threatening Her with the Martyr's Hideously Painful Death by Fire

I MISSED THIS STORY when it broke last September because Wonkette -- the website that chose to ignore The Federalist's terrifyingly obvious lynch-mob agitation but otherwise scooped the world by sarcastically reporting that publication's potentially murderous accusations -- is unfortunately but justifiably disreputable for its identity-politics vindictiveness and is therefore almost never taken seriously by the Internet sources1 on which I am most dependent for my daily doses of relevant information.

But before we can acknowledge the full horror of The Federalist's position, we need to understand the magnitude of its threat: yes, dear readers, there truly are masses of alleged humans out there in Neo-Confederate White Christian America who intend to bring back public executions including witch-burnings and the stoning of adulterers, adulteresses, persons of nonconforming sexuality and so-called "heretics," disobedient small children included.

And these days their de facto neo-Confederate nation -- for which see the color charts linked below -- is nearly all the geographical U.S.A. save parts of 13 coastal states2 and perhaps a few more cities.3

Quoth Joe Bageant in a 2004 Dissident Voice report that today is recognized by most of us on the Real (socialist/pagan) Left as terrifingly prophetic:

Christian Reconstruction...calls for the death penalty in a wide range of crimes, including abandonment of the faith, blasphemy, heresy, witchcraft, astrology, adultery, sodomy, homosexuality, striking a parent, and ''unchastity before marriage'' (but for women only). Biblically correct methods of execution include stoning, the sword, hanging, and burning. Stoning is preferred, according to Gary North, the self-styled Reconstructionist economist, because stones are plentiful and cheap. Biblical Law would also eliminate labor unions, civil rights laws, and public schools...Reconstructionist doctrine calls for the scrapping of environmental protection of all kinds, because there will be no need for this planet earth once The Rapture occurs...

Its impact on politics and religion in this nation have been massive, with many mainstream churches pushed rightward...Other mainstream churches...flinch and bow to the Reconstructionists at every turn.

Lest the Christian Reconstructionists be underestimated, remember that it was Reconstructionist strategists whose "stealth ideology" managed the takeover of the Republican Party in the early 1990s. That takeover now looks mild in light of today's neocon Christian implantations...

I say again, dear readers, those paragraphs were written in 2004. Now the ChristoNazis -- because that is precisely what they are -- own the executive (the presidency), the judiciary (the courts), the U.S. Senate and the 30 states that are effectively Republican and therefore ChristoNazi despotisms including the eight Republican states (see color charts here) in which the Democratic [sic] Party allegedly polled as the majority party in 2018.

And let us stop delusionally ignoring the fact the ChristoNazi control of the Supreme Court of the United States, SCOTUS  (and now more appropriately the Robbers' Court),  is guaranteed -- effectively forever -- by its lifetime appointments, which are most assuredly long enough to enable them to inflict every bit of the Apocalypse they so eagerly seek.  

Hence by every imaginable criteria that actually matters, the ChristoNazis and their fellow Jewish and Islamic theocrats -- all with their sadistically Abrahamic god and his biblically endorsed mechanisms of salvation by torture including public stonings of sexual nonconformists and public burnings of heretics and witches -- are winning, and not just here in the United States.

In other words, Greta Thunberg and all of us in the growing but ever-more-marginalized multitudes who support her cause -- especially those of us who properly regard her as speaking with or perhaps even "channeling" the voice of our Mother Earth (no matter  whether we as dialectical materialists view such notions as merely [albeit compellingly] metaphorical or we as Gaians embrace such notions with our hearts and thus find them no less compellingly real than the haunting voice of the pagan liturgist Lisa Thiel) -- we are in bitter truth far more at risk from the ChristoNazis and their ilk than we are from any of our other environmental afflictions.

Hence also my eternal astonishment at those of us in the Working Class who accept without question the Ruling Class claim the imposition of forcible civilian disarmament will magically lessen our jeopardy -- a claim no less absurd than the childhood notion that whenever Froggy the Gremlin plunks his Magic Twanger, the resultant mischief drives all the Jeopards  away.

As for me, I lived far too long amongst the Southrons -- a bit more than 15 years total, including most of my boyhood and teens (1943-1948; 1950-1959) and the first three years  of my post-Regular-Army adulthood (late 1962-early 1965) -- to be ever so foolish as to under-estimate either the irremediable hatred that rules the Christian-white-supremacists' hearts or the equally irremediable cunning and savagery of the lynch-mob sadism that froths through their veins. Such is the source of the antebellum venom that poisoned this nation even before it attained nationhood and is now expanded by the Rightist mastery of postbellum technology and propaganda into a methodical poisoning already sufficient to nearly triple the 11 states of the old Confederacy in the Neo-Confederacy of the 21st Century. And it's because of those 15 years -- my involuntary familiarization with the deadly malevolence of white racism -- that I know from experience sometimes only skill with a firearm will keep you alive. 

Precisely why I maintain it is always better to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun but didn't have it.4


1For the record, these are Reader Supported NewsTruthdig,  CounterPunchPopular ResistanceLA Progressive, World Socialist Web Site, Patheos, Truthout, and of  course the Associated Press, each hyperlinked here for easy access.

2Alaska (which is infinitely more [lower-case] libertarian/anarchist than it is ChristoNazi or fascist); also the socioeconomically dominant, typically coastal parts of Washington, Oregon, California and Maryland, plus most (if not all) of New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. (Note my deliberate omission of Delaware, a de facto fiefdom of the DuPonts and their Neoliberal/fascist co-perpe-traitors.)

3As they come to me -- additional cities in which I have worked and/or known more than momentarily pleasurable times or to which I have longstanding personal connections but otherwise in no particular order: Asheville, N.C.; Chicago, Ill.; Minneapolis, Minn.; Missoula, Mont.;  Oak Ridge, Tenn.;  Ann Arbor, Mich.;  and let us not forget New Orleans, La., where alas I have never set foot but am strongly connected by the shared experiences of  two late and most beloved friends, the writer Joy Kidstry and the jazz musician, singer, arranger and lyricist Melinda Moen). This is of course is by no means an all-inclusive list; readers will no doubt know of many more such inland or Southron locales themselves.

4Non-grammatical change of tense -- "need a gun but didn't have it" -- is deliberate; the seemingly incorrect transition from present tense to past tense is intended to suggest an unarmed victim's probable demise in any such encounter whether the assailant(s) be quadrupedal or bipedal.    



Recommended Reading

Probably 90 percent of the approximately 100 links per day I read online merely underscore the endlessly depressing truths of our era, which by themselves are no longer news save when they inflict high-mortality disasters  -- still more of the evidence we are prisoners of the most helplessly hopeless/hopelessly helpless era in all our species' approximately 250,000 years.

But I choose these essays and reports not for any underscoring function they might have but because they provide new details or grant us sharpened focus on older details that are being expanded or reconsidered.

I hope you'll find at least a few of them worth reading and contemplation. (As always, the use of capital and lower-case letters in the links duplicates the up-style or down-style modes of the sources.)


History Our Masters Desperately Want Us to Forget

The true legacy of US central banker Paul Volcker (1927–2019)

How "American Exceptionalism" Hides Shame, Creates Stupidity and Dangerous Imperialism

How Kshama Sawant Defeated Amazon


Rightists, Leftists Twisting Education into Ideological ‘Correctness’

Bill targets school riflery teams, citing gun culture;

Tennessee lawmaker calls for ending higher education to kill‘liberal breeding ground’


Realpolitik: Goebbels, Bismarck and Machiavelli Forever Proven Right

Democrats combine impeachment and collaboration with Trump

Congress Quietly Cut 'White Nationalists' From Measure to Screen Military Recruits

Trump Adviser Caught on Tape: Voter Suppression Key to GOP Battleground Efforts

Study Shows White Evangelicals Want Christian Supremacy, Not “Religious Freedom”

Israeli snipers target Gaza protesters in the eyes

Royal Canadian Mounted Police advocated live ammo against pipeline protesters

Why So Many People Who Need the Government Hate It


Ecogenocidal Matricide: the Patriarchal War Against Our Mother Earth

Biosphere Collapse?

Climate Change Fueled the Australia Fires. Now Those Fires Are Fueling Climate Change

Regulators halt attempt to hit solar customers with big fees

The US and Other Rich Countries Stonewalled $300 Billion Climate Relief Fund

Amazon Threatened to Fire Employees for Speaking Out on Climate, Workers Say

The Great Dismantling of America's National Parks Is Under Way

The Collapse Of Civilization May Have Already Begun


From the Top 25 Censored Stories of 2018-2019:

Ukrainian Fascists Trained US White Supremacists

US Women Face Prison Sentences for Miscarriages


'Twas the Season to Be Jolly

Christmas 2019: More than half a million homeless in America

A Grim New Definition of Generation X

Trump Tells Evangelical Rally He Will Put Prayer in Schools

Another Kentucky coal company refuses to pay miners

Army Veteran's Prosthetic Legs Repossessed After VA Refuses to Pay for Them

US alcohol-related deaths doubled between 1999 and 2017

New study shows link between auto plant closures and opioid deaths in working class America

"Democracy for Sale": Cambridge Analytica and Big Tech's History of Manipulating Elections

36th Out of 41: Social Justice Index of Developed Nations Puts US Near Bottom

Onward, Christian Fascists


And for all of us in the fast-growing Marginalized Multitude -- already our species' largest demographic group ever --  may our New Year at least be notably happier than the pivotally bad year our (allegedly) human Masters intend to inflict on us.

LB/11 January 2020


Ok, It's Time to Get Off My Pity-Full Ass and Get Back to Work

Meanwhile Let Us Admit Our Conditioned Hatred of Government Is an
Insurmountable Barrier to Saving Ourselves from Extinction

QUITE SIMPLY, NO people who have been taught by their extended individual and collective experience to regard government and bureaucracy and bureaucrats and politicians with near-universal hatred,  contempt and infinite (yet utterly rational)  distrust -- precisely as we the people have been taught by the bipartisan malevolence of of Neoliberalism -- can ever  achieve anything even remotely resembling the socialism essential to rescue our species from extinction and save our Mother Earth from reduction to a bug planet.

Why? Because in the minds of the vast moronic majority,  socialism has come to mean naught but "Big Government" -- which is precisely what we in the so-called "United States" are taught to fear and despise even more than the (already-well-underway) Final Extinction.

And given the anti-intellectual ignorance maliciously inflicted on us by all financially accessible schools (whether public or private) and sustained by the Mainstream Media Propaganda Machine  -- which perhaps we should call the MaiMePropMach (pronounced "Maim Me Prop Mash") -- there is absolutely no way this intentionally suicidal preconditioning can ever be overcome. Indeed our masters are already hurling us under the proverbial bus.

Yes, we must keep fighting. But we must evolve strategy and tactics based on recognition we are far more powerless than even the abandoned, heroic-but-doomed anti-Nazi defenders of Fortress Brest -- for the monstrous and unspeakably horrific truth is there is no political leader, organization,  nation or people left on this wounded and dying planet with sufficient power, influence and will to rescue us from Neoliberal Capitalism and its coterie of fascist fanatics.

Nor can we continue hiding beneath our deluded fantasy of someday magically receiving justice for the innumerable atrocities already inflicted on us by our morally imbecilic, sadistically gleeful overlords in what is already the most murderously unjust global tyranny in our species' entire approximately 250,000-year history. 

There is no true justice -- none whatsoever -- under Neoliberal Capitalism, nor will there ever be.  


EMPHATICALLY RECOMMENDED READING: an emotionally downsized  form of the news reporting that characterized the old Dispatches (because even I who lived most of my adult life in intimate embrace with the day's news can no longer endure  being beaten over the head daily with the fact we're doomed); also, note all save one of these heads are self-explanatory; hence, with that exception, the lack of routine descriptive comment: 

“You Can’t Trust the Government”: Flint Residents Speak Out on Newark Water Crisis


A Bunch of CEOs Want to Fix Capitalism. You Can’t Fix Anything Built on Slavery.


Offering Choice But Delivering Tyranny: the Corporate Capture of Agriculture


The 1619 Project and the Far-Right Fear of History


The Pseudo Debate Over Jeffrey Epstein’s Suicide


The Racist Right Has Been Searching For Trump All Along


March for Our Lives Unveils Sweeping Gun Reform Agenda: 'The Time Is Now'

Badly misleading head should read, "March for Our Lives Demands Total Forcible Disarmament" -- for which see the original  MFOL document,  here.  See also my comment on the initial report's comment thread



EARLIER RECOMMENDED READING: selections I tagged for a planned posting was delayed by my latest CHF-related illness, another bout with cellulitis, this time a severely infected foot. Nevertheless I feel these essays and reports remain relevant:   

In the Face of Climate Collapse, We Need the Wisdom of Elders
But instead all U.S. governments, local, state or federal, inflict the various forms of psychological warfare and slow-motion genocide by which our Capitalists masters suppress and eradicate our individual and collective memory. 

What Would Happen If All Ice On Earth Melted?
A presentation that despite its reluctance to blame patriarchal  humans for destroying  our Mother Earth is nevertheless an accurate briefing on the ultimate consequences of terminal climate change. 

The Insanity in Oregon Is a Glimpse of Our Very Dark Future
How our Capitalist overlords attack from all directions, with their Republican vassals  openly joining hands with the Sturmabteilung, thereby encouraging the equally Capitalist Democratic [sic] Party's forcible disarmament fanatics to escalate their campaign to leave us defenseless against the burgeoning ChristoNazi militias.

Welcome to Ayn Rand's America  (How Rand, whose Fountainhead is a celebration of a murder's moral imbecility and whose Atlas Shrugged is essentially a hero-worshiping fictionalization of Mein Kampf, became the leading U.S. "philosopher." 

We Must End Neoliberalism, Or Neoliberalism Will End Us
By far the best (and most succinctly knife-edged) essay on the cancer of Neoliberalism I have yet encountered.

A Night at the Garden
A terrifying seven-minute glimpse of the United States' ChristoNazi future as foretold by the United States' Original Nazi past.

Fear vs. Fear
Chris Hedges' most recent, always eloquent reflections on the now-unavoidable doom -- ecocide and genocide combined -- the Capitalists are deliberately inflicting on our species, on human society and on our Mother Earth.

A Very Old Man for a Wolf
A compelling study of human interaction with those whom, in the absence of H. sapiens sapiens,  might well have become this planet's apex species.


RELEVANT PERSONAL STUFF: obviously I am back online with a new computer, a blessed gift from my two all-time best friends. As to the future of Dispatches, what you see is what you'll get from now on: brief commentary with links to a few reports I regard as relevant beyond their immediate Doomsday messaging -- that is, informative or at least thought-provoking for the (very few) truly committed activists remaining here in the de facto Fourth Reich.    

Meanwhile I who sought to live my life as a journalist and consumed news items with the same enthusiasm I yet eat broiled Eastern Brook Trout or oven-roast Ruffed Grouse now find the news not just unbearably depressing but all too often terrifying in a doomsday sense I had formerly never imagined possible.

But it is what it is.

With the total and effectively eternal ChristoNazi control of the courts,  the regime's ongoing imposition of theocracy on the United States obviously cannot be stopped or even much delayed, and that of course means within a couple of centuries (or more likely far less) our species will be extinct, everything we managed to achieve will thereby be reduced to utter meaninglessness, and our Mother Earth will be reduced back to a bug planet.

We are doomed -- and anyone who believes otherwise is not only an idiot but a perpe-traitor of our destruction.


PERSONAL BAD NEWS update: Two weeks ago I was diagnosed as "pre-diabetic," which because of my socioeconomic status -- my inability to afford a food budget that (were I to eat only the required low-carbohydrate diet)  would quadruple my monthly food expense from approximately $150 to nearly $600 -- is literally a death sentence.

Such a food expenditure is an absolutely impossible sum even had I no other expenses save rent (just hiked $26 to $515 per month, the biggest one-time rent increase I have ever known, raising the cost of my sardine-can-small apartment to an severely injurious 39.9 percent of my income); atop that, there's my health insurance ($82 per month); prescription and over-the-counter drugs (at least $100 per month); internet and telephone (at least $65 per month).

But even without transport -- buses when I am ambulatory, what are said to be the nation's most expensive taxis when I am not -- those sums already  exceed my monthly income, forcing me to survive by (abusing) what little credit I have been able to retain.  

And let us not forget it was Barack the Betrayer's viciously dishonest food-stamp cuts that slashed my monthly stipend from $130 to the $15 the ChristoNazi Trump/Pence Regime will soon take away simply because our Capitalist masters regard me and everyone of my caste to be what the Original Nazis damned as "unworthy of life."

But what pisses me off the most is that I who assumed I would die a natural death by congestive heart failure am now -- by the genocidal malevolence of our Capitalist overlords -- sentenced to die by poverty-inflicted diabetes merely because I cannot afford the sorts of non-toxic foods that are (now) readily available to (only) the genuinely wealthy aristocrats. 

Ironically, I used to grow just such foods -- for 18 good years,  annual harvests sufficient to feed me delicious organic vegetables until the next summer's crops came in.

Now and for however long I remain alive, I am trapped in a city and stuck for the duration in federally subsidized geriatric housing. But of course I still garden -- with a hand-trowel on a plot 12 feet by 2 feet instead of with a tractor on two meadow-sized plots totaling 8800 square feet -- and in this year of climate change those two 12-foot rows yielded only eight pounds of green beans (this as compared with 15 pounds last year).

Thus -- since there is absolutely no way I will ever be able to afford the funds necessary to eat well enough to avoid the diabetes death sentence -- I am now as I approach age 80 reduced to nothing more than another of Capitalism's ever-expanding infinity of victims.


LASTLY, THREE MORE recommended stories:

My Childhood Rape and My Life That Might Have Been
Recovering victim's story exemplifies just how on-point Second Wave feminists were with their slogan "the Personal is Political." (See also my own comment-thread acknowledgment of how and why my birthparents emotionally abandoned me three months after my fifth birthday.)  

The Stunning Revival of America's 'Christian Left'
Long-overdue report on the emergent and growing (but undoubtedly too late) Christian opposition to ChristoNazism.

Dogs’ Eyes Have Changed Since Humans Befriended Them
More on the evolutionary hows and whys most of us so love our canine companions.

Until next time (probably next month)...

LB/21 August 2019



Ecocidal Genocide and Enslavement of All Surviving Workers: That's the Shock-Doctrine "Final Solution" Ever More Evident in the Neoliberals' Stubborn Refusal to Fight Climate Change

Imagine a Concentration-Camp Planet Ruled by a Hillary or a Trump. Unthinkable, Yes?  But What Other Future Could They Be Planning?  

WHEN WE ANALYZE the indications  as investigative reporters and intelligence analysts are taught to do, there is only one possible  explanation for the denial, dithering and maliciously scripted paralysis by which our overlords sabotage every effort to counter the already-apocalyptic and soon-to-be-terminal climate crisis.1

No matter how I evaluate the evidence, I find it impossible to escape the conclusion our Capitalist masters long ago decided their "Final Solution" to all the world's problems is to allow the looming disasters to exterminate as many of us as possible. And then impose a zero-tolerance global tyranny more savage than anything our species has ever known, condemning the few Working Class survivors and their descendants to inescapable slavery. 

Thanks to Naomi Klein (The Shock Doctrine: the Rise of Disaster Capitalism; Metropolitan Books: 2007), the Neoliberal methodology is obvious. Thanks to Chris Hedges (American Fascists: the Christian Right and the War on America; Free Press: 2006); to Kevin Phillips (American Theocracy: the Peril and Politics of Radical Religion, Oil and Borrowed Money in the 21st Century; Viking: 2006); and most of all to Jeff Sharlet (The Family: the Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power; Harper: 2008); we already know our oppressors' capabilities and intentions.

We therefore also know our masters are methodically weaponizing the murderously self-righteous patriarchal misogyny, the hateful Christian white-supremacy and the sadistic theocratic malevolence of their increasingly fanatical supporters into a new, terrifyingly global Sturmabteilung to serve as  guards,  torturers and executioners.         

A few of us even recognize the Shock-Doctrine dynamics evident in the epidemic of mass murder2 that fuels the now-probably unstoppable Forcible Civilian Disarmament Movement, which is manipulating our fear, horror and ignorance into the frightened helplessness of mandatory pacifism and compulsory victimhood. 

Given how the ChristoNazis and their fascist collaborators are already embraced as allies by the cops and by the imperial war machine,  it is obvious these new Storm Troopers will remain armed -- legally or otherwise -- even after the last firearm has been confiscated from the last non-fascist U.S. household.

Meanwhile the entire murder-minded rabble is officially encouraged to  prey upon us at will.  

But -- until now -- only one other journalist, the admirably courageous Sarah Kendzior, has dared publicly suggest the Occam's-Razor-obvious answer of why our rulers are behaving as they do. Clearly they intend to profit both from the apocalyptic disasters and from the Shock-Doctrine opportunities for genocidal reconstruction of human society -- think  Puerto Rico and New Orleans -- such  events provide.  

Our masters have been quietly smuggling their traveling holocaust of horrors home, one private jetload at a time, since 22 November 1963. But now the triumph of the genuinely Nazified Donald Trump and his burn-all-witches running-mate Michael Pence has blown the One Percenters' cover and revealed -- over an entirely bogus storm of objections --  the hideous truth of what actually obtains in this "one nation under (their  sadistic) God."     

We can (and typically do) spare ourselves the guilt and horror evoked by these near-daily atrocities if we reduce them to the emotionless abstractions of statistics -- for example the approximately 45,000 USian children, women and men the Neoliberals exterminate each year by deliberate denial of medical care.  Such sanitized information does absolutely nothing to alleviate our overwhelming sense of powerlessness or goad us to action.  But its near-universal availability most assuredly helps maintain the Exceptionally Big Lie of U.S. press freedom.

Of course if we are mindful enough to see without flinching -- and far too few of us are --  we can look directly at the hopelessly distraught faces of the growing legions of homeless children and adults and acknowledge that what is already sculpted by wretchedness on their faces is also an accurate vision of our own more-than-probable future.  Housed or not, we struggle to survive even as we are criminalized for the poverty inflicted on us by our masters. So impoverished, we are  endlessly tormented -- indeed not infrequently slain -- whether by the edicts of their insurance executives and welfare bureaucrats  or the hollow-point antipersonnel rounds fired by their  uniquely murderous federally militarized local police.  Survival itself thus becomes a (potentially fatal) assertion of revolutionary defiance. 

It is therefore utterly delusional to suppose the Apocalypse -- here deliberately capitalized as a proper noun -- is not already well underway. Never mind the environmental projections; to see the future intended for all of us in  the  99 Percent, just visit the nearest homeless encampment.   Meanwhile the One Percenters and their trusted henchmen -- the lawyers, politicians and executives who transmogrify their masters' moral imbecility into real-world atrocities -- are fully cognizant of our intensifying anger. That's why they are building strongholds and raising private armies to defend them.

Welcome to the new post-imperial Dark Age, complete with moated castles. 

Knowing history as I do -- including military history and the history of weapons -- I have a reasonably accurate notion of what is taking shape. Forget nations and governments; it will instead be a world of corporate manorialism enforced by the de facto tribalism of ultra-high-tech feudalism. Its population will be forever divided into two classes: the all-powerful and the abjectly powerless -- that is, the masters and the slaves.

Also knowing anthropology and mythology and life on rural agricultural communes, I can  accurately imagine the post-apocalyptic socialist alternative: a contentious but nevertheless fully functional amalgum of family and community that despite its emotional dysfunction is bound by a diligent solidarity evident in  proven skill, whether at subsistance  agriculture or self-defense.   

Obviously I would choose the latter were I able. 

My own sense of what our  probable future might look like -- mental imagery  based on scholarship and personal experience including not only the tragedies and disasters I covered as a journalist but also the postwar horrors I witnessed in South Korea c. 1961-1962 -- is something I intend to write about in considerable detail during the weeks ahead. 

For now though suffice it to say life in a postapocalyptic world -- that is, assuming there is any human survival at all -- would be nothing like most of us seem to imagine. The eventual collapse of the electrical grid would eliminate nearly all post-19th Century technology including the associated industrial capabilities essential to its restoration. Meanwhile the post-Roman history of Britain vividly demonstrates civilization's fragility. Save for its stone-and-concrete structures -- chiefly aqueducts, roads, bridges and buildings -- it was gone in less than a century. By the time these  structures began crumbling, there was no one left alive who was knowledgeable or skilled enough to repair them.    

What follows then is list of 115 present-day headlines arbitrarily divided into eight categories of evidence. Each head is hyperlinked to its text. I lifted 96 of these from the approximately 760 news stories and analytical commentaries I received in my electronic in-box between 25 February 2019 and 15 March 2019 inclusive. The remaining 19 -- 13 slightly older analytical and historical essays listed under "However Banal, Evil May Also Prove Bottomless" as background reading and six reassuring entries under the concluding section, "Unrecognized Resistance to Extinction"  -- are from the bookmarks of my electronic library. 

Were we to envision a genuinely accurate metaphor for our circumstances and begin to focus on these 115  examples as accurate microcosms of our real circumstances, we might soon realize it is rather as if we of the 99 Percent are  passengers aboard a ship at sea. But the officers -- the One Percenters and their lawyers, politicians and executives -- have knowingly overbooked it to maximize their profit and have thus overloaded it nearly to the point of sinking. As we sail toward heavy weather the officers have realized the danger they are in and have begun to lighten the load by flinging groups of us overboard in circumstances designed to rebrand murders as unavoidable tragedy -- exactly as is done, for example,  to hide the murders of the approximately 45,000 of us who are slain every year by deliberate denial of health care.

(I am compelled to ask: when someone is killed by deliberate perpetuation of a policy known to be deadly, how can it not be murder? Note in this context the deliberate embrace of genocide inherent in the U.S. One Percenters' knowingly deadly edicts to perpetuate healthcare as a privilege of wealth rather than the universal human right it is considered by every other government  in the developed world.)   

The officers who command our metaphorical ship meanwhile tells us they are doing everything they can to save our lives. They continue repeating this lie even after we discover they  are actually opening the scuttlecocks; the truth is we passengers are all doomed. By sinking us the officers not only silence our complaints and pocket our fares but also collect on the insurance, profiting obscenely.

Now -- as passengers who have not yet been flung overboard -- let us look both at the unprecedented real-world malevolence  of our overlords, at the growing rebelliousness it is evoking and also at a few of  the many oft-unrecognized assertions of our own boundless determination to survive. It's that very combination -- the serial-killer moral imbecility of our rulers versus our own humanitarian mindfulness -- that make this hypothesis so obviously true once we have brought the evidence into sharp focus.

Having contemplated our circumstances for nearly a decade  -- see for example "Economic Collapse: Capitalist Death-Stroke To Hated Public Services?" (my post of 27 April 2010, for which I was immediately and permanently ousted from Facebook) --   I can no longer doubt  the rulers of the world have no intention whatsoever of ameliorating climate change; that instead they are deliberately using the apocalypse -- and quite possibly engineering it --  the ever-more-obvious goal of which is to reorganize all human society into the hierarchical structure of the slave plantation or the concentration-camp.4

Thus the following, a portrait of the deepening gloom in which we dwell, the hues of its darkness softened -- because I'm sure you are as tired as I of reading atrocity reports  -- into lists of hyperlinked heads and titles from which you may choose at will. You'll see more of these easy-choice lists as I continue to re-format Dispatches after Facebook terminated my access to the Tacoma Communists page, where until last January links to my work were routinely posted.    


(I). Our Mother Earth as an Abused Woman

The Climate Change Paper So Depressing It's Sending People to Therapy

In the Deepest Ocean Trenches, Animals Eat Plastic

Iconic Forests Reaching Climate Tipping Points in American West

Nothing resolved as Flint water crisis nears fifth anniversary

Insecticide Linked to Increased Breast Cancer Risk -- 40 Years After Exposure

Moment of Reckoning: US Cities Burn Recyclables After China Bans Imports

A World Without Clouds. Think About That a Minute: New Study Details Possibility of Devastating Climate Feedback Loop

Like a nightmare’: Amtrak train, trapped by snow for 36 hours, arrives back in Seattle

Flint water crisis claims its youngest Legionnaires’ victim to date

Measles outbreak in Ukraine claims eight lives

Popular Brands Of Beer And Wine Found To Contain Glyphosate Weedkiller

RSN: How Fukushima Nukes Kill Our Climate, Our Planet, Ourselves

Game Over? Report Card on Our Planet’s Environment


(II). Dithering as Denial

The Environmental Implications Of A Trump Presidency

Dianne Feinstein Says No to the Green New Deal

Legislature, Inslee struggle to fix roads that block salmon, help starve orcas

Top Democrats Are Enabling Climate Catastrophe

The 2020 Democrats of the "Anti-Green New Deal Coalition"

Democrats Wasting Time While Our Climate Burns


(III). The Apocalypse Is Already Upon Us 

Survival of the Richest, All Are Equal, Except Those Who Aren't

American Exceptionalism: The Naked Truth

The New York Times Won't Stop Pushing Crank Economics

Amazon federal taxes: how the company’s corporate tax bill was $0

The deadly truth about a world built for men – from stab vests to car crashes

Dakota Access Pipeline Company Is Abusing The Judicial System To Silence Dissent

Democrats Not Backing Medicare For All

Trump's 2020 Budget Proposes $1 Trillion Cut to Medicare, Medicaid

FOCUS: Will 2020 Democrats Help Trump by Destroying Each Other?

Right-Wing Extremism Linked to Every 2018 Extremist Murder in the US, ADL Finds

Pack City Hall to Stop Mayor Durkan’s attacks on Homeless Services

The Most Harrowing Revelation of the Cohen Hearing

Corporate and “Progressive” Democrats Threaten Medicare Itself

Trump Reportedly Wants to Steal From the Troops to Pay for His Wall

Joe Biden Has a History of Racist Comments

Pharma & Insurance Gave $43M To 130 House Democrats Not Backing Medicare For All

Immigrants endure inhuman conditions at ICE prison in New Jersey

Poverty in the UK: 100 “baby banks” spring up to assist parents with basic supplies 

Torture Fans and War Criminals Determine US Foreign Policy

Pelosi dismisses efforts to impeach President Trump

Free dental clinic draws hundreds in Nashville, Tennessee

Closure of Brazil Ford plant to destroy up to 27,000 jobs

The Trump presidency: From the Manhattan underworld to the White House

Latest collision on Long Island Rail Road shows fatal consequences of system-wide neglect

Nearly 200 Immigrants in Texas Detention Facilities Have Mumps

Trump May Want to Be President Forever. Take the Threat Seriously.

Pity the Nation: War Spending Is Bankrupting America

No charges for Sacramento police officers who murdered Stephon Clark

Fascism by Another Name

The Global Assault on Indigenous Peoples

Mitch Nuclear Option McConnell Poised to Turn Steady Stream of Trump's Right-Wing Judges Into a Flood

Cuts to hours for Whole Foods workers exposes fraud of Amazon pay increase

Big Capital, the Working Class, and US Imperialism: a Brief Look at Recent History

Nearly 1.4 Million Puerto Ricans Facing Dangerous Food Stamp Cuts as Trump and Congress Fail to Act

Trump to Divert Up to $385 Million From Crucial Health Programs To Pay for Government-Sanctioned Child Abuse

Big Pharma, Insurers and Hospitals Team Up to Kill Medicare for All

Trump's Legacy: Conservative Judges Who Will Interpret US Law for Decades

Chelsea Manning Defies Secret Grand Jury, Julian Assange Scoops Michael Cohen

Stephon Clark Killed Twice by U.S. imperialism

President’s Budget Targets Key Health Care Programs

The VA Is Privatizing Veterans Health Care While Launching A Campaign To Deny It

Union Busting on Campus: Jackson Lewis and Higher Education Anti-Unionism

College admissions scandal: what it reveals about wealth in America - Vox

NY School Holds Mock Slave Auction Selling Black Students to White Kids

FOCUS: Colony of Hell: 911 Calls From Inside Amazon Warehouses

Joint US-South Korean war games amid rising tensions with North Korea

Federal Aviation Administration accused of colluding with Boeing in wake of 737 crashes

Of Course College Admissions Rigged for the Rich. The Whole Economic System Is

Report Card Shows Majority of Senate Democrats Aiding Trump's Right-Wing Court Takeover

Scientist Who Resisted Censorship of Climate Report Lost Her Job

The criminalization of environmental protest in Trump’s America


(IV). Their God Demands They Rape Our Mother5

The Supreme Court Is Quietly Changing the Status of Religion in American Life

Giving The Bomb To Saudi Arabia's Dr. Strangelove

What You Need to Know About Trump’s Latest Attack on Reproductive Health

United Methodist Church votes to maintain its opposition to same-sex marriage, gay clergy

Southern Baptist Convention Grapples With Sexual Abuse Report

Cuba's Evangelical Alliance Leads Crusade Against Gay Marriage

With Trump, White Protestantism Hits Rock Bottom

United Methodists Fracture: LGBT Plan Rejected - The Atlantic

The Cult of the Good Christian Woman

Anti-Vaxx Mobs: Doctors Face Harassment Campaigns on Facebook

Revealed: AmazonSmile Helps Fund Anti-Vaccine Groups

Abortion Restrictions Sweep Through GOP-Held Legislatures

Saudi Women Activists Stand Trial in Criminal Court

Trump Administration Rolls Out Implementation Plan for Transgender Military Ban

The Kansas Bomb Plot: What Has the Media Missed?

New Zealand mosque shooting: what we know so far about the mass shooting in Christchurch

Trump's Pick of Wealthy Climate Denier for UN Ambassador Decried as Slap in the Face to Planet and Humanity

New Zealand mosque shooting: the shooter’s manifesto shows how white nationalist rhetoric spreads

The shadowy network shaping Trump’s anti-immigration policies

The EPA and Evangelical (Anti)Environmentalism

Trump: The most anti-science president ever?


(V). A Few Vernal Sprouts of Wishful Thinking

Climate Change Could End Washington’s Global Dominion

FOCUS: A Future Without Fossil Fuels?

How long can we keep dodging nuclear war? 

The climate crisis and the insidious idea that things must get worse before they get better


(VI). The Earth Mother's Spring Sunshine Grows Flowers of Defiance  

The Keys To The Sunrise Movement's Momentum? A Bold Idea, A Visionary Narrative, And Organising Best Practices

The Black Stake in the Green New Deal | Black Agenda Report

Female Leaders Warn Against Global Rise of Autocratic Strongmen and Attack on Womens Rights

Youth Climate Activists Arrested for Sit-In at Mitch McConnell's Office

Rethink Activism in the Face of Catastrophic Biological Collapse

Researchers: Violence, War And Climate Change Are Linked

Vandana Shiva: We Must Fight Back Against the 1 Percent to Stop the Sixth Mass Extinction

It’s the Green New Deal or Else

Extinction Rebellion: “Green” capitalism versus world socialism

The Youth Climate Strike and the fight against global warming

Global Climate Strike in Pictures: Millions of Students Walk Out to Demand Planetary Transformation

A Tribal Camp in South Texas Is Vowing to Resist Trump’s Wall


(VII). However Banal, Evil May Also Prove Bottomless

Donald Trump Is Anti-Environment, But So Was Barack Obama

How Republicans came to embrace anti-environmentalism

Joining the dots: women, environmentalism and neoliberalism

What is Neoliberalism?

Neoliberalism's Dark Path to Fascism

How Neoliberalism Is Normalising Hostility

A shock to the ecosystem: Neoliberalism and the environment | well sharp

Neoliberalism has conned us into fighting climate change as individuals

Neoliberalism is to blame for stalled climate action

The Secret Threat That Makes Corporations More Powerful Than Countries

Average U.S. Citizens Have “Little Or No” Influence On Government Policy

Our Mania For Hope Is A Curse

In Facing Mass Extinction, We Must Allow Ourselves to Grieve


(VIII.) Unrecognized Resistance to Extinction
A much-expanded version6 of the Jung/McLuhan hypothesis all art includes elements of prophecy.

How to Spin Wool (with Pictures)

Enjoying Horseback Archery Adventures of the Year 2017

Ricky Roberts Ferguson Rifle Timed Fire at King's Mountain National Military Park

Finding Freedom in a Frontier Life 

Making a Blacksmith Shop with No Power Tools

Western Science Is Finally Catching Up To Traditional Knowledge



1Key passage of the cited essay: "climate-induced societal collapse is now inevitable in the near term." How near? About a decade.

2The U.S. epidemic of mass murder is the byproduct of a culture that decrees humans worthless save as consumers, declares greed the only human motivator and honors hatefulness as the apex of emotion. Thus -- without any need for possibly embarrassing conspiracies -- do our rulers guarantee themselves a constant flow of tragedies by which to rationalize their imposition of Shock-Doctrine tyranny. See for example "School Shootings and Drone Wars: America's Invisible Ways of Violence,"   

3As I suspect all truthful historians will do if our species escapes extinction, I take the murder of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy as the death-date of the United States as a pretend-democracy. See James W. Douglass. JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters (Orbis Books: 2008), pgs. 375-376. See also: After Kennedy's assassination, new President Lyndon B. Johnson immediately reversed his predecessor's order to withdraw 1,000 military personnel from Vietnam by the end of 1963.

4I built a half-dozen population projections based on the assumption some humans will survive, my reasoning elaborated in Footnote 6, below.  One projections was based on reduction of the human population by 95 percent -- approximately the percentage of earthly species taken by the Permian-Triassic Extinction 250 million years ago. Significantly, using the One Percent/99 Percent model, a 95 percent human extinction rate would would result in the same ratio of masters to slaves, 8.75 million to 350 million or 1:40, that is  typical of today's U.S. chain gangs. By comparison, the ratio of Nazis to victims in the German concentration  camps was 1:18, for which see Bucheim, Broszat, Jacobsen and Krausnick, Anatomy of the SS State (English translation William Collins Sons: 1968); pg. 504. Given the One Percenters' now obvious adoration of Nazi Germany and the white-supremacist South, these are almost certainly the population parameters they are employing as they try to leverage the Apocalypse into their New World Order.

5Patriarchy and its Abrahamic religious offspring, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, are the ideological vectors of the misogynistic war on the environment.  As defined by Thomas Sancton and cited by Naomi Klein in "Neoliberalism is to blame for stalled climate action," The ultimate source of Neoliberalism (and Capitalism itself) is ...the misuse of the Judeo-Christian concept of "dominion" over nature and the fact that it supplanted the pre-Christian idea that "the earth was seen as a mother, a fertile giver of life. Nature -- the soil, forest, sea -- was endowed with divinity, and mortals were subordinate to it."

6Carl Jung (All art intuitively apprehends coming changes in the collective unconsciousness) and Marshall McLuhan (Art at its most significant is a Distant Early Warning System that can always be relied on to tell the old culture what is beginning to happen to it)  each defined art as prophecy. A paramount example is the series of paintings entitled The Scream, each of which clearly anticipate the apocalyptic horrors of the 20th and 21st centuries. But the definitions of art employed by Jung and McLuhan are elitist, which caused them to exclude entirely the  vast body of evidence that is to be found outside of museums, galleries and theaters. Hence this section's focus on recovery of primitive skills such as fire-making, blacksmithing, spinning and weaving or the use of antique tools and weapons. All such activities -- and there are a great many more than are sampled here -- preserve the means to survive the death of the technologies  upon which we are now dependent.  Popular music likewise: in "Glimpses of a Pale Dancer" -- the photographically illustrated manuscript that was destroyed, probably by government arsonists,  just as it was on the brink of major publication -- I presented an enormity of evidence the folk-music renaissance of the 1950s provided the aesthetic momentum of the 1960s Counterculture, especially the revolution against patriarchy implicit in the earliest aspects of Second-Wave Feminism, Environmentalism and the Back-to-the-Land Movement. Indeed the poet/musician Lisa Thiel has since composed what could be construed as an entire post-apocalyptic liturgy in celebration of the resurrected Goddess. Nor do I think it mere coincidence Robert Graves wrote the first draft of his revolutionary recovery of our species' long suppressed  pre-patriarchal mythology, The White Goddess, in 1944 -- literally just as the Atomic Age was dawning.  The survival instinct apparent in  such examples -- as if (often without conscious intent) we are already preparing for a world without today's technology -- convinces me some humans will survive, no matter what madness our masters inflict on Nature and ourselves.  

(With thanks to Tigerlille1 for some of the above links.)

LB/25 February-15 March 2019


Just More Atrocities by Our Ever-More-Openly Nazi Overlords

With One Possibly Inspiring Environmental Report at the Very End

HAMSTRUNG BY CONVERGENCE of geriatric disability and the increasingly severe punishments the Neoliberal (NeoNazi) United States inflicts on those of us it wants to exterminate -- i.e., people of color, old folks like myself, LGBTQ people, allegedly "uppity" women, disabled people however young or elderly, non-Aryan whites, impoverished people (again like myself), anyone else deemed either undesirable or insufficiently profitable or both -- this week's Dispatches will be hastily assembled but cynically outspoken as always.

Yes I am sick yet again -- this time it's cellulitis, a chronic infection in both lower legs that is one of the more debilitating consequences of congestive heart failure. Meanwhile my schedule is controlled by my permanently car-less dependence on volunteers for first-of-month chore-transport, a condition due not only to poverty but to the fact Pacific Northwest "transit-is-welfare" white racism  dooms Tacoma to forever-shitty mass transport. Plus now I'm coping 


Important note: news reports formerly published weekly in Dispatches are now published daily on the Facebook page of the Tacoma (Harry Bridges) Chapter of the Communist Labor Party. Most are stories suppressed or downplayed by the Mainstream Media Propaganda Machine (MMPM), the world's first private, for-profit version of Nazi Germany's Ministry for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. Therefore please check this page at least once per day for vital information. Thank you.


with the annual interrogation the Washington State Department of  Social and Health Services inflicts on recipients of its ever-shrinking stipends and services. Filling out the paperwork,  assembling the required documentation and annotating it by mechanical typewriter -- the only way my arthritic hands can do it legibly -- steals at least seven workdays from my life every year. And of course every year DSHS and its Neoliberal masters vindictively add new requirements to the already difficult (and bottomlessly nerve-wracking) process.  

Today's DSHS, of course, is nothing more than a meticulously malicious zero-tolerance gatekeeper, focused not on helping impoverished people but rather on finding ever-more-euphemistically creative ways to deny us help and thereby fund the untold, ever-increasing  billions in big-business tax breaks -- by far the greatest such giveways in the U.S. -- by which the Democratic (sic) Party state government rewards the party's Capitalist owners and bribemasters...

Even as Washington state's lower-income population, which now tops 50 percent -- suffers under the nation's most deliberately, vindictively, viciously regressive state tax structure.

Such are the rules of existence -- and death -- under the Democratic (sic) Party's allegedly "progressive" (sic) governance.

Which, in embittering truth  -- except of course for the Democrats' loudly proclaimed and moronically applauded agenda of suicidally aiding the ChristoNazi Sturmabteilung by imposing mandatory pacifism and therefore compulsory victimhood via near-total forcible civilian disarmament -- is yet another Big Lie, part of the Democrats' perpetual, ChristoNazi-enabling repetition of "change we can believe in": the most devastating, tyranny-facilitating electoral deception in USian history.

That said -- preachment ended -- let us continue with some of the week's most allegedly "subversive" reports of allegedly "fake" news:  

Here's  (Minimal) Exposure of Tyrannies Inflicted by School, Welfare Bureaucrats 

Fed up with what they see as obstinate parents who don’t agree to special education services for their child, or disruptive kids who make learning difficult, schools...use the threat of a child-protection investigation to strong-arm parents into complying with the school’s wishes or transferring their children to a new school. That approach is not only improper, but it can be devastating for families, even if the allegations are ultimately determined to be unfounded...In interviews, more than a dozen lawyers said these investigations disproportionately affect low-income families of color, who tend to live in neighborhoods and attend schools that have bigger police and social services presences and whose children are more likely to show markings of poverty that can be confused with neglect.   

Comment: Such typically malicious abuse -- most of it impossible to appeal without the vast wealth required for hard-fought lawsuits -- is infinitely more commonplace than reported. (Note for example the DSHS practice, rampant during the 1980s and early 1990s,  of vindictively changing the diagnoses of Vietnam-era military veterans from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to various disorders that make you permanently unemployable and thereby utterly destroy your life. Why? To deny the male victims any/all vocational rehabilitation services and reserve all the associated jobs exclusively for women.) Of course; such is white Neoliberal (Capitalist/ChristoNazi) identity-politics feminism in action.  

Note too how Truthout, all-too often a parargon of pseudo-Left reportage, carefully downplays the magnitude of the atrocities. (Wouldn't want to offend those honky feminists, much less the Democratic (sic) Party.)


Teaching White Supremacy to Proletarians as Prelude to Total ChristoNazification

(T)he White House has become a brazen think tank for the promotion of white supremacy in the US and abroad. We must also contend with the fact that the nation’s leading newspaper, The New York Times, is now lending its editorial page to the promotion of white supremacy in the gauzy guise of yet another George H.W. Bush hagiography.


Nazified US Policy Has Killed 20 to 30 Million People Since WWII

Now it is George Herbert Walker Bush’s turn to be canonized for bringing “'a ‘thousand points of light’ illuminating the greatness, hope, and opportunity of America to the world," in the words of the current CEO of Empire, Donald Trump. Former White House denizens Obama, Clinton and Carter also lauded the life and works of their accomplice in global predation, as did the son-of-a-Bush, George W., the under-achiever who wound up out-doing his daddy in mass murder...

Most Americans...know the U.S. leaves dead bodies in its wake all around the planet -- Americans are not clueless, and that which they don’t know is due as much to deliberate, determined ignorance as it is to the failings of the news media. A nation born in genocide and slavery does not change its nature without undergoing a revolution, and the United States has not experienced such a transformation. At least half the population sees the death of millions of non-whites as “collateral damage” from America’s civilizing mission in the world: it’s “worth it.”


How the U.S. Nukes Its Foes Yet Avoids Those Embarrassing Mushroom Clouds

At the close of the first Gulf War, Saddam Hussein was denounced as a ferocious villain for ordering his retreating troops to destroy Kuwaiti oil fields, clotting the air with poisonous clouds of black smoke and saturating the ground with swamps of crude. It was justly called an environmental war crime.

But months of bombing of Iraq by US and British planes and cruise missiles has left behind an even more deadly and insidious legacy: tons of shell casings, bullets and bomb fragments laced with depleted uranium. In all, the US hit Iraqi targets with more than 970 radioactive bombs and missiles.

It took less than a decade for the health consequences from this radioactive bombing campaign to begin to coming into focus. And they are dire, indeed. Iraqi physicians call it “the white death”-leukemia. Since 1990, the incident rate of leukemia in Iraq has grown by more than 600 percent.


Why USian Universal Healthcare Is Pie-in-the-Sky without Real Revolution

(I)ncoming Ways and Means Committee chair Rep. Richard Neal (D-Mass.)...has denounced Medicare for All as "not realistic" and will soon be in a position to tank healthcare plans that are unacceptable to his insurance industry donors.


And Why Even the Most Minimal Reforms Are Likewise Doomed

Will the powerful and huge protests that erupted against Trump in January 2017 and ’18 rise again to confront the Clintons? If history is any guide, it is doubtful, given the absence of Democratic-liberal outrage at Bill Clinton’s Iraqi sanctions; Hillary Clinton’s support for the Honduran military coup of 2009 against President Manuel Zelaya that has led to the murder of thousands of indigenous and union activists, journalists, and human rights advocates; and her backing of the Saudi war on Yemen, the greatest humanitarian crisis in the world. The coup and Saudi attack began on Obama’s watch, a fact dropped down Orwell’s memory hole and erased from history.


For the Real Reason Washington Voters Nixed I-1631, Read My Comment

Record amounts of money were spent trying to derail the efforts of activists and labor unions fighting to save the environment. One such instance was over Initiative 1631 in Washington State where the oil industry spent more than $30 million trying to sabotage the struggle for a better world. In this exclusive Truthout interview, Jeff Johnson — who led the fight for the passing of Initiative 1631 — reflects on the lessons activists nationwide can draw for the future from the climate change struggle in Washington State.

Comment: as we Washingtonians know from long and exceedingly embittering experience, whether the legislative halls and the governor's palace are controlled by the Republican Party or its Democratic (sic) enablers, the permanently plutocrat-protecting politicians will always find ways to exempt the rich from any such costs and will instead vindictively inflict every penny of those costs on us, the 99 Percent, were we to dare vote any such measure into law. That's why such no such environment-saving proposal will ever pass here without the vital prelude of genuine, plutocrat-impeaching, proletariat-empowering revolution: we the people can't afford the deadly cost-of-survival increases that such measures inevitably inflict. Hence -- and most of us know it -- without revolution, we proletarians are fucked no matter what we do.


Capitalist Politicians Using Tax Cuts to Kill Few Remaining Social Services

Even as the federal government executes major cutbacks, it’s giving huge subsidies in the form of tax breaks to industry, a fact legislators rarely acknowledge. The Boston Globe recently published a thorough and eye-popping report detailing the nature and extent of these breaks.

Comment: despite methodical newsroom purges, a few carefully closeted Commies (as I was during my working-press decades) and equally closeted socialists in general have managed to conceal their personal politics well enough to remain employed by U.S. Mainstream Media, the world's first privately owned, exclusively for-profit Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. Occasionally these courageous journalists get to break pivotal stories (again as I did whenever possible). Hence read this report quickly before it vanishes down the Orwell Hole, and the reporter and editors who dared put together it are fired for heresy and flung into permanent joblessness. 


How Democratic (sic) Treachery Slays Our Last Faint Hope for Net Neutrality 

The vast majority of Americans support net neutrality, but a handful of Dems are holding out support. Why? They’ve all taken tens of thousands of dollars in “campaign donations” from telecoms like Verizon, Comcast, and AT&T...

Comment: this is a call for action, which I post with full awareness Net Neutrality is dead forever even if every USian voter responded as requested. The end of Net Neutrality allows every ISP to impose unlimited censorship -- yet another atrocity that  will never be undone without genuine revolution.


How Our Overlords' Respond to Tiny Expansions of Revolutionary Consciousness

Prefatory Comment: Despite the wildly escalating threat of murderous attacks on Leftists by ChristoNazis and other such fascist scum, the nation's white Ruling Class is busily ensuring we dissidents are denied any legal means of self-defense. Hence -- not the least to counter the minuscule number of Communist Labor Party comrades who are so self-deluded yet cling to the belief it can't happen here -- another of my periodic summaries of  skyrocketing efforts to repeal or nullify literally all our Second Amendment rights. Again with my apology for the fact the ONLY reliable sources of such information are the fascists themselves:

On December 5th, the Alliance for Gun Responsibility, a group backed by out-of-state elites, announced it will pursue its most extreme anti-gun legislative agenda to date during the upcoming 2019 Washington (state) Legislative Session.

Comment: the privately stated intent of the Democratic (sic) Party is -- and has been since the late 1970s -- to make Washington the first state in the U.S. wherein firearms ownership is effectively outlawed for every civilian save those who are obscenely rich. This forcible disarmament and its accompanying mandatory pacifism and compulsory victimhood is to be accomplished not by open releal of constitutional amendments, but rather by imposition of prohibitive fees and taxation. And with Democratic (sic) control of the entire state government, there is no force on earth capable of effectively resisting this year's flood of the hate-all-gunowner fanatics.


Which Makes This Horror Story from New Jersey Especially Relevant

Two thugs chased a 19-year-old woman across the street, into a store, and then executed her by shooting her 20 times. She died on a weekday afternoon in broad daylight. She was killed in front of witnesses in Trenton, the state capital of New Jersey. The murder was caught on security cameras. Jersey politicians and the news media told us time and again that this could never happen. We were supposed to be safe since the rigorous gun-control laws in New Jersey have disarmed the criminals. That obviously isn’t true and Jersey politicians and the news media lied to us. In fact, honest law abiding people were disarmed while the criminals still have guns. Gun control failed again and today, honest people pay with their lives. Have we had enough?

Comment: Lest we (conveniently) forget, the ChristoNazis and other  Sturmabteilung types  are themselves avowedly violent criminals who will never be disarmed by the looming tsunami of forcible-disarment/mandatory-pacifism/compulsory-victimhood laws by which the Capitalists and their wholly owned politicians are  reducing the rest of us to flee-or-be-murdered defenselessness.

See also here, here , here and especially here.  Plus this, which I post with a warning that despite its incipiently violent anti-immigrant white supremacy, it is the only report I could find that ACCURATELY describes the new forcible disarmament, prelude-to-confiscation law that now threatens every firearms owner in Bolder, Colorado.

Yes I also posted it -- with a similar prefatory heads-up -- on the Tacoma CLP Facebook page. Hence yet another apology for these fascist URLs,  necessitated by the frightening fact that (with the very notable exception of Dispatches), every Leftist and allegedly Leftist website in the United States is now so thoroughly censored by anti-gunowner fanatics, there are no other sources from which to learn of the deadly reality of the headlong Ruling Class rush to forcible civilian disarmament.


Had to Search Damn Diligently, but Here's an Inspirational Concluding Report

This week, with the market saturated and prices depressed, Alberta’s premier announced that her government would temporarily curtail the province’s oil production, chiefly from the tar sands, because there isn’t enough pipeline capacity to ship the crude to market.

It was a startling announcement from a government whose prevailing energy policy has been to promote more production of its bitumen—known as tar sands or oil sands—which ranks among the most carbon-polluting sources of oil.

Comment: Sometimes protests do hold our enemies at bay, though far too often -- note the fate of the Civil Rights, Feminist and Environmentalist movements -- the armistice is painfully temporary.

LB/9 December 2018







Bitter Bites: Reports on Capitalism's Happy Holiday Horrors

New Research Proves Most U.S. Whites Are Already Incurably Nazified

SOME READERS SCOFF at my oft-repeated assertion the Pew Foundation's post-Katrina polling is definitive proof fully 77 percent of the white Christian U.S. electorate is at least tacitly racist.

But now my 77-percent estimate is confirmed by a new study that defines the U.S. as probably the most viciously racist nation since Nazi Germany.

Hence – because the white Christian hatred of Jews and people of color is the epicentral malevolence of Nazism – I believe it entirely accurate to refer to these homegrown (and

NEWS REPORTS formerly published weekly in Dispatches are now published daily in the Tacoma (Harry Bridges Chapter) Facebook page of the Communist Labor Party. Most of these reports were suppressed or significantly downplayed by the Mainstream Media Propaganda Machine (MMPM), the world's first privately owned, for-profit version of the Nazi German Ministry for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. Please scroll down this (slow-loading) FB page at least once per day for vital new information. Thank you.



probably home-schooled) bigots as “incipiently Nazi” though the vast majority of them conceal their malignancy save at critical moments.

Here is an excerpt from the study:

Evil disguised as common sense is as American as Thanksgiving, and now we have research to back it up...(in) Hidden Tribes: A Study of America’s Polarized Landscape. (Stephen Hawkins, Daniel Yudkin, Míriam Juan-Torres, Tim Dixon et al; More in Common: 2018). They asked...why is America so polarized?... the Hidden Tribes study clearly shows that this country is profoundly right-wing and segregated. Millions of Americans disguise their enabling of corrupt policies and our slide toward being an authoritarian society run by the rich by claiming to be disgusted, befuddled, and turned off to politics. Silence is consent. And the study shows a majority of people in the United States are remaining silent about Trump’s white nationalist horror show.

And here are two excerpts from a review of a book that (perhaps unintentionally) supplements the Hidden Tribes findings by examining the Capitalist miasma of socioeconomic despair, toxic ignorance and morally imbecilic Ayn Rand anti-humanitarianism from which USian ChristoNazism has – like its German forefather and its Manifest Destiny grandfather – grown so rapaciously.

How Fascism Works: the Politics of Us and Them (Jason Stanley; Random House: 2018)...Fascism’s taproot, (Stanley) finds, is harsh socioeconomic disparity...Particularly perceptive is Stanley’s intimately related reflection on how the political culture of pseudo-democratic duplicity and disingenuousness that is generated by modern capitalist inequality and plutocracy creates space for fascistic politicians who...signal authenticity by standing for division and conflict without apology. Such candidates, Stanley writes...come off to many jaded voters as “a breath of fresh air in a political culture that seems dominated by real and imagined hypocrisy.” Fascist politicos’ “open rejection of democratic values” is “taken as political bravery, as a signal of authenticity.”  

Stanley is especially critical of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton: 

(Obama's) progressive-sounding "hope” and “change” policy bailed out and protected the Wall Street financial institutions that collapsed the U.S. and global economy...offered no remotely comparable bailout for working people and the poor...passed health insurance reform that only the big insurance and drug companies could truly love...abandoned his promise to...relegalize union organizing (and)...offer(ed) bigger cuts to Social Security and Medicare than the right...had dared to demand... 

Then came the Hillary “Goldman Sachs” Clinton campaign...undermined further when she called Trump’s “heartland” “flyover country” supporters a “basket of deplorables” in a sneering comment (one that accurately reflected her aristocratic progressive-neoliberal worldview) to rich Manhattan campaign donors.  

Nevertheless – as the reviewer makes clear – Stanley ignores how the neoliberal Democratic (sic) Party has collaborated with the Republicans in the creation of a single Capitalist party disguised by two names and already notorious for its New Gilded Age of “spectacular” inequality.  

Based on this review, Stanley also seems to ignore the seething hatreds – of Nature, of femaleness, of people of color, of LGBTQ people, indeed of any sort of alleged nonconformity – that I regard as the first cause and ultimate vector of ChristoNazism's terrifying momentum.  

Yes, Capitalism's socioeconomic horrors are indisputably amongst the causes of the Christonazi conquest of the United States and the rise of Nazism and fascism elsewhere.  

But the X factor – the factor that determines whether one becomes a ChristoNazi (or any other form of fascist) – is a depth and magnitude of anti-humanitarian hatefulness so extreme it is utterly irremediable.  

Which I believe is the defining characteristic of a newly emergent human subspecies: call it Homo sapiens horribilis – literally “consciously horrible human.”  

Whether the first cause of Nazism and fascism is the U.S.-defining legacy of 526 years of murderous white supremacist hatefulness or the socioeconomic savagery that defines Capitalism, the growing roster of its victims is making its reality undeniable even here in the Disneyworld of Self-Delusion.  

Here is a prime example:  

I can’t believe in the richest country in the world. …”

This is the expression of incredulity and dismay that precedes some story about the fundamental impoverishment of American life, the fact that the lived, built geography of existence here is so frequently wanting, that the most basic social amenities are at once grossly overpriced and terribly underwhelming, that normal people (most especially the poor and working class) must navigate labyrinths of bureaucracy for the simplest public services, about our extraordinary social and political paralysis in the face of problems whose solutions seem to any reasonable person self-evident and relatively straightforward.

Poverty—both individual and social—is a policy, not an accident, and not some kind of natural law. These are deliberate choices about the allocation of resources. They are eminently undo-able by modest exercises of political power, although if the state- and city-level Democratic leaders of New York and northern Virginia are the national mold, then our nominally left-wing party is utterly, hopelessly beholden to the upward transfer of social wealth to an extremely narrow cadre of already extremely rich men and women.

And another:  

What we know today is that America’s political and corporate elite would rather see humanity end within a century than disavow its imperialistic and self-aggrandizing ambitions. Their obsession is to rule to the bitter end, a bitter end hastened by their obsession to remain in control. America does not have a robust permanent national commitment to contain, ameliorate and possibly reverse climate change and ecological deterioration because that would necessarily require the overthrow of Imperial America’s capitalist elite and its classist and racist mentality.

And yet another:

With a black-ink pen, (Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions') initialed...a document formalizing the terms of what will be one of his abiding legacies: a Justice Department disengaged from its role in investigating and reforming police departments that repeatedly violate the civil rights of the people they’re sworn to protect...His memo places significant hurdles in the way of DOJ entering into consent decrees with state and city governments. It mandates closer control by the Justice Department’s most senior political appointees, requires sunset dates for consent decrees, and limits what the DOJ can require of state and city agencies...Current and former Justice Department officials note that the new policy also applies to other areas of the department’s work, such as efforts to curb pollution. They worry its effects will be most profound and far-reaching in those realms.

Meanwhile Hillary – no doubt in preparation for her next effort to capture the USian emperorship – now unleashes her inner Goldwater Girl and joins the ChristoNazis in blaming immigrants-of-color for all the world's apocalyptic ills:

In an interview with The Guardian, the 2016 presidential candidate...suggested Europe should end its attempts to resettle the world’s 25.4 million refugees whose home countries have become unlivable due to war, unrest, and poverty—frequently thanks to actions by the U.S. and its European allies...Clinton’s remarks echoed Trump’s frequent lies about the burden Central American immigrants have placed on the United States.  

Given the ever-more-evident Christo-Nazification of this “one nation under god,” I am hardly surprised Hillary the snickering sadist is again brandishing her moral twinhood with Ilsa Koch in an effort to convince the electorate she is as Trumpian as Trump himself.  

Nor am I surprised the white male Christian god's Prosperity Gospel government has abandoned Camp Fire California just as it abandoned the mostly-minority populations of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, the entire Gulf Coast after the Deepwater Horizon oil-spill disaster, and Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands after Hurricane Maria. 

The Camp Fire, the deadliest in state history, took ruthless aim at older people. Paradise, the Northern California town erased by fire, was largely a retirement community, with a quarter of the population 65 and older. The fire’s death toll was 81 at last count, and nearly 1,000 people still unaccounted for — most of them seniors. The sheriff’s list of the missing includes many in their 70s and 80s. 

The response of government officials, Democrat and Republican, has been to downplay the extent of the disaster while seeking to deflect attention from those responsible. On Sunday, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke absurdly declared that unnamed “environmental radicals” are to blame for preventing good forest management. This followed Trump’s tour of the state with Democratic Party officials, which was characterized by empty platitudes and mutual declarations of support.

But even when we add the equally unsurprising revelations that two of the United States' most relentlessly oppressive characteristics – the industrial world's most socioeconomically genocidal healthcare and the developed world's worst mass transport – are intentionally malicious expressions of racist hatefulness – I nevertheless found the following (which I did not know of until yesterday), to be painfully wrenching:  

I have long joked that “kill a tree for Christmas” or "kill a tree for Jesus" should be the midwinter slogans of the white male Christians, whose bottomless misogynistic vindictiveness is as much directed at Mother Earth as it is at femaleness in general. But I must confess its newest notional national variant, "torture a turkey for Thanksgiving,” shocked even my own jaded crime-reporter's sensibilities:

That is what the Yellville Turkey Trot festival is famous and infamous for, you see: living, breathing, squawking birds getting lobbed out of a low-flying aircraft.

Holidays and the rites and rituals by which they are celebrated are of course a primary element in how a people defines itself. 

As I said, H. sapiens horribilis.

LB/26 November 2018 



Without a Revolutionary Agenda, Hope Is Only Another Opiate

Five New Examples Prove the Futility of Efforts to Reform Capitalism;
Before We Go There, Let Us First Embrace the Legacy of Alex Hyland 

IMG_1788 - Copy    Alex Hyland, as talented a teacher as ever lived, demonstrates the heartfelt patience that should inspire us all. 
(Photo by Loren Bliss
© 2017)


THE DEATH OF Alex Hyland, the most instinctively skillful teacher I have ever met, leaves a painful gap in the lives of all of us who knew him. 

It also leaves a gaping tear in the fabric of life itself.

I don't recall exactly when I was introduced to Alex save that it was during an episode of shared political activism. It may have been at the same time I met his older brother Max, at the beginning of the ill-fated hurly burly of Occupy Tacoma (2011-2012). It may have been later, in the midst of the Communist-Labor-Party-led struggle to raise Tacoma's minimum wage -- an effort that was partially successful despite its (entirely predictable) betrayal by a bipartisan cabal of Neoliberal politicians led by then-mayor Marilyn Strickland, who was rewarded for her anti-proletarian treachery by a jackpot job as president and chief executive officer of the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce.

But I remember vividly the first time I witnessed Alex in action as a teacher at Tacoma's Community Montessori School. I'm guessing it was late in the winter of 2014-2015, though I may be off by a year. In any case I watched him calm and reassure a disruptively troubled child, then seemingly without so much as a pause to bolster his soft-voiced equilibrium, move on to an adjacent table and patiently instruct four rambunctious youngsters in the most effective use of their crayons.

And Alex did this without the usual repetition of commands disguised as instructions that reinforce the implicit hierarchy of pedagogic relationships as defined by Capitalism. Instead he engaged the children in a respectful dialogue that was almost classically Aristotelian. What did they hope to accomplish? What had they already learned that might facilitate their quests? Thus he encouraged them to call upon their own knowledge and intuition of how to use color in expressing the form and content of their own ideas.

Thus too he taught his students to explore their own personhoods and -- ultimately -- to think for themselves.

But I am hardly the proper person to eulogize Alex's tragically foreshortened life. I did not know him nearly as well as many of my younger Tacoma Communist Labor Party comrades knew him. Moreover my continuing struggle with flu-turned-pneumonia kept me from attending his memorial service earlier today at the Swiss, the Tacoma bar and restaurant that holds a weekly trivia contest in which I am told Alex was a regular and oft-victorious participant.

Alex himself, however, was anything but trivial.

When I made the above photograph of him late last year at Tacoma Planned Parenthood, it was during a confrontation with some of those fanatically misogynistic Christians who so despise female sexuality they intend to ban not only abortion but all forms of contraception save abstinence.

Most of us that unseasonably warm November afternoon there on Martin Luther King Jr. Way countered the Christians' noxious hellfire-and-damnation haranguing of Planned Parenthood's patients with our own volleys of protective shouts and sloganeering. 

But Alex -- just as I had seen him do at Community Montessori -- transcended whatever anger or dismay he might have felt at our species' stubborn and often vehemently aggressive stupidity. Instead of bristling as we did with our own prickly retorts, he spoke to our presumptive enemy as calmly and gently as he might have spoken to a bewildered child in one of his classrooms.

And Alex not only silenced her hateful harangues; he did so with such soft-spoken certitude the Christian woman's awe and astonishment was unmistakable. Hence my index finger on my Canon T5's  shutter release --14 frames worth.     

Though I never had an opportunity to discuss it with him -- most of our chats were friendly but typically brief en passant exchanges of the absurd puns in which each of us delighted -- after what I witnessed in my viewfinder, I could not doubt that amongst Alex's core-most values was the impassioned conviction even the most bigoted humans may eventually be persuadable by reason.

One day, he seemed to believe, we would therefore achieve the global reign of equality, justice and peace that sometimes even now amidst this mid-apocalyptic darkness seems in brighter moments to be our species' destiny and destination.

Such was a conversation -- perhaps a respectfully friendly debate -- to which I as an aging and far less optimistic Marxian surely looked forward. But that desirable dialogue will never obtain; Alex, less than two months into his 26th year, was slain on 3 November by a frighteningly aggressive form of cancer.

Which is no doubt why it was Alex of whom I was thinking when I wrote in my journal last Friday that "the saddest, most tragic thing about life is that it tempts us to believe it is forever," an insight that soon evolved into the lead paragraph of last week's Dispatches.

But perhaps the very best tribute one might give Alex and what he meant to us and why his absence is a great yawning chasm is actually a tribute that is among the best of the tributes with which any one human might honor another human.

It was what Brie Sweaney said to me when we spoke by telephone during the memorial. She was at the Swiss; I was at home wishing I were healthy enough to be there too.

Brie said every time she and Alex spoke at any length, “he renewed my faith in humanity.”

Would we all can all follow Alex Hyland's example and do likewise for one another in the forthcoming years, even as we forever miss his reassuring presence.


THIS WEEK I chose only five reports – the first a composite dispatch of my own making -- to illustrate our circumstances and perhaps suggest a pathway to our survival:

Racism Run Amok: U.S. Has First World's Worst Transit, Deadliest Healthcare

Why do We the People of the United States of America suffer the developed world's most murderously exclusive healthcare and its indisputably worst mass transit?

A plethora of reports answers these often-asked questions by documenting the ugly fact the nation's ever-more-brazenly brandished white supremacist Christian hatred is so intense, it

 NEWS REPORTS formerly published weekly in Dispatches are now published daily in the Tacoma (Harry Bridges Chapter) Facebook page of the Communist Labor Party. Most of these reports were suppressed or significantly downplayed by the Mainstream Media Propaganda Machine (MMPM), the world's first privately owned, for-profit version of the Nazi German Ministry for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. Please scroll down this (slow-loading) FB page at least once per day for vital new information. Thank you.




routinely imposes transit and healthcare policies the sole purpose of which are to maximize the suffering of racial, ethnic and nonconformist minorities.

Here are quotes from two reports on the world-class wretchedness of U.S. mass transit:

By the 1960s, “white flight” was in full swing, spurred by the pull of suburban housing as well as the push of racial integration in urban neighborhoods. The populations of many cities plummeted. Detroit's dropped from 1.85 million people in 1950 to 1.2 million by 1980, while the suburbs grew rapidly. Since most transit systems had never seriously expanded beyond the urban cores, this increasingly meant that most of the metropolitan population was not meaningfully served by transit. Poor communities of color that could not afford to drive were particularly badly affected.


Although history and geography are partly to blame, there's a deeper reason why American public transportation is so terrible. European, Asian, and Canadian cities treat it as a vital public utility. Most American policymakers — and voters — see transit as a social welfare program.

Studies of the industrial world's most deliberately genocidal "healthcare" system invariably reach the same conclusion: that U.S. healthcare will remain a murderously exclusive privilege of wealth until the nation's white Christian bigotry is overthrown and eliminated:

If America were an all-white country, we would have had universal health care decades ago. Even though cancer, heart disease, and diabetes are color-blind, conservative whites have consistently opposed expanded health care access because many whites would rather be sick than share a waiting room with African Americans. It’s as true it was under Harry Truman.

In 1947, intrigued by the national health care systems of World War II allies Britain, France, and Canada, Truman proposed a national health care system for the United States, to be administered by federally funded hospitals. But conservative Dixiecrats from the Old Confederacy killed the plan because it would have meant, under federal anti-discrimination guidelines, that black and white patients would have been treated side-by-side.


A 2012 study found that about two-thirds of primary care doctors harbor biases toward their African-American patients, leading those doctors to spend less time with their black patients and involve them less in medical decisions. Although doctors typically aren’t aware that they’re treating African-American patients any differently, this ultimately creates an environment in which black people often don’t feel welcome in the medical system — and may start avoiding it. On top of that, black Americans are more likely to lack access to health insurance and less likely to have a regular doctor. This creates a situation in which African-Americans are dying from diseases at higher rates than other racial groups because they don’t get treatment in time.

In other words, the white Christian USian majority is so hatefully bigoted, it would rather suffocate in its own festering dung-heaps than cooperate with minorities to build a better world for us all. 

Which, in hideous truth, tells us all we need to know about our most likely future: not only in terms of malicious denial of mass transit and murderous rejection of healfhcare as a human right, but in terms of why our "one nation under (the white Christian) god" is rushing toward the apex of apocalypse. As some crew of space-alien archaeologists might conclude a few millennia from now: "the whites had to destroy their planet to save it from all those people of color and non-Aryan ethnicity and heretical nonconformity they so despised."


Mainstream Media Mostly Silent as Typhoon Wrecks U.S. Colony of Guam  

After the typhoon, some media critics called out the industry’s failure to adequately cover Yutu, while acknowledging that it happened the same week that a shooter killed 11 at a Pittsburgh synagogue and pipe bombs were sent to high-profile Democratic figures. The HuffPost reporter Chris D’Angelo noted that the silence about Yutu echoes the meager coverage another U.S. territory, Puerto Rico, initially received when Hurricane Maria struck last year, killing nearly 3,000 people. D’Angelo pointed out that President Donald Trump, despite having tweeted about other natural disasters in the U.S., posted nothing about Yutu. Though Trump signed emergency and disaster declarations freeing up federal aid for the region, CNMI residents we spoke with remarked on his silence about the typhoon. 

Comment: I cannot but wonder if the Mainstream Media Propaganda Machine's relative silence about these storms is part of a deliberate, One-Percent-commanded effort to downplay the fact we are already well into Capitalism's self-inflicted environmental apocalypse.


Cops Kill Elderly Man to Enforce Forcible Disarmament Decree

When accusations trump the nation’s Bill of Rights, people die. No better example exists than the Nov. 5 shooting death by police of an elderly Maryland man in his own home. Early that Monday morning, one of two Anne Arundel County Police officers slaughtered 61-year-old Gary Willis inside his home while attempting to serve a protective order to remove firearms from his home under Maryland’s “red flag” law. Maryland’s red flag law enables an anonymous source to accuse people of potentially being a danger to themselves or others, and the state will remove any firearms from the home.

Comment: the same sort of law, forcible disarmament inflicted by anonymous complaint against which there is no allowable pre-confiscation defense,  was imposed on Washington state in 2016 by Initiative 1491


U.S. Funded Ukranian Nazis Now Training U.S. ChristoNazi Sturmabteilung 

Last month, an unsealed FBI Indictment of four American white supremacists from the Rise Above Movement (RAM) declared that the defendants had trained with Ukraine’s Azov Battalion, a neo-Nazi militia officially incorporated into the country’s national guard. The training took place after the white supremacist gang participated in violent riots in Huntington Beach and Berkeley, California and Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017...After a wave of racist violence across America that culminated in the massacre of twelve Jewish worshippers at a Pittsburgh synagogue, the revelation that violent white supremacists have been traveling abroad for training and ideological indoctrination with a well-armed neo-Nazi militia should cause extreme alarm.

Comment: no surprise here; birds of a feather etc. ad nauseam. The only question is when -- if ever-- the Mainstream Media Propaganda Apparatus will at long last acknowledge our nation is drowning in the foul effluent of paralytic racism.


Soviet Scientists Were First to Identify Apocalyptic Climate Change

It is worth noting that the Anthropocene concept originated in the early USSR. It first appeared in the English language in the translation of The Great Soviet Encyclopedia in the 1970s. This arose out of discussions of anthropogenic change and the biosphere pioneered in Soviet science, pointing to today’s Earth System perspective and to our current, more developed notion of the Anthropocene...Today’s planetary ecological crisis is due first and foremost to the increasing scale of the capitalist world economy. The greater the scale of the economy the more it rivals the fundamental biogeochemical cycles of the planet. All of this is connected to the nature and logic of capitalism, understood as a system directed at the accumulation of capital. Capitalism is a grow-or-die system. If accumulation declines, the result is economic crisis. The answer of the system is to boost accumulation. This, however, intensifies global environmental crises as the already visible impact of the economy on the Earth System increases.

Comment: here we have another lesson in the innate superiority of science freed from religious restraints and Capitalist restrictions. But how many more times must it be affirmed we either overthrow Capitalism or become extinct?


ONCE AGAIN IN proletarian vexation I am compelled to acknowledge the tragically pivotal wisdom expressed by "Our Mania for Hope Is a Curse," the oft-suppressed essay by Chris Hedges that outrages so many self-proclaimed "progressives" even as it inspires genuine revolutionaries to unflinchingly acknowledge the apocalyptic monstrousness of Capitalism. 

Quoth Hedges:

The naive belief that history is linear, that moral progress accompanies technical progress, is a form of collective self-delusion. It cripples our capacity for radical action and lulls us into a false sense of security. Those who cling to the myth of human progress, who believe that the world inevitably moves toward a higher material and moral state, are held captive by power. Only those who accept the very real possibility of dystopia, of the rise of a ruthless corporate totalitarianism, buttressed by the most terrifying security and surveillance apparatus in human history, are likely to carry out the self-sacrifice necessary for revolt.

The yearning for positivism that pervades our corporate culture ignores human nature and human history. But to challenge it, to state the obvious fact that things are getting worse, and may soon get much worse, is to be tossed out of the circle of magical thinking that defines American and much of Western culture. The left is as infected with this mania for hope as the right. It is a mania that obscures reality even as global capitalism disintegrates and the ecosystem unravels, potentially dooming us all.

Sophia Burns' essay “Strategize, Don't Moralize” -- coincidentally also a bit of reflection on the sort of wisdom that characterized Alex Hyland's thinking -- tacitly builds on Hedges' arguments by documenting one of the consequences of cultoid hope-ism: the anti-intellectual aversion to strategic and tactical thinking that hamstrings nearly all the (real) U.S. Left.

US leftists tend to think in moralistic, rather than strategic, terms. To be clear, “moralistic” doesn’t mean wanting to be ethical. Rather, it’s the impulse to reduce every political question to an abstract, absolute, and non-contextual value judgment...But when you isolate a tactic from its strategic context, it loses its meaning. No tactic is good or bad in itself. What counts is its ability to accomplish a particular goal in a particular situation.

Thus -- or so one might (hopefully) imagine -- we are inspired to think carefully about how we might redouble our efforts to save our species from extinction and protect our Mother Earth from reduction to a bug planet.

LB/18-19 November 2018


It's Taken Our White Racist Overlords 243 Years, but They've Finally Slain the Last Remnants of U.S. Promise and Potential

JesuNazi Control of the Courts Condemns Us All -- Especially Women and Minorities -- to the Unimaginable Horrors of Christian Theocracy

Where Then Do We Go from Here? What Options Remain?

FUCK IT; DAMN me as a "defeatist" if you like, but I'll no longer hide my hopelessness or despair.  

Severely disabling injuries of the sort I have suffered twice this year  can sometimes clarify one's thinking, purging it of distractions that obscure the ultimate (and therefore ultimately damning) truths of this uniquely apocalyptic age of absolute human hopelessness: the undeniable and infinitely terrifying fact the extinction of our species and the reduction of our Mother Earth to a bug planet are now obviously unavoidable and the equally terrifying fact our doom is entirely self-inflicted.      

But it often seems we can reach this Zen-like clarity only if we are able to transcend the physical agony and emotional devastation inflicted by the injuries themselves, whether they are accidental, as they surely were in my case, or the result of the innumerable atrocities relentlessly inflicted on us by Capitalism -- deliberately genocidal atrocities intended to reduce us (the 99 Percent) -- to the bare minimum number of breeding pairs essential to maintain the One Percent's post-apocalyptic slave pens

Already our future is literally too awful to imagine. Thus most of us remain forever trapped in Moron Nation's miasma of Big Lies and disinformation.

We are additionally crippled by an alleged "healthcare" system that is in fact a key part of the genocidal mechanism by which the Ruling Rich are methodically exterminating all of us -- the nation's now-totally subjugated poor -- in the vain hope a tiny cabal of obscenely wealthy moral imbeciles might yet survive the looming end of everything we know. 

That's today's terrible truth  -- and I have naught but a pair of uplifted social fingers for those who out of dementia or stupidity refuse to believe it.

Yes, Virginia, for centuries the One Percenters did indeed hide their bottomless malice behind Santa Claus and Jolly 'Ole Saint Nicholas. But Santa Claus and all the saints are dead, never to rise again. Our masters have flung away any pretense of kindness; in another 50 years -- if our species somehow lives that long -- they'll be canonizing Goebbels and Pinochet and Pol Pot. Meanwhile they have already begun murdering us, whether by denial of stipends and services or by unabashed violence -- and not infrequently by some combination of both.

If our masters succeed at their newest scheme -- and their successes in destroying the Soviet Union and the New Deal already prove beyond debate they are too omnipotent to fail -- only a very few of us 99 Percenters will survive the looming horrors the One Percenters themselves are now deliberately intensifying. Why? How? Our infinitely Evil overlords imagine themselves living in a baronial paradise in which all the rest of us are reduced to short, brutal, indescribably wretched lives in antebellum-style slavery serving their every possible whim, fancy and perversion.            

Nevertheless, though I seem to finally be shedding most of the gags that normally silence people of my age and socioeconomic status, I do not expect to be heard better no matter how loudly I might shout.  The Capitalist-protecting curse of hope -- for which see Chris Hedges' unprecedentedly courageous essay linked below -- prevents the methodically moronated masses of Moron Nation from recognizing we are in genuinely terminal danger. The apocalyptic alligator is already open-mouthed; the cosmic crocodile  smiles at the thought of swallowing another planet.

In my case -- as in the cases of all us lower-income elderly people -- I understand too there is no escape whatsoever from the cunningly conditioned hatred and contempt with which we are viewed even by our own children -- a hatred and contempt that makes it impossible for the vast majority of USians to hear anything we might have to say. Particularly when we call upon our personal histories to explain  how unspeakably awful life in the United States has become, how the genocidal malice that once targeted U.S. minorities has  now been officially expanded to savage the entire 99 Percent.

While all of us 99 Percenters are routinely ignored, the most fiercely suppressed among us are those like myself who are old enough to vividly remember the heights from which we have fallen and therefore understand with terrifying clarity the depths to which we are yet destined to fall.     

Hence -- taking my new Fuck-It-(I-have-nothing-left-to-lose-by-being-honest) ethos to its logical extreme -- I will state here and now what most of us know in our rightfully terrified hearts but are nevertheless too afraid to acknowledge to ourselves even in secret, much less to say aloud:

We the People have been terminally betrayed -- betrayed as never before in our species' history. And our betrayer -- the apocalyptic murderer of our species and of our Mother Earth -- is none other than the United States of America. Its empire is Capitalism's final and most diabolically perfected mechanism of apocalypse; its JesuNazi ethos is our species' final and most diabolically compelling rationale of self-destruction. 

And with the Trump/Pence Regime's triumph, its total and therefore effectively permanent command of the national judiciary closes forever any and all constitutional paths to even the most minimal humanitarian or environmental reform efforts. 

Which means we either evolve new tools of rebellion or we -- our species and our planet -- are as dead as the dinosaurs.    


IS IT TRULY that bad, that hopeless? You be the judge:  Here are nine leading news stories from the past week that exemplify the state of our species, of our world, and of the nation that was once theoretically ours but which the One Percenters have permanently stolen from us:    

   ~"Donald Trump warns of violence if Republicans lose midterm elections.

   ~"The claim that it is disrespectful to the military to protest unchecked state violence directed largely at black people is rooted in a euphemistic version of the American past ands a blinkered version of the present. 

   ~"New documents reveal that...The White House has created a Marijuana Policy Coordination Committee, which consists of various committees in the federal government that are meant to come up with ways to turn public opinion against marijuana consumption and disparage state laws that have legalized the drug... The committee ordered the Drug Enforcement Administration and 14 other federal agencies to submit “data demonstrating the most significant negative trends” so that the administration can underscore the “threats” that the plant poses to the United States, as BuzzFeed News reported."

   ~"Hundreds of chronic pain patients responding to a Politico survey describe being refused opioid prescriptions they had relied on for years...respondents described being tapered off narcotics too quickly, or worse, turned away by doctors and left to navigate on their own. Some said they coped by using medical marijuana or CBD oil, an extract from marijuana or hemp plants; others turned to illicit street drugs despite the fear of buying fentanyl-laced heroin linked to soaring overdose death numbers. A few, like Fowlkes, contemplated suicide."

   ~"Now, under (Trump/.Pence Appointee Andrew) Wheeler, the EPA has rolled out a proposal...that props up the coal industry, even though coal is the dirtiest of all energy sources..." 

   ~"What we are witnessing is an inversion of the police-civilian relationship. Rather than compelling police officers to remain within constitutional bounds as servants of the people, ordinary Americans are being placed at the mercy of militarized police units."

   ~"We have regressed. The revulsion over this fact can be heard in many voices, from the chancellor to the German president, from German business leaders to foreign commentators. The ugly German -- racist, xenophobic and full of rage -- is back."   

   ~"Capitalism isn’t broken; it’s working precisely as it’s supposed to: generating surpluses and giving all of them to a small ownership class. The New Deal and postwar prosperity, which barely lasted until 1980, represent historic outliers—the one significant period in which growth at the top was somewhat constrained and a relatively large share of wealth went to the middle. It was possible only through massive government intervention and redistribution, combined with a powerful labor sector backed by that same federal government."

   ~"What would it take to make such prospective parents see that the danger is real, urgent, and unparalleled in human history? to convince them that a baby born now – or if not that baby, the next generation — is increasingly likely to face a terrible future?"



THE REMAINDER OF this essay is the material I assembled and wrote two months ago (early July 2018), just after another severely injurious fall made it clear my time of relatively unlimited mobility was ended forever. The reason I delayed publishing it was to make certain I was not projecting my despair about succumbing to the frailties of old age onto my despair about the future of our species and our planet.  I was not and am not; I know this because while geriatric-fragility despair is a new emotion for me, I have regarded our species as doomed to radical self-reduction (if not absolute extinction) for as long as I can remember. Also in truth, at the very core of my belief in the resurrection of the Great Goddess is -- and always has been -- the unshakable conviction her reappearance is telling us the apocalypse is unavoidable, that our species is preparing itself for post-apocalyptic survival by evolving  a thealogy that (again as in ancient times) recognizes the absolute supremacy of Mother Nature.       

Doubt me? Look again at what self-destructive morons we are.

Observe the unprecedented dementia demonstrated by the fact that -- though all the federal courts are already under the absolute control of the Trump/Pence Regime's Supreme Court -- The New York Times is hysterically braying orders at the Democratic (sic) Party: "Do Not Surrender the Judiciary."

But Chris Hedges knows the judiciary was surrendered long ago; thus  his "Revolt Is the Only Barrier to a Fascist America" is far more useful reading than anything in the heavily censored, deliberately deceptive NYT pages. So is his more recent  "America the Failed State," a situation report on the JesuNazification of the imperial homeland. 

Equally useful is the work of Henry Giroux, who rightfully denounces "the cloud of fascism that has descended upon the United States" and bitterly laments how "these elements of totalitarianism have become the new American normal."

Hedges and Giroux confirm the United States of America is no more. The name persists, but the alleged "home of the brave" and "land of the free" is as dead as last century's road kill. Its Working Class solidarity -- and thus any hope it might bravely overcome the double curse of the nation's origins in slavery and genocide -- ended with the death of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt on 12 April 1945. Its remaining potential -- that it might still resurrect FDR's New Deal and evolve toward the freedom of a European-style social democracy -- was sorely wounded by the murder of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy on 22 November 1963 and slain forever by the murder of his brother Sen. Robert Francis Kennedy on 5 June 1968. 

In a world focused on bold reality rather than craven fantasy it would have been no surprise when the Trump/Pence Supreme Court killed forever any hope organized labor might rally to halt or even ameliorate the ever-intensifying savagery of JesuNazism. While several reports detail how Capitalists murdered the labor movement and thereby destroyed the Empire's last remaining bastion of potentially progressive thinking -- for a sampling of sharply focused views of that dreadful history, go herehereherehere and here --  it is apparently too soon for most of us to comprehend the apocalyptic horror of our loss.

Meanwhile the victors' gloating propaganda assures us the worst is yet to come.  


NOW WITH THE United States at least 70 years into its devastatingly successful project of methodically dumbing down its 99 Percent into a permanent Moron Nation, its overall population is literally too imprisoned by ignorance, bigotry and Ayn Rand moral imbecility to ever again rise up in any quest for genuine liberty

While a few elements of USian society have thus far escaped the process of moronation, the fact they are no more than tiny minorities means they too are most likely doomed to political extinction by the JesuNazi onslaught.

That is because the sadistic, not infrequently murderous anti-intellectualism at the core of Moron Nation's incurable stupidity long ago destroyed its peoples' ability to learn anything beyond the basic prerequisites of mercantile technology and unquestioning obedience to those tyrants "god" has allegedly crowned as our "divine right" masters.  

Meanwhile the moral imbecility in which we are relentlessly conditioned by Capitalism -- the viciously self-reinforcing and therefore effectively irrefutable Ayn Rand ethos of infinite selfishness -- has imposed a psychological barrier that renders nearly all USians permanently incapable of empathy with their fellow humans.

As a result nearly the entire U.S. population is instinctively hostile to solidarity and is therefore irremediably incapable of the organization and discipline essential for liberation -- witness, for example, the failure and collapse of the Occupy Movement: "Contemporary protest is broken because...the  people’s sovereignty is dead and every protest is a hopeless struggle to revive the corpse."

While the quoted source surely speaks partial truth, she ignores the one underlying fact all of us who were part of Occupy must acknowledge if we are to be honest with ourselves -- that the real mechanism of the movement's failure was the obviously congenital inability of its participants to evolve the requisite bonds of emotional and ideological solidarity.

In other words, the destruction and death of Occupy was just another of Moron Nation's seemingly innumerable triumphs.


WE KNOW TOO, seven years after the collapse of Occupy, that any recognizable form of anti-Capitalist organizing is forever rendered futile by the Empire's construction and global imposition of the most relentlessly intrusive secret-police surveillance apparatus in human history.

Technology's gift to our overlords -- the total and permanent disempowerment of the citizenry -- fulfills the ultimately tyrannical purpose of the computer as defined by its origin: "the information age wasn't launched in Silicon Valley, but in Hitler's Germany, and IBM...was responsible for the Final Solution itself."

The invisible prison of total surveillance that Silicon Valley has since developed from its Gestapo origins and now imposes on us is truly inescapable -- unless of course one is protected by the same wealth and technology that now grant our overlords the omnipotence and violently intrusive oversight formerly attributed to the gods.

Otherwise there is no defense against it, nor will anyone outside the One Percent and its Ruling Class vassalage ever be allowed access to the top-secret knowledge and infinite wealth essential to  construct such a defense. The requisite knowledge is censored by its prohibitive price: it is granted only to those who enslave themselves by the lifetime indebtedness required to access the essential education. It is so malevolently high-tech it has rekindled the old Hitler-era rumors of alliances between Nazis earthly and extra-terrestrial.  

Its totality -- the fact such surveillance can literally record even the number of squares of toilet paper with which we wipe our asses -- guarantees that unless we evolve an entirely new methodology of subversion, there will never again be any effective opposition to the Empire's apocalyptic agenda: either all nations will eventually surrender to enslavement by Capitalism, or our JesuNazi overlords -- self-righteously proclaiming they had to destroy the planet to save it -- will do just that, obliterating the world as we knew it, exterminating any organism with a consciousness capable of discerning anything more sophisticated than relative edibility.

Indeed, it is at least arguable that Capitalism has already reduced much of Moron Nation to precisely that degraded state.  

That's why any notion Moron Nation is finally awakening to the fact it has pissed away forever its historically unique opportunity to become a genuine realm of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" is ultimately meaningless: our lot is identical to that of a victim who has been denied any and all means of self-defense and is awakened only by the terror and pain of a murder's fatal knife-thrust. 

Either we evolve an effective defense or we -- our species and our Mother Earth -- all die. 


WHICH BRINGS US back to the most absolute, irrevocable, grotesquely terrifying truth of all: the ruinous extent to which the Trump/Pence Regime has already fixed our doom in proverbial cement by packing the federal courts with fanatical zero-tolerance JesuNazis who will tyrannize the United States for all its foreseeable future -- an unspeakably wretched future that in all likelihood will eventually prove terminally apocalyptic, whether by the  misanthropy of thermonuclear war, the misogyny of anti-environmentalism or some dystopian combination of both.

To obliquely protest,  as Alternet's Amanda Marcotte does -- "Americans should also be deeply concerned that, with his next Supreme Court pick, Trump will open up a new avenue for assaults on the legal right of women to prevent pregnancy" -- is therefore to indulge in precisely the sort of misleading understatement intended to protect our overlords.

Indeed Marcotte writes as if Trump and his JesuNazi henchmen had not already declared total war on female personhood.  

Fortunately Olivia Alperstein tells us via Counterpunch  that Trump and his JesuNazi henchmen have already imposed exactly the tyranny the possibility of which merely "concerned" Marcotte. "Everything from reproductive rights to voting, education, and health care is now at stake," Alperstein reports;   "Kavanaugh, a judicial ideologue committed to pulling the Court further to the right, may also reverse decades of key rulings that uphold the constitutional right to personal liberty and autonomy."

Alas -- even were it not already far too late to organize an effective defense against these Capitalists and theocrats -- most of us are still trapped by the cult of delusional optimism so eloquently denounced by Hedges in an essay entitled "Our Mania for Hope Is a Curse."

Quoth the author:

"The naive belief that history is linear, that moral progress accompanies technical progress, is a form of collective self-delusion. It cripples our capacity for radical action and lulls us into a false sense of security. Those who cling to the myth of human progress, who believe that the world inevitably moves toward a higher material and moral state, are held captive by power. Only those who accept the very real possibility of dystopia, of the rise of a ruthless corporate totalitarianism, buttressed by the most terrifying security and surveillance apparatus in human history, are likely to carry out the self-sacrifice necessary for revolt."

"The yearning for positivism that pervades our corporate culture ignores human nature and human history. But to challenge it, to state the obvious fact that things are getting worse, and may soon get much worse, is to be tossed out of the circle of magical thinking that defines American and much of Western culture. The left is as infected with this mania for hope as the right. It is a mania that obscures reality even as global capitalism disintegrates and the ecosystem unravels, potentially dooming us all."

What we in our deluded optimism fail to recognize is that any humanitarian legislation is now and effectively forever doomed to judicial nullification. Abortion is sure to be outlawed, most likely by federal legislation that makes it a death-penalty offense everywhere within the United States. Even contraception is to be criminalized, undoubtedly for anyone who is not married, possibly for married couples as well. LGBTQ activities will be re-criminalized, these too probably with death penalties. 

And there is not a fucking thing we can do about it. With the JesuNazis already in total control of the U.S. Supreme Court,  the Trump/Pence Regime has already imposed on us all the  de facto theocratic dictatorship that will prohibit even the most minimal humanitarian reforms -- any and all of them -- for as far into our already dubious future as it is possible to see. 

Indeed, with Trump's SCOTUS appointments, the formal abolition of the separation of church and state -- which the Trump/Pence Regime outspokenly intends -- is no longer a matter of if but when. Thus the nation that was once the hope of the world -- a nation founded "to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity" --  is no more, nor will it ever be again.

Our overlords will no doubt continue to tolerate a few (alleged) Leftists as tokens to preserve the Big Lie of "American Democracy." But censorship and Moron Nation mindlessness will ensure they go unheard, their voices trapped in electronic silence much as prehistoric insects are fossilized in amber. 

Which is why Hedges' "Hope Is a Curse" is by far the most definitive English-language political text of the 21st Century. Precisely as he says, no rebellion can succeed "until it is divorced from the mania for hope that is an essential part of corporate indoctrination."

LB/6 July--1 September 2018




War Clouds Darken: Who Will the USian Empire Attack Next?

Seattle Tax Fight (Scroll Down) Is Microcosm of Capitalist Viciousness

While the mass media focuses on the latest daily scandals emanating from the White House, a leader of the secular left in Iran says President Trump is stepping up plans for an attack on that country which could trigger a devastating regional war with horrific implications for world peace...The Tudeh Party leader warned that the Trump administration poses a graver threat to peace than any prior U.S. administration..."

See also: "The war on Iran, in other words, has begun. It has been brewing for some time."

And this: "In the immediate wake of U.S. President Donald Trump's announcement that America is withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal, Israel reportedly carried out airstrikes in Syria and began mobilizing its defense forces over what it claimed were 'abnormal movements of Iranian forces.'”

Plus this: "...there are striking and instructive parallels between imperialist diplomacy in the 1930s and today. In the run-up to World War II, all sorts of diplomatic agreements were signed, only to be shredded soon after, with the Nazi regime leading the wolf pack.

As well as this: "President Trump floated the idea that former Secretary of State John Kerry could face criminal charges for lobbying to salvage the Iranian nuclear deal." 

Also this: "a new CNN poll (showed) support for the (Iran nuclear) agreement (was) continuing to rise, with an all-time high 63 percent of Americans saying Trump should uphold the accord.

Comment: the poll results are irrelevant to the One Percent and its Ruling Class vassalage and thus would be ignored even if support for the Iran accord were 100 percent. But when O when will we finally awaken to the fact our alleged "democracy" is but a Big Lie?


Empire Ignores World War II History -- Especially the Battle of Sevastopol

"Western leaders and Ukraine’s current pro-Western government...entertained ideas of a NATO base in Sevastopol, right on the border with Russia, offering NATO ships almost unlimited control over the region and also an opportunity to neutralize the Russian Black Sea Fleet...a similar dream once held by Nazi Germany."

See also: "The US Navy announced on Friday that it is relaunching its Second Fleet, a naval force to be deployed in the North Atlantic and directed at preparing for military confrontation with Russia...Having waged a quarter of a century of uninterrupted wars of aggression in the Middle East, the US and its NATO allies are seeking to militarily encircle Russia, which is viewed as a principal impediment to US imperialism’s assertion of its hegemony over the Eurasian landmass."

Comment: the reactivation of the Second Fleet is in addition to the massive reinforcement of the U.S. Navy in the Mediterranean as announced last week. The Trump/Pence Regime is now defiantly expanding its military machine in much the same way Nazi Germany did before starting World War II. Hence there is no longer any question the Empire intends to start World War III. The only question is which country the ruling JesuNazis will attack first.


Ever Faithful to Goebbels, Mainstream Media Suppresses Good News from Korea

“According to a recent poll, 88 percent of the South Korean public viewed the recent peace summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in as a success. In addition, 65 percent of South Koreans trust Kim Jong-un on his pledge to denuclearize, and Moon Jae-in’s approval ratings have shot up to 86 percent. Broadly speaking, recent developments between North and South Korea have been met with widespread optimism and praise from the South Korean public. Reading US media, one would hardly know any of this.”

See also: "... media in the U.S...ignore... U.S. interventionism in Latin America...unless it’s really a smoking gun, where they’re caught red-handed in a way that nobody could deny.”

Plus this: "President Trump early Wednesday suggested taking away news networks' press credentials over 'negative' coverage

Comment: like father, like ideological son, the regime's threat of cancelling press credentials duplicates Josef Goebbels' policy after Hitler approved it by appointing him propaganda minister.


Police Brutality Underscores Regime's Demand for Senate Approval of Torture

"Ray McGovern, a long-time CIA analyst, was one of the people who protested...He was aggressively arrested and mistreated by police and is being held overnight in the DC jail.

See also: "Putting Haspel in charge of the CIA would undo attempts by the agency — and the nation — to repudiate torture. The message this would send to the CIA workforce is simple: Engage in war crimes, in crimes against humanity, and you’ll get promoted. Don’t worry about the law. Don’t worry about ethics. Don’t worry about morality or the fact that torture doesn’t even work. Go ahead and do it anyway. We’ll cover for you. And you can destroy the evidence, too."

And this: "Given Trump's outspoken support of torture, it may hardly be an accident that Haspel was selected to become CIA director. Indeed, her confirmation would send a signal through the agency that those who supported and enabled torture in the Bush presidency are being rewarded not censured."

Plus this: He was a small man, one interrogator recalled, and so thin that he would slip in his restraints when the masked CIA guards tipped the waterboard upward to let him breathe."

Comment: on every level, these hearings exemplify our fake "democracy" in action, its Big Lie phoniness intensified by the fact Haspel will be confirmed as chief torturer no matter the objections to her appointment.


The Trump/Pence Regime as a (JesuNazi) Death Cult 

"...we now have a president whose administration considers it perfectly separate parents from even tiny children crossing our southern border or to cut food aid and raise the rent on poor Americans. We're talking about a president with a cult-like following whose government is ideologically committed to wiping out environmental protections of every sort and pushing the further fossil fuelization of the country and the planet, even if it means the long-term destruction of the very environment that has nurtured humanity these last thousands of years. Think of this perhaps as a new kind of death cult...As with all such things, this particular cult did not come from nowhere, but from a land of growing extremity, a country that now, it seems, may be willing to preside over not just cities in ruin but a planet in ruin, too."

Comment: despite his otherwise accurate reporting, Engelhardt remains curiously loathe to identify the death cult for what it is, the cabal of fanatical Christians whose JesuNazi sadism and moral imbecility are ever-more-obviously the core doctrines "at the heart of American power." 


Here Are Terrifying Details of Regime's Newest Gift to Its JesuNazi Supporters

"...everything you need to know about the push for even more -- Christian -- religious power in the US government

See also: "...there are three important issues on which there is scientific consensus but controversy among laypeople: climate change, biological evolution and childhood vaccination. On all three issues, prominent members of (the regime), including the president, have lined up against the conclusions of research. "

And this: "Few Christians will admit it...but they are members of a Death Cult; a degenerate, death-anxious, exclusively fatalistic religion that... produced a continuous supply of socially derelict luminaries who’ve longed for nothing short of the total and complete annihilation of our home world...Christianity (like Judaism and Islam) is an anticipatory religion; a sect almost wholly fixated on the expectations...all but 'saved' Christians (perhaps as few as 144,000) will be butchered by the Middle Eastern Christian god…a bloodbath many Christian captains have been (and still are today) simply giddy about."

Plus this: "The shameless volume of Bible Belt Evangelical Pastors, combined with the fearful silence of their Mainline Protestant counterparts, is perpetuating the fake news narrative that to be Christian is to support this President."

And especially this: "The Evangelicals’ Jesus is satanic, and those who hustle (for) this demon are 'false apostles, deceitful workers, masquerading as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.'" 

Comment: in essence, the ever-more-brazenly apocalyptic JesuNazi Trump/Pence Regime is killing the First Amendment (and thereby imposing theocracy) by redefining "religious freedom" as the right of Christians to persecute non-believers and relentlessly suppress so-called "heretical" science or humanitarian criticism.  Thus the ever-intensifying Christian war against knowledge and humanitarianism -- aided and abetted by the compliant silence of white Christians in general -- has grown into a major, increasingly triumphant offensive in the Abrahamic religions' war against all planetary life. Thus too, were there truly such things as space aliens, their seeding of Earth's peoples with the germs of patriarchy via talking snakes, burning bushes and fiery wheels would unquestionably be the intergalactic equivalent of the smallpox-infested blankets used with such devastating results at the height of the European genocide against First Nations peoples.   


Border Guards Now Target Anyone Who Dares Help Undocumented Immigrants

"...Scott Warren was arrested by Border Patrol agents...The 35-year-old college instructor, with a doctorate in geography and a history of academic and humanitarian work along the border, was found... in the company of two young undocumented men from Mexico. Accused of supplying the men with food, water, clothing, and a place to sleep, he was indicted by a grand jury in February, on two counts of harboring undocumented immigrants and one count of conspiracy to transport and harbor undocumented immigrants...(and) could spend up to two decades in prison if convicted and sentenced to consecutive terms."

See also: "an El Salvadorian journalist... has been held in an immigration detention center for one month and could face deportation after being...targeted by the U.S. government for his work as a journalist.

And this: "The #ICEonTrial campaign underscores ICE's long-standing track record of abuse that is...built on discrimination and injustice, and must be abolished."

Comment: given the compliant submissiveness of the white USian 99 Percent plus the increasingly obvious JesuNazi savagery of the Trump/Pence Regime, protests against anti-immigrant outrages should continue despite the probability they will only intensify the oppression.  Wake up, people: we are now being shown the true extent to which "American Democracy" is -- and always has been -- amongst the biggest Big Lies with which we USians, like the German Nazis before us, have sedated ourselves. Indeed the sole reason the Democratic (sic) Party pretends to despise its Republican Party partner is that the latter has prematurely revealed the infinite murderousness of Capitalism -- the very quality the Democrats had hoped to keep hidden until the militarized local police and the federal law enforcement, intelligence and secret police agencies were fully organized into a new Gestapo.  I say again: WAKE THE FUCK UP, PEOPLE, though it's probably already too late. For additional proof of what is being done to us, see also the following stories on the Empire's many deceptive variants of genocide. 


Trump/Pence Regime Scheming "Paper Genocide" to Wipe Out First Nations

"...the Trump administration now appears to be...committing a 'paper genocide'...(by claiming) Native America is a 'race' and not a diverse sum of distinct cultures and subcultures of sovereign Nations, tribes, and Peoples."


Genocidal Abandonment of Puerto Rico Underscored by Rising Suicide Rate

"A social worker, Lisel Vargas, has come to visit Don Gregorio...a 62-year-old former carpenter who...stopped taking his medication for depression more than a week ago, and he says he hasn't slept in four days...His voice monotone and barely audible, he tells Vargas that he has recently had thoughts of suicide. Indeed, the overall suicide rate in Puerto Rico increased 29 percent in 2017..."

Comment: as the genocide-minded USian One Percent and its Ruling Class vassalage discovered decades ago, the scandal of death camps is easily avoided by deft manipulation of public policy to deny us the government services we need to survive. Thus  from the infinitely Evil perspective of our Capitalist-turned-JesuNazi overlords, suicide occasioned by austerity is the most successful genocide of all. Not only does it avoid the death-camp stigma; it is the one form of death in which -- especially now under the JesuNazi doctrines of the Trump/Pence Regime -- the dead victim is forever slandered by 100 percent of the blame.


Neoliberal Genocide by Abandonment Afflicting Social Security Recipients

"The Social Security Administration plans to close its Arlington field office and one of its Baltimore locations in June, part of a series of shutdowns across the country that activists and political leaders say is causing major difficulties for the elderly, people with disabilities and other beneficiaries."

Comment: for obvious reasons, I do not normally link to Mainstream Media reports. But on this story, the only other report was a typical mass of lies and deceptions by Daily Kos, the Democratic (sic) Party apparatus that vindictively applauded Hillary Clinton's theft of the 2016 presidential nomination from Bernie Sanders and -- like the party in general -- thus helped ram Trump/Pence JesuNazism down our collective throats. Moreover the Daily Kos report tries to blame the office closures on the Republicans, when in fact the Obama Regime was the primary malefactor. By contrast, The Washington Post -- while it follows the Mainstream Media policy of forever avoiding any admission of austerity's genocidal purpose -- nevertheless in this instance does an adequate job of covering the story.


Regime Demands Genocidal Cuts to Children's Health Program

Months after ramming through deficit-exploding tax cuts for billionaires and large corporations, President Donald Trump and the GOP are now looking for programs to slash to make up the difference...$7 billion of which would come from the broadly popular Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP).


Goaded by Trump/Pence Misogyny, Birth Control Foes Escalate Attacks on Women

"...abortion-clinic protesters feel encouraged by this administration’s general hostility for abortion rights and feel empowered to impede access to abortion and other reproductive-health services."

See also: "...Texas legislators shovel millions into fake clinics that promote an anti-choice agenda."

And this: "...not only are they trying to now ban all abortions, they actually are trying to end sex education for young people."       


Rising Militance of a Few USian Workers Prompts Intensified Oppression 

Facebook has disabled the Arizona Educators Rank and File Committee group, which was initiated by the WSWS Teacher Newsletter to provide a forum for teachers in Arizona and other states to communicate and oppose the betrayal of their struggles by the unions."

See also: "As the capitalist state slides deeper and deeper into crisis, it increasingly must resort to police state measures to maintain its rule. The growth in surveillance occurs within the context of the re-emergence of working class resistance to declining living standards."

Plus this: “There have already been more major work stoppages this year in the U.S. than in all of 2017... and many more are brewing.”


Democrats as Betrayers: de Blasio Adds New Chapter to Same Old Story

“The $90 million required to run adult literacy  programs, which comes from a combination of city, state and federal funding, serves 61,000 people, a mere 3 percent of those in need... but advocates are worried some of their programs may be in jeopardy after the release of Mayor de Blasio's preliminary budget for the 2019 fiscal year.”

Comment: yet another example of how we're repeatedly betrayed by the Democrats.


Fossil Fuel Fascists Now Hiring Actors to Support Ecocidal Atrocities

"Some of the concerned citizens who turned up at city council meetings in New Orleans to support a (much contested) power plant were in fact paid actors..."


Appalachian Tree-Sitters Ousted by Threats from Federal Judge  

After more than a month sitting in trees protesting the Mountain Valley pipeline, Theresa “Red” Terry and her daughter, Minor, finally came down...a day after a federal judge...order(ed) them to come down.


Seattle's War on Homeless People Culminates in Bitter Tax Fight        

"In (retaliatory) response to Seattle’s proposed head tax, Amazon is pausing construction of a new tower and may sublease to tenants a new skyscraper in downtown Seattle."

See the tax proposal's details here: "...the city expects only three percent of Seattle’s businesses to be subject to the tax. Amazon, of course, is the big one..."

Plus this: "One day after an open letter from more than 100 Seattle area business leaders to the Seattle City Council in opposition...a group of several local unions has sent a letter in support..." 

And this: "Looking just at the percent of (homeless) people...King County ranked 5th while east coast cities like ...D.C., Boston and New York disappear from the top 10 entirely...all places with some form of a legal right to shelter. Seattle, like most West Coast cities, doesn’t guarantee access to shelter.

Also this: "At the town hall, neighborhood residents sneered at him, telling O’Brien to invite the homelessness into his house."

Comment: because I had the misfortune of being stuck in Seattle for four miserable years -- it was unquestionably the most venomously unfriendly place I have ever lived --  I recognize the malice expressed by the Ballard residents as an unusually public expression of the same reflexively fascist hatred of Blacks and impoverished people in general that has long obstructed mass transit development throughout the state. Indeed, despite the state's documented secularism, it exemplifies the white-supremacist malevolence that brought us the Trump/Pence Regime and its ever-accelerating thrust toward zero-tolerance JesuNazi theocracy. 


First Nations Folk Finding Ways to Bypass Capitalism's One Party of Two Names

I firmly think that it is necessary to loosen the grip of the perceived two party system in order to allow our citizens access to equitable choices in representation...”


JesuNazi Marine Now the Subject of Criminal Investigation

"The U.S. Marine Corps said it has opened a criminal investigation into the activities of Lance Corporal Vasillios Pistolis, 19, identified as a violent white supremacist in a recent report by ProPublica and Frontline."


As Empire and Puppets Embrace Fascism, Marx Is More Relevant Than Ever 

"The 20th century political movements that attempted to make Karl Marx’s ideas reality may have failed but, 200 years since the philosopher’s birth on May 5, 1818, his analysis and foresights have repeatedly proven true. We are, in many ways, living in the world Marx predicted."


Support Urged for Poor People's Campaign Despite Its Pro-Capitalist Taint

"We can and ought to march alongside them. What we cannot do, as socialists, is consent to be led by their cramped vision, a vision which refuses to name capitalism as the problem, let alone consider building a 21st century socialism as the solution."


Last Words: 7 Russian Songs Commemorate Red Army Victory in World War II

"It is hard to convey to Western readers how emotionally powerful Victory Day is in Russia. It celebrates the central national narrative of the Russian State, and is by far the most popular secular holiday of the year. The only one to match it in importance is Easter, the main religious holiday... In the run-up to Saturday, The Moscow Times has compiled a list of the most popular military songs." 

LB/6-10 May 2018